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  1. At 42 I am always on the lookout for signs of over training. 3-4 days a week seems to work well for me now. 4 days seem to perfect otherwise I have a tough time separating out shoulders and chest. Typically my appetite is great and having trouble eating right after a workout is not that often but it happened yesterday. I ate a protein bar and banana right after my workout but I felt I should have waited. Many times I will work out at lunch and need to get back to work so I can't do a shake. In that case I will just have a couple almond butter sandwiches on whole grain bread. I also tend to eat often. I have always been a grazer.
  2. I never train longer than an hour with weights, sometimes I push it to an extra 15 minutes, but at the intensity at which I train, I am spent after about 60 minutes plus it is hell, hell on the central nervous system training much longer than an hour. I have had tremendous results always training about an hour a session. Plus, as a natural athlete I found it essential to not train too long, to avoid over training. I also eat a lot of carbs! Love me some carbs! As a natural athlete I keep training sessions to 3-4X a week and an hour to maybe an aditional 15 minutes at a shot of weights.
  3. One thing I have done is given up supplements for the most part. I have never noticed a big difference with anything other than maybe creatine. I try to do everything with good food.
  4. Does anyone have trouble eating right after a workout? I used to be able to do this but now I find I am not ready till about 30 minutes or so, otherwise I feel like I might throw up! Today I had to wait about 30 minutes plus and then I ate about 60 grams of protein and a banana along with a granola bar and some popcorn, LOL.
  5. I don't believe my wife is too thrilled with me trying to gain more weight. She seems to think gaining anymore weight is unhealthy. What do you all think? She asked if I want to be healthy or big.
  6. I don't believe my wife is too thrilled with me trying to gain more weight. She seems to think gaining anymore weight is unhealthy. What do you all think? She asked if I want to be healthy or big.
  7. I said string because you mentioned string! LOL Well, I had a leg workout today. I called my friend who is a nurse practitioner and another who is a Chiropractor. Both said active rehabilitation is fine as long as I feel no pain during the workout. I am avoiding the things that cause pain such as deadlifts and squats. Today I did leg press. I only went up to 800 lbs for 6 reps and lunges and then some light cardio and abs.
  8. Yes, but what about active recovery? I have talked to some physical therapists and a friend who is a doctor, plus my chiropractor and all believe in active recovery, meaning some form of work. They said if lunges and step ups do not bother it, I should do those, my body will complain if it is an issue. I took the same approach with my trap injury and it got better. I have had this on and off for over a year though. The thing that is tough is any time I have an injury and lay off, I tend to pack on the fat! Today is leg day and I have no idea what I am going to do. Cardio such as bike riding really bothers it.
  9. I do too, but our health insurance changes and can't be spending that money...because if he wants an MRI it will cost me!!!!!!!!!!
  10. VeganEssentials, last night I was having an easier time with DB rows. 100-105 dumbbells are no issue with my right arm, I can do 8-10 reps no problem. Left hand gives out after about 6 due to left hand grip issues. I need to get straps! No problems on barbell or cables exercises though. Although doing bent barbell rows I have injured my low back a few times so I am really careful there, and I have trouble going to heavy as a result. Negatives, assisted pull-ups is a great suggestions for pullups Right now, I am really busy with work and home so I have only been doing 3 day a week weight workouts so it is hard to separate shoulders and chest unless I find time to go back to 4 days. I actually enjoy deadlifts over squats because of my lower back but because my legs are so long I find them tough. I like a trap bar for deadlifts but the one at our gym is too small and my knees hit the bar! I wish my hip flexor would heal so I could get back to squats or deadlifts. Most I have been doing are leg press, leg curls, lunges, step ups, etc. But like you said, there are lots of massive guys who rarely do squats and deadlifts. Since I only have three days a week now, it is near impossible to split up chest and shoulders. YIKES! Same with deadlifts and squats.
  11. This pain in my right thigh does not want to go away. I still have to lift my right leg out of the car when I exit the car. Sometimes it is hard to put on socks and shoes because of the pain. The pain will be back strong if I squat tomorrow. Not sure what to do tomorrow at the gym. Stiff Legged deadlifts, lunges and leg press do not aggravate the injury at all though. Maybe I will do those....but I feel like a poser, not doing squats any longer.
  12. But Vegan, didn't you also say that there are lots of massive bodybuilders who never squat or deadlift? I think you can gain quality mass without squats and deadlifts but everyone is different.
  13. I am doing heavy compound work, three days a week...that is it. But I do need to take in more protein. Can't really afford supplements right now so doing lots of food. I tend to look best on a 4 day split but don't have the time right now. Squats have been killing my hip flexors so i might switch to deadlifts. I have really long legs and I find deadlifts really tough! So, for back my core is dumbell rows, pull ups, pull downs and seated rows. I recently added back in supinated barbell rows. When I look in the mirror or shows guys my back, I get nice reactions...but I thikn it looked better last year when I had less fat. When I do dumbell rows I struggle with 105 lb dumbells to get 6-8 reps. I need to get straps because I have some nerve damage that messes with my grip, so my grip gives out before my lats. I just started up barbell rows again and am doing about 195 lbs for 6 reps so I am trying to work up in the weights. I am very weak in pullups so I need to work on that! Sometimes I have to put the weight down as you said to complete another rep...sort of rest/pause reps. But I don't want to overtrain and need to get back to periodizing more reps and sets. The last few months I have moved back to weighted dips and overhead dumbell presses but I tend to do them the same day as chest otherwise I fear overtraining if I do shoulders one day and chest another since you hit shoulders hard when you do chest! I was a big snowboarder for years but my legs have always been skinny. With squatting, leg pressing and eating big, they are growing. You mention wide lats. But watch this clip? I know my last are as wide if not wider. I would need to get a nice back shot.
  14. Good points, but sometimes I think what Tarzan said here is dead on. I can't be afraid because I could undermine my gains. I gauge a lot by my stomach if I see fat increasing on my midsection. I think I may need to up my protein as well.
  15. Hi VeganEssential, how are you bro? Good of you to check in on my post. I am going to do that, go to some local shows to see what it is all about. Lat and upper back thickness has always been tough for me to get. Same with Shoulders. I still struggle with squats, always been a little weak in squats and now with my hip flexor strain, is has really slowed up the legs. Although heavy leg press and stiff legged deadlifts do not bother me. Tarzan, you said I look average. What do you think I need to do to pop out better?
  16. Never heard of MyProtein company. I go back and forth between vegan and vegetarian.
  17. I am trying to gain muscle but I am trying to gain too fast, and eating like a horse. That is crazy. I am 6'3" and 218 lbs right now and I keep watching the scale each day. I have to slow down. I need to take a slower approach, stay more lean and gain muscle slowly over time as I slowly increase strength and keep protein intake good. I can't deal with this belly fat I am gaining. I am afraid I will have trouble losing it, even though in the early 90s I had more fat and I was able to get very lean and even 3-4 years ago I was only around 185 lbs so I can fluctuate depending on diet, for sure.
  18. I am 216 lbs. Should I try to get over 220? Maybe 225 - 230?
  19. By far, the most important is good food. I have gained just as much muscle with and without protein powders. I do know my strength is better when on a creatine cycle, but supp's are expensive and I try to get away with not using. I just use a protein powder now for a little insurance.
  20. But my original question is, am I big enough? I only recently got into squatting and deadlifting, so I sometimes wonder what my true potential could be. Of course, now I have a hip flexor injury.
  21. Getting out of the car is painful, I have to use my arms to lift my leg out of the car!
  22. It is funny, but feels good when you guys say I don't have much fat to lose. I am not used to carrying this much fat and when I look in the mirror, I think I look fat.
  23. Legs are similar although I fall more into the Arnold camp, BIGGER UPPER BODY. So, is it possible I could compete, even if I didn't place? Just would be nice to have the experience. I feel my shoulders are lacking.
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