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  1. Since you guys aren't taking your thighs to parallel, aren't you mostly working your back? That is part of the reason I have stuck to squats instead and with deadlifts I do stiff legged to really hit the hamstrings. I also have never been able to use the opposing grip. I have to do both hands pronated when I do deadlifts. I also often feel I am too tall for deadlifts so I am always trying to find the biggest trap bar I can.
  2. I talked to a few natural bodybuilders on the local scene who said the cutting back on water is BS and you don't need to do it. I can't anyway. I have a disease where I need to keep water intake high all the time. I like Clarence Bass's approach. He staye lean year round, period and is always in contest form...or at least he used to be.
  3. Man I really miss whey protein powder. All the vegetarian protein powders are so nasty!!!!!! A friend gave me 3 lbs of hemp protein that he didn't like. It is 18 grams a serving and tastes like a glass of mud!
  4. I am 42 years old and just beginning my competition journey. Now you have me worried.
  5. Thanks, I am still in a weight gain phase but I think I am gaining too much fat. I am not used to carrying this much extra fat. I have been doing three days a week and will be going back to a food day split soon. I will try to get some better pics after getting a pump.
  6. OK, this is embarrassing but here are som pics I took in the mirror. Not that great. I am also embarrassed because I have gained some chub since last August. I was in great shape in August at 210 lbs. I then hurt my shoulder and stopped heavy lifting for 4 months! I was told to keep eating big but as a result gained fat. We also went to Disney World for a week and although we walked a lot, I ate a lot of bad food! Lots of deserts. Anyway I am not in as good a shape now and I am frustrated. I lost a lot of definition and even the peak on my biceps is mostly gone and looks smaller. All I can do is keep eating better and working out and see where it takes me. I just woke up when I took these pics. I am right hand dominant and that is one problem I have, my right arm is always larger than the left.
  7. I know, but those are fairly innacurate from what I recall from my personal training days. I will have to see where I can grab some.
  8. Nice Work! How come at the bottom, it almost appears like a stiff legged deadlift? When I deadlift, I am almost in a full squat position. I really work my quads when I deadlift so at the bottom, I look like I am squatting. What you are doing looks more like what I do when I work my hams. Maybe my technique is bad?
  9. So I took some time off and the pain subsided. I went to squat last night and the pain came back....deep in the right thigh near my hip. I can do heavy leg press and have no problem. I guess there goes my weight gain plan.
  10. Is it only in Ohio or does it move around? I am in Philly, PA.
  11. Is there any easy way to check bodyfat at home? During this gaining phase I have lost my lower abs, although I can still sort of make out my upper abs.
  12. I will try to get something this week guys! I am a little upset because I looked better last year when I weighed 210 and had more of a V shape. I have been taking in a lot of calories the last few months and do not look as good at 216 right now. I am trying to gain muscle, but I was stronger over the summer when i was 210! I get frustrated feeling like I can never get beyond about 212-218 unless I were to try steroids which I would never do. Maybe I need to start back on the protein powder and creatine in a another month or so. Last summer I was in the middle of a 4 say program so maybe I should try that split again.
  13. This! Even with shipping costs they're almost always going to be cheaper and their pea protein is $4.59 a pound or so.. It is still cheaper at Tader Joes.
  14. It is $11.99 for 2 lbs of soy protein at Trader Joe's.
  15. I didn't want to pay shipping. How much is shipping at Pure protein? Looks like they don't list the amount of servings per container. GNC card? Still cheaper than T Joes? I am also looking for sugar free.
  16. Thanks, not a big fan of tempeh though. Any cheap powders?
  17. Hey all, Money is tight right now, so I cut out protein powder and I am in the middle of a mass gaining phase. Any thoughts on a cheap protein powder? I believe Trader Joe's has a Soy Protein for $10.99 and it is a large jug. Any others? Not on-line please. I am also looking for sugar free. Maybe just tofu? Thanks, Rich
  18. I am worried about gaining too much fat while bulking and then having belly fat that could be hard to lose. LOL. I can still see my upper abs but my lower abs are now covered. I am bigger, but also fatter. Being 42 years old, adding any fat scares the heck out of me. I just hope I can get cut when the time comes.
  19. Yep, I will get it soon, maybe this weekend. I am worried about gaining too much fat while bulking and then having belly fat that could be hard to lose. LOL.
  20. I don't really have anyone to take a picture of me and the mirror shots are not coming out well....too much glare. I think I am too white to compete. I am the whitest white guy! My friends think bodybuilding is stupid and won't take the pictures and feel awkward asking my wife, LOL. I will try to get something.
  21. Seeing the fat on my mid sectrion is frustrating and it also throws me off. When I was 210 over the summer and had just as much muscle I looked better. Now that I am trying to pack on mass, I don't look as good and I might get lean for the summer for that reason. Depends on how much I can gain over the next few months. Anyone have any pictures of guys during a bulking phase just so I can see how much fat some guys carry while bulking? I have been reading a lot about clean bulking and that is the approach I am starting to take. I have been eating too much junk since I am bulking and that is not good, too many processed carbs, etc.
  22. Well it is back to the gym tomorrow. It is a leg day. It has been three weeks since doing legs. I won't be able to do squats but leg presses, lunges and step ups do not bother my hip flexor so I will do those and stiff legged deads till it heals.
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