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  1. What is the best way to take a pic of myself, in the mirror? Man, I am so pale, it is embarrassing.
  2. I will say that since increasing calories and lifting heavy, my strength and size has been going up noticably. Funny thing is, I don't even do protein powders any longer. I just increase calories and the protein takes care of itself. For lunch I just had an apple and two sandwiches. One Almond butter and jelly on whole wheat and one peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat.
  3. I will say that since increasing calories and lifting heavy, my strength and size has been going up noticably. Funny thing is, I don't even do protein powders any longer. I just increase calories and the protein takes care of itself.
  4. This definitely isn't the thread to go into a bunch of detail, but "free range" usually isn't anything special. The conditions are still dismal. And even people who raise their own are contributing to the problem by reinforcing the commoditization of an animal product. Good points.
  5. This pea soup. I believe it is Dr. McDougall's packaged Pea Soup.
  6. Hey! What about that high protein pea soup? Would you please share the recipe? What Pea Soup?
  7. I would love to compete in a contest at some point, although at 42 years of age, it would have to be a Masters class. I have been at it for years adn right now I am 6' 2 1/2" tall and I weigh 216 lbs. I know size is not everything, but over 200 lbs is considered heavyweight so should I target a specific weight range before I start concentrating on balance and getting cut, etc? Pics posted on next page. The pics are embarrassing. Not that great. I am also embarrassed because I have gained some chub since last August. I was in great shape in August at 210 lbs. I then hurt my shoulder and stopped heavy lifting for 4 months! I was told to keep eating big but as a result gained fat. We also went to Disney World for a week and although we walked a lot, I ate a lot of bad food! Lots of deserts. Anyway I am not in as good a shape now and I am frustrated. I lost a lot of definition and even the peak on my biceps is mostly gone and looks smaller. All I can do is keep eating better and working out and see where it takes me.
  8. Get rid of the curls, flyes, french press, leg curls, and I have also never found the need to hit my chest from multiple angles within the same workout. That is an easy way to overtrain.
  9. Yes, it really bothers me in everyday life now. Just getting out of the car is tough, I have to use my arms to lift my right leg out of the car! Some exercises don't bother it, like lunges and I think leg press is fine. But, deadlifts and squats, no way. I just recovered after 3 months from a shoulder injury and now I have to deal with a lower body injury. This is really becoming bothersome....just sitting and moving my leg hurts!
  10. I have to find ways to gain more muscle and less fat. I am looking really soft. I get frustrated and discouraged now that I can feel bodyfat jiggling on my stomach, I am not used to that. Once I gain the muscle I want, I am afraid I will lose too much muscle when I try to get lean. Maybe I should continue bulking with only whole foods rather than the processed foods I have been eating like bread and cereal. I was able to be much leaner when eating only whole intact foods like potatoes and whole oat grouts, etc.
  11. I would love to, but I barely have enough time to lift. My leg is doing bad right now. It is really painful if I try to lift my knee up to my chin.
  12. Thanks guys for opening my eyes to this. I am going to give 3 weeks or so to heal and then try to come back. We are in Disney World this week so we are walking like 8-10 hours a day, yikes. LOL. One problem I have is time. Since I work out over lunch, I am in a rush to get in and out. I might shift my workouts to Sunday, Mon, Thurs and Fri and shift some workouts to the evening especially chest workouts and leg workouts. I am moving chest to Sunday and Legs to Friday evening.
  13. I have a foam roller, but how does help for the inside of the leg? How do you recommend warming up the hip flexors?
  14. I see nothing wrong with doing some organic free range eggs. We have friends who have chickens as pets and they eat the eggs.
  15. The pain goes away after a few sets. I have had a few knowledgable people and a coach evaluate my form and it is very good. I can't figure it out. It pops up once in a while, not every time I squat. And it is only with squats. Just last night I felt the pain in bed just moving my leg. The pain is deep, more toward the front and into the hip area. I warm up on a bike for about 5-10 minutes, then I do squats with just the bar to warm up, usually a few sets of 15, then I use 135 for another set of 15. Perfect example of when I get the pain. Driving a car, when I move my foot/leg from the gas pedal to brake, I get the stab of pain in my thigh where it ties into the hip.
  16. I don't understand why but lately when squatting I have been having this deep pain in my right thigh. I can't pinpoint where it is, but it feels deep in the thigh, and is widespread over the area. I get it often when squatting, and it only acts up when squatting, and only the right leg. Some days I have been fine, but when it is bad, it can be tough to work through, but typically by about the third set it is not bothering me. Then for a few days after, I will feel it doing anything like getting out of bed or puting on shoes. It is a little worrysome, but I can't afford to be going to a doctor for this because our healthcare changed this year and will cost me way too much so I am avoiding doctors. -Rich
  17. I was using it last year along with protein powder and it seemed to help, but never a lot. Since then I have had to stop due to financial reasons, so I am only using good ole food these days, no supplements.
  18. Calories, preferrably in the form of liquids. Protein shake, or maybe some oatmeal. Sometimes I will throw a cup of oatmeal and soy milk in a blender and leave it at that. Even just a good meal is fine.
  19. How old are you? Studies have been done that show we are strongest in the late afternoon and I have found for myself I am the most productive in the gym from mid afternoon to early evening. I forget the age groups in the study but I believe it may have been 20s through 40s? Can't recall. I am terrible in the gym if I lift in the morning, I shake more and just don't have the strength. However, everyone is different. Now I have found I have had very productive 3 day programs doing a push/pull system with the third day being legs. That is what I am doing now....and I have been having great progress! Do you do flat, incline and decline press in the same day? I have found I overtrain if I do that. I will sometimes alternate incline and flat bench press. I have also gotten tremendous development with nothing but flat bench pressing. Flat benching hits every area of the pecs anyway, I think incline and decline can be overboard. I used to do all of those in years past, but last year I got to my biggest and most developed and I only did flats and shoulder presses, with weighted dips. That was all I needed for great chest, shoulder and tricep development. Once you get to a certain size, then you can start throwing in isolation moves.
  20. I think I need to get over the fat gain and accept it and take it along for the ride. I do hear guys mention how one can gain muscle without fat, but I don't see how you can easily isolate muscle growth from fat. I think the trick is to minimize the fat gain so you don't have as much to lose when the time comes.
  21. Yep, I am 42 years old and the core of my workout right now is back squat, Romanian deadlift, chin ups, pull downs and rows, overhead dumbbell press, barbell and dumbbell bench press and weighted dips. I will throw in some other lifts from time to time but I find I need to reach a certain size or bodyfat %, before I start in on the isolation moves. I am 6'3", 216 lbs right now so I have a little way to go before I start hitting the iso movements. I never understand when I see these young guys (not all) in the gym who say they want to get huge, but they spend half their workouts on curls, tricep exercises, flys, lateral raises and smith machine work. That drives me nuts as well. I see people doing squats on the smith machines thinking it is much easier on the lower back and knees and essentially better overall than barbell squats. I always find it funny when someone comes up next to me on the smith machine when I am doing barbell squats and they are so impressed with themselves doing more weight than me, not realizing the leverage the smith machine provides, of course you can do more weight.
  22. I have to say, it is a little frustrating. I haven't gone through a mass gaining phase like this in a while. Already I am noticing my pants are tighter from the added fat on my midsection. I have never been good at accepting the fact that I will gain some fat along the way. I have to remind myself that I am also gaining muscle and I can worry about getting cut up later. I am definitely gaining muscle right now, but also fat. Maybe I need to cut out the junk. I have gotten carried away lately eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, soy icecream, cold cereals, etc. It is fun watching my strength and size go up, but not so fun seeing the fat on my mids. Right now I am 215 lbs at a little under 6'3". One thing I am doing differently now is more of a power lifting program and only three days a weeek. When I do a 4 day program, it is harder on my time, but I don't gain as much fat. Maybe I should add in some cardio. We are going to Disney World in two weeks and will be hitting the hotel pool, I hate to think I won't have definition in my and. LOL. I have to at least get a little more lean by the time beach weather is here in June.
  23. I am talking about stiff legged dead lifts to hit the hams. So now I am doing squats and stiff legged deads the same day. I used to do full deadlifts on alternating weeks with squats.
  24. I have been training for 25 years and I am sore for a few days or more after almost every workout....I train pretty hard.
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