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  1. I'd say growing up as a punk is the reason I'm a vegan. There's nothing more punk rock than being a Vegan. I could spin a web of stories about shenanigans I shouldve went to jail for. What with all the squatting, cop watch meetings, & dumpster diving or stealing for food not bombs events. We used to go to walmart and collectively shoplift at least a basket full of items we needed for the squathouse, everything in that place was lifted. One time, we broke into a liquor store and stole all the PBR. Oh youth, how I miss thee. Now, I'm in the military.. way punk rock, eh? I guess passing out literature and using the governement's money to finish my degree once I get out is well enough.
  2. I just got this documentary in the mail and went home during lunch and watched it. I walked back to work with tears still in my eyes. I haven't cried that hard since my stepmother died. Some of this footage I had never seen and some of the information I had never heard. This is a very important documentary and I can't believe I hadn't watched it until now. I'm making copies for everyone that means anything to me. I have a whole new respect for Joaquin Phoenix and this documentary has stirred up the young activist in me.. Here's the documentary's website http://www.earthlings.com/ here's a torrent for downloading it (if you're into that sort of thing) http://www.mininova.org/tor/1375171 & here it is on google video. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1282796533661048967 If you're the kind of person who only watches one or two movies a month let this be the one..
  3. I listen to Howard Stern almost everyday and Robin Quivers recently became a vegan and she's always positive about it and sticks up for us when she's going over the news.
  4. http://www.thedailyplate.com/ It has a calorie calculator, a fitness log and a food diary thingy so you can track every little thing you eat and set your goals for the week and it suggest your caloric intake, etc.... It's just a beta and I'm really digging it, I can't imagine how much more will be implemented in the future.. It's worth a look..
  5. I really thought I had hit a plateau in my weight loss, but I just weighed myself and I'm 175!! 5 pounds from my goal weight.. hopefully I can reach it by the end of the month.. This does nothing but fuel me more!!
  6. The new Of Montreal album is pretty fantastic. I loves me some good indie.
  7. I have 5 tattoos but next month, I'm getting my first vegan tattoo. I'm going to get 'VEGAN' in real gangsta Old English on my inner right bicep. Yeah, it's gonna be pretty hardcore. I'm also thinking about getting this on my left tricep: http://www.nwar.org.uk/images/fist_and_paw2.jpg So who here has a vegan tattoo and where is it?
  8. So I didn't step foot in a gym yesterday just to see how it would affect my performance & I felt awful all day long yesterday and today until I went, but once I got there I ran about 10 minutes more than I can usually stand & overall, I just had more energy.. I don't know if it was just me being excited about getting back in there or if my body was just glad to get some rest for a day, but I'm definitely gonna work in a rest day or 2 every week from now on..It was a very inspiring gym day & I think I'm gonna start getting serious about weight training certain body parts instead of being so sporadic about the whole thing (maybe start a journal as well)..
  9. About once a week I treat myself to something not on my diet which is probably horrible for me. My friends & I usually go out to eat Friday nights and if I don't order the cheat food there, I usually devour a box of Triscuits or a 7 Layer Burrito (no cheese, so sour cream) from Taco bell. What are some of your favorite cheat foods? Maybe I'll give them a try next week..ha..
  10. True! I wish my Neutral Milk Hotel shirt was unable to get dirty, because I would wear it everyday, just so I could represent. True or False: The person below has finished a book within the past month.
  11. That's why I love being a vegan, I like when people say "How do you do it? No cheese? No meat?" It just fuels my ego for having such badass will power you know? This is certainly not the reason I'm a vegan at all, but it reminds me that I have all this will power in the ole' reserves ya know? This fuels me, makes me go to the gym, try harder on my diet and all that.
  12. Love There are times of the day that my gym is pretty much empty (There is almost nobody there on the weekends) & there's nothing like having the weight room to yourself. The gym is free (Military) & its about a 3 minute walk from my room. Annoyances Inferior Lat Syndrome & the grunting. That much grunting is never necessary. And there aren't too many machines at my gym so when it's packed, you're out of luck.
  13. So I've been running everyday for the past month or two and lifting weights every other day or so. I was wondering what you guys' thoughts were on working out everyday and rest periods and all that jazz. I'm in a mindset right now where I don't feel right if I don't go to the gym at least once or twice a day, but if I could see more results by resting and letting muscles build up or whatever, I suppose I'd consider it.
  14. I've been trying out the sauna lately after my workouts & while it does feel good to sweat a little more its just so hard for me to breathe in there. My gym has one of those electric saunas, and I think they may have something to do with my ability to stay in there longer. How long should a regular session last? As I can usually only stand about 10-15 minutes.
  15. Yes! Vegan Reich! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardline_(subculture)
  16. False. I'm currently in the military, stationed overseas. The only benefit is free gym membership and that sweet GI Bill when I get out. True or False. The person below has good taste in music.
  17. 7 Layer Burrito (no cheese or sour cream) from Taco Bell. That's my one cheat food for the week.
  18. I went from 250 to 178 in the past 5 years. My stretchmarks have gotten significantly less noticeable in the past yr or two, I have extra skin where my gut used to be, on the insides of my legs and the undersides of my arms, the skin has went nowhere in the past 5 yrs since I started losing the weight, it seems like the only solution is filling it in with muscle.
  19. So, I used to weigh about 250 lbs before becoming a vegan about 5 years ago, I'm at about 178 lbs as of last week. I've always been very lazy when it came to the gym, but I've been running every day for the last couple months and doing the little weight training that I know how to do properly (about 4 or 5 exercises total). I'm looking for some good beginner's guides to weight training and some good vegan guides to eating the right things to keep muscle and lose weight. I appreciate any help as I am completely clueless when it comes to these sorts of things. I'm very glad I found this website and I'm happy to know that there are other vegans with the same goals as mine. I'm sure this website will be just as useful as the gym in meeting my goals. Thanks.
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