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  1. I just emailed you my email address...lol thanks!!! =)
  2. yeah I do which is why I can't figure out why it won't open =(
  3. LMAO!!!! I work on yours enough but I don't think I've actually looked at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Tasha...strainer yes, sink for sure...counter space...ehhhhhh...not so much.=) I am going to try it in the near future...
  5. Thanks!!! 4x4 - sorry been uber sensitive lately...ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Maybe that is simple for you...but considering I have ZERO experience with it...I need a bit more information... She just explain it in simple terms. Tasha, where do you let them sit after straining them, in the fridge? Seriously I don't know.
  7. maybe at some point I'll get into it, but I dont even have the slightest clue how to start
  8. HA that's funny...but I hear ya...I'm not too fond of cleaning my juicer
  9. Hey another MI person...yippee!!! See the problem is that I can't have wheat, gluten, etc...I have had a lot of health problems over the past few years and since I've eliminated gluten I've noticed a slight improvement...should have known after going vegan over two years ago and eating a lot of mock meats and seitan...I never (until recently) figured out how much more gluten I was putting in my system. I wish I have the money for a dehydrator and vitamix...but I don't and I could see myself over doing it with dehydrating stuff...I really don't want to get into sprouting because I just don't have the time or patience for it!!! =( I'm just getting really frustrated....
  10. I've been trying to find a "good" raw competition diet...I'm transitioning to high raw and not getting results... maybe too many carbs, not enough protein but I'm losing the definition I did have... also can't really eat nuts because they are a huge trigger food for me... Can anyone help out???
  11. I have problems digesting beans...also can't do tvp according to a few of my wheat free gluten free books tvp is a no no
  12. thanks you too!!! Well it's been a long time since I've posted...I did get back on track for a long while, then had another bout of health issues...seems that it may have been an intolerance to gluten all this time and the oh so fabulous doctors I had a year ago refused to test me for it. So I realized today I've been off track for a month now...am feeling really down, all the hard work that I put forward...gone!! =( I'm really upset and frustrated and still going through a major rough patch in life...seems every time I take a step forward something happens and I take what seems to be 10 steps back. So no gluten means no more bocas, seitan, breads, yadda yadda...which I guess in some ways is good but I've noticed I've been making up for it in other ways which isn't good...over eating and no training has been a common theme.... I once again thwarted my plan to start over today...=( So once again I find myself saying tomorrow is a new day...I have a few weeks of workouts laid out...I know I need to eat 5 small meals a day and stick to it...I know I need to set time frames for when I "can" eat because I'll eat straight up until I go to bed...I seriously don't know what my problem is or why in the past year this has been such a struggle...i'm trying to aim for 75% raw, but I'm on a tight tight tight budget and have a ton of canned (ugh) veggies that I need to eat. I keep saying I need to hold myself accountable and have others to "report" to... I agreed to do some modeling a while ago, but I keep pushing it back because of all of these set backs... for the next 6 weeks I've cut out nuts, butters (especially almond) and hummus oh and sugar....I over do it with all of them... Currently I think my weight is around 127ish (ugh) I'm happiest around 115... So here we go again...take three!! Wish me luck...I need all the help and support I can get!!!!!!!!!
  13. I would just like to eliminate a lot of processed foods from my diet....and since I can't have gluten anymore that does a lot of it for me. I'm not looking to go 100% Just maybe 75-85%. I love the sun warrior protein but can't alway afford to buy it...so I'm at a loss as to how to get enough protein...currently nuts and such are banned from my house since I overdo it with them and it's best not to have the temptation around
  14. Been a while since I've posted...=( I've agreed to do some modeling in the coming months, and have been slowly transitioning to being raw...problem is I got sick again and haven't been training or on a diet...the good news is that I believe my health issues are gluten related so I've eliminated gluten from my diet...yippee I'm new to raw though...currently striving for 75% and need to know how to set up a raw competition (type) diet to lean out, drop body fat and get back into shape so i feel good for my photo shoots... not sure how to get enough protein and keep my calories semi low and carbs moderate... any help would be appreciated.
  15. Thanks!!! How is the consistency?? Is it thin like most rice proteins
  16. I haven't posted in a long time...until recently my diet was good and workouts were good...I've been going through a horrible rough patch...was conned in an investment deal and could lose everything I have, money I don't and destroy my credit...so I'm on a three day binge and am determined to get back on track tomorrow...at least I hope so...I can't afford to grocery shop and who knows when I'll be able to but I guess that's ok because I guess that will end the binges.
  17. How exciting!!!! I can't wait!! HA - you know me well...my binge was ing...I won't even mention how much I ate...but you know me pretty well because I did drastically reduce calories or at least plan to for a few days to counter it.
  18. I feel that I should be doing more. I have been in a real funk lately. I am just discouraged how slow it is to see changes in the mirror. I am working so hard and I really see nothing. Now I know everyone thinks I'm being hard on myself because of the photos I just took, but you have no idea how good lighting, standing just perfectly and the right clothes can camoflauge your flaws. I promise I know the different in my body between when it is really fit and when its not... and right now, the tone is just non-existent compared to what it was a year ago. This makes me feel anxious all day long. I know I need to be patient but I want to see SOME progress. I want some of my old pants I wore last year to fit a little bit. And they just don't. I WILL be patient. I will continue tweaking cardio and working my ass off and being tight with my diet until I get there, but PLEASE GOD just throw me a little bone for all of my efforts. Give me an inch off the hips and butt... pretty please? Then again, I doubt God grant frivolous wishes such as that. That's it for now. Just trying to keep my spirits up despite the fact I've seen zero changes in a month. You're starting to sound like someone else I know You're beautiful and you work your butt off...I'll tell you what you told me...PATIENCE...easier said than done I know...I had a binge day today so you know how I love to beat myself up about that
  19. That's all you can do...just be YOU!!! Have you been to Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak yet...if not check it out...one ofthe few vegan restaurants around here.
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