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  1. But do you think it occurred when you started gaining weight lifting weights?
  2. Right... so as you've read in the title: this is a little awkward. Since a couple of months I started snoring. Once every few days though (at least: as far as I know). I'm posting this here because I think its body-build related. This started the same time I put on weight (a lot, 171 -> 194 pounds). I just read this on a Dutch website concerning health things: "When men get fatter they put on fat on their belly, shoulders and neck. This pattern is specific for males and mostly happens because of the male hormone androgen, which stimulates the apatite, weight-gain and salt levels. These are all factors that can cause snoring." Maybe it's poorly translated, but I think you get the idea. I know my body-fat percentage went up a lot. From 4% to 10%. Does anyone have any experience with this? What can I do to prevent this? Do you think its just a matter of losing fat? Or just losing weight in general (which I worked so hard for, lol)? I'm sorry if this bothers anyone. Edit: I just read on a lot of other fora that bulking, steroids and even creatine (cause of the water) can cause snoring. Still hoping anyone here has any experience with it and can give me some tips. I'm thinking of buying some spray or strip to prevent it... but I don't really like the idea
  3. I think the Seattle studio shoot looks best. The oil / brown thing always creeps me out...
  4. I don't know... tilapia? Still a lot of junk in there to keep them from getting sick (when bred).
  5. Not only are they misinformed, they are also, most of the time, eating very unhealthy, with or without fish. I've seen people with fast-food diets not wanting to give up meat for health issues. What can you do but laugh at them? Miss informed, stupid and afraid of what they don't know. And what Cellar Yeti said: fish is so super toxic...
  6. Well, thanks guys for the response. I don't think I agree with "on the healthy end of the meat spectrum", but I understand what you mean. As I said: I saw a lot of people (erm, at least 2 in the few posts I've actually read, lol) on here who are ex-pescatarian. So maybe they can just give us their own vision on it?
  7. I put a lot of salt on my evening diner. Maybe not as much as my parents in law (lol) but still more than I did before I went vegan. During the day I take smoothies with raw veggies/fruit and raw .. uh grains? (not sure how to say that in English, but its like muesli). I used to add soy protein, but nowadays I add pea-protein. From other posts I realize that this contains a lot of sodium, so I might cut down on the salt in my diner... but I just follow my gut.
  8. So do algae... But if you're willing to make that choice for health (however, getting DHA from algae is much healthier) then why stop eating meat in the first place? Makes no sense to me... hence the question.
  9. Hi Guys, I see a lot of people saying that before they were vegan, they were a pescatarian. If it's the same as described on this wiki page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescetarianism) then I have a question: Why stop eating meat but keep eating fish? I never understood what, besides some kind of intolerance / allergy, drives people to make a choice like that. It can't be ethics right? I mean: there's plenty of cruelty in catching fish and there's plenty of environment-destruction in there too... So can any of you ex-pescaratians explain that to me? I would certainly help me deal with the people I bump into on vegan/vegetarian get-together's that tell me they still eat fish. Up till now I've been very judgmental about it Thanks
  10. So you've been lifting for 4 weeks now? Any results? First few months are always the most exciting
  11. Image was deleted... ? Anyway: I do super-sets to reduce fat. Sweat like a ... sweating human being (didn't wanna say pig) for at least 3 - 5 hours after my training. On the other hand: I don't think you should be worried about losing fat at this stage. The idea's the others had sound good. Max out the weights and keep a steady amount of reps. I normally do 8, but if I can squeeze out a 9th or 10th then I go for that. Sometimes, usually the 4rth set, I can hardly do 6.
  12. Too bad we can only see half of your face
  13. Yeah... it's thanks to bush though... the dollar is worth sh*t
  14. Wow, this sucks! I just read this while drinking a smoothie stuffed with that powder... I'm aiming for 1 gram a day, but I guess that's out of the question now. Can anyone confirm that my batch (early June) has the 360mg or the 600?
  15. Yeah, I order there. Shipping costs were 60 dollars (Netherlands) and the total still was only half the price I would have payed here. Man... especially the BCAA's... prices here in the Netherlands are through the roof!
  16. Thanks Didi! Nice article!
  17. Hi guys and ladies! So... I finally got my account sorted and ready to start bothering you VERY much! Haha! I'm Jon, 26. Vegan since October 2010, vegetarian since my seventh. Very happy about my choice to go vegan. My girlfriend took the leap and I joined her (we were both vegetarians when we met in 2000). She's very strict and this helps a lot. We live together in Zaandam (an Amsterdam sub-city) and bought our first house there in 2009. I've been body-building since 2006 and I've always loved it, but these last few months: wow... I'll post info about my diet, some questions and some pictures in the correct fora, but just so you know: I'm using Troy's diet and gained 24 pounds in 3 months! Me and Max (background)
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