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  1. I spend £120 a month on food and £20 a month on supplements. Works out at about $200 a month.
  2. I'm 5"7 180 lbs trying to lose fat and gain muscle (isn't everyone?). I know I need more veggies but just cant stand the taste of them (pretty childish I know). I'm taking a multivitamin to make up for it but I know its not quite the same.
  3. What does everyone think of this as a diet for someone trying to put on some muscle whilst possibly losing some fat too.
  4. I can only get in the gym 2 days a week due to financial constraints. So 5 days a week 'workout' will mean Running/Calisthenics and on the other 2 days it will mean weight training + cardio.
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 250ml Chocolate Soya Milk - 190kcal - 8.3g Protein - 26.8g Carbs - 5.3g Fat 700ml Water + 35g Pea Protein - 100kcal - 25.5g Protein - 0.9g Carbs - 1.8g Fat 2x Banana - 210kcal - 2g protein - 54g Carbs - 0g Fat Workout 700ml Water + 35g Pea Protein - 100kcal - 25.5g Protein - 0.9g Carbs - 1.8g Fat 1x banana - 105kcal - 1g Protein - 27g Carbs - 0g Fat 2x Bread + peanut butter - 342kcal - 11.6g Protein - 25.2g Carbs - 18.2g Fat 2x Bread + Houmus + salad - 368kcal - 13.2g Protein - 32.6g Carbs - 17.2g Fat 250g Grapes - 150kcal - 1g Protein - 38.5g Carbs - 0.25g Fat 50g Brown Rice + veggies - 175.5kcal - 3.75g Protein - 36.95g Carbs - 1.4g Fat 250ml Chocolate Soya Milk - 190kcal - 8.3g Protein - 26.8g Carbs - 5.3g Fat Total = 1930.5kcal - 100.15g Protein - 269.65g Carbs - 51.25g Fat -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not cutting or bulking, just trying to lose some fat and get healthy. Stats: Height: 5"8 Weight: 182lbs (a fat 182lbs) Age: 18
  6. http://www.tokenfatguy.com/images/BlogPix/Creed.jpg
  7. Not on topic but I didnt see the point in making a new thread for one question. I was wondering whether this would be a suitable way to use protein shakes. 6am: Protein Shake 7-9am: Workout 9:30am: Protein Shake Is that an effective way to use my protein shakes, are they too close together? Should I only drink a post or pre workout shake?
  8. Hey guys, I'm mostly raw but I take a Multivitamin. How long do you think it takes to digest a multivitamin before I can start eating?
  9. Dont alot of the 'Vegetarian' Animals also consume insects though? So thats where they get there B12. A cow chewing on grass all day is probably eating a few ants as are apes. So unless your eating insects you better take that b12 supplement!
  10. I second this. Everything you need is in the food you eat (assuming it's the right food). Otherwise, our ancestors in the wild would've died out extremely quickly without their multi-vitamins, protein powders, omega-3 pills, creatine, etc. Also, protein/fat needs are pretty low, even when it comes to building muscle. Don't listen to the dairy/meat industry lies. Our ancestors ate meat and so got there omega 3s, b12s, proteins, creatines etc were the new age radicals who are choosing compassionate diets at the expense of what I lsited and so we need mutlivitamins, omega 3 pills but protein and creatine poweders arent neccesery unless you really need to build big muscle.
  11. Whats wrong with Flax? And there are alot of Vegan protein powders. Pea protein, hemp protein, soy protein. Just look around.
  12. I always thought fruitarianism was the reproductive product of the plant containing the seed of the plant. So I guess thats fruit and nuts and some legumes but not leafy vegetable like spinach and kale.
  13. Thats some crazy grades you got there, well done!
  14. If I bought some almonds and then grinded them into a powder and put it into a smoothie would it still hold all the nutritional value of the original almonds , ie will it still have 22 grams protein, 25% RDA of calcium etc
  15. http://members.aol.com/buffalofox/images/bruce%20lee%20yin%20and%20yang.jpg
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