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  1. There is no way I could even reach back that narrow to hold the bar.
  2. O.K. veganjoe lets round up all the undocumented "illeagal" aliens. Only lets start in the northeast where there is a whole lot of Irish here illegally.We'll start at the carpenters union hall in N.Y.C. Head over to long island and round up the greens keepers on the golf courses.Then up to Boston for the mother load. Why don't we ever hear or care about these lawbreakers?
  3. This last post got totally screwed up I had a big space before the push and pull moves but when I posted they ran together.It's not easy being blue collar in a computer world.
  4. Those lifts arn't in the order you do them are they? Doing leg extentions before squats and triceps before bench is a no-no.For example if you do tri's before bench when you get to bench your tri's will peter out long before your chest does.How often do you lift? I'm thinking a push-pull split would be good for you. Mon.& Thrs. Tues. & Fri. Bench Squat Flys Leg Extention Press Calf Raise Side Lat Raise Bent over Row Close Grip Bench Chins or Lat Pulldown Tricep Pushdowns Curl Preacher Curl You can do your ab work on wens. and a day on the weekend,also go for a run on the weekend (better off Sun.)if your trying to lose poundage.3 sets off 8-10 reps is good to start with.Try adding more weight to the lifts as often as possible.Good Luck.
  5. Welcome, I'm new to all this also but your ahead of me.At least you know the right questions to ask.
  6. I would post these new questions in the proper forum(s).You'll probhably get more response.
  7. Yea stay the course.Keep the white house republican.They've done a great job the last 8 yrs.if your not with us your against us blah blah blah.
  8. If you train at a place with a hack squat machine try that.For some reason (maybe age) doing full squats kills my hip flexors now.Plenty of people have achived good wheels doing hack squats.
  9. Yea 2 mins. is a good rule of thumb for straight sets.Although heavy squats and bent rows could take a bit longer.You have to wait for the room to stop spinning.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you as far as needing to learn more about bulking up vegan style.I also had elbow problems and kept lifting through it thinking it would go away.I messed them up so bad I could'nt even bend them enough to brush my teeth.I had to take a break let everything rest for about a month and begin again starting light.It's frustrating especially when your making gains.I now wear elbow wraps for support and to keep every thing warm . Oh yea,avoid doing skullcrushers they will kill your elbows. Good luck
  11. I agree with VE, for me training longer than 60 min. is a waste.If your training as hard as you should be you'll be spent by then anyway.I would make a routine that lets you finish in an hour.Also keep time between sets minimal.No b.s. between sets. You'll fit alot more lifting in that way.
  12. Dude,is this post for real?If so I think you need a change of attitude and quit knocking yourself so bad.You sound like a good guy trying to improve himself,thats to be commended.Second ,some of the most attractive girls to me are the intelligent pasionate ones . Janene (sp) Garafalo is never going to win Miss America but to me she's hot.I know alot of people feel the same.Especially on a board like this where it seems to me the people are more evolved.As far as weight gain keep the cals. as high as possible and train as heavy as possible.Even though it's frustrating the gains don't come as quick as you want they'll come.Right now your "priming the pump".My grandfather used to say when he had a setback "I'm just backing up for a good headstart.
  13. So if Pee-wee Herman trained and ate like Arnold he could win the Olympia?
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