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  1. So I need help with my diet and weight training routine. I'm still learning alot about weight training, and about being vegan, and recently, due to work, I was told I need to lose alot of weight for some up coming jobs. I was wondering how I can get some good results to have a more toned body (Cut, tight muscles). I realize that 90% of being cut has to due with a good diet, and my diet is consistent (I'm consistently late and on the move), but I usually try to have a good amount of fruit in one meal, good amount of veggies in one meal, and than at night have more carbs and protein. Usually I'll try to get a Subway sandwich for a meal if possible, and get an obnoxious amount of veggies in it. I usually snack on whole wheat bread with almond butter, or Pitta bread with humus if I get hungry, and have a few pretty healthy cookies and brownies if I get a craving for a sugar.


    I also have a Soy Protein shake I have before and after work outs.


    3 Sets of 10 reps of the following.


    Weighted Abs

    Lever Leg Extensions

    Pull Downs



    Tricep Extension

    DB Bench Press

    Dead Lifts


    I'm considering also running on the days I don't work out to break a sweat and just burn a few extra calories.


    Ideas? Thoughts? Let me know please.

  2. So I'm new to being a vegan, third day, still learning little things that qualify what I can't eat, but I'm really eager to make it work.


    Just curious, if anyone else went from regular vegetarian to vegan, is there anything I should know about bodybuilding, dieting, etc.? Since I'm still new to a proper diet, and learning day by day, and I'm learning that diet is probably the most important part of looking and feeling good, and lowering body fat.


    Thanks guys, really glad I found this site!

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