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  1. i prfer sumo deadlifts too, maybe because i've got longer legs, and u dont have to pull the weight as much distance. Right now i'm on 180kg for 75kg bodyweight which isnt spectacular but i havnt been doing them for too long so maybe i could boost it to 200 within a couple of months....i can only hope, and train smart
  2. I dont see how grains can be bad for humans, most of the worlds long lived populations eat loads of them and they're pretty much a staple diet for many countries. 8000 years isnt very long geologically but its enough to adapt to eating grains, jsut a humans adapted to drinking other animals milk; not that i'm advocating this, but thats cruelty issues environment etc, not the fact that its 'not natural' I dont think humans can naturally live on just fruits, veggies roots and nuts, sure you have raw foodists but these plants are all pretty seasonal, personally i dont think its possible to live, say in the UK on raw vegan food that is NOT imported and not farmed using modern agricultural techniques. and also whether we're *meant* to consume grains or not, whether its natural or not, can we thrive on them...i think so. Ditto for legumes.
  3. aaaww thanks that was a while ago, ive got some better ones now but when i post them they're absolutely massive and take up the whole screen, i tried to do that on another thread last night, but deleted them cz they were so big, do u happen to know how i can er post them normal size :/ The video isnt really about cruelty (though the dairy one might be, and the fish one does talk about waste), but rather about just how ing so many meat products are. a VERY interesting point the guy makes though....surely by eating all this sh!te (i.e. burgers, kievs etc with very little actual meat, but rather skin, mechanically recovered meat, organs, fat, rusk, water, gristle, breadcrumbs etc) LESS animals have to die then if say, burgers had to be made out of 100% lean meat and the rest was thrown away... clearly it would be better if people just didnt eat meat but quite frankly i'll feel a surge of...well definately not satisfaction, more consolation next time i see someone eat a chicken kiev as opposed to a chicken breast, or a sausage instead of a pork chop!
  4. whole episode on youtube. There is also one for fish and one for dairy too
  5. Hi everyone! I've posted here a few times but must have been a year or so hows everyone doing? Admittidly since i've last posted i've not kept 100% vegan fidelity, but for the most part i've been pretty good (still vegetarian) still trying to improve fitness...have had a couple of amateur boxing bouts and right now i'm trying to get some serious raw strength, would love to discuss diet and training etc with ppl...
  6. Mik

    Hey everyone!

    I'm sure...but not many, i think about 1% or something british population are vegan an in the area i live in i'm pretty sure its less then that Thanks for the welcome everyone
  7. A biology degree clubbing watching boxing and mma doing boxing badminton walking eating travelling b!tching about people (come on guys...we do this just as much as the ladiess)
  8. smoothies are lovely...i cant imagine a non vegan one tasting nice somehow...what would it have in it....milk or yoghurt; doesnt sound nice with fruit pulp
  9. that vid is hilarious, ive watched it too many times :/
  10. Mik


    wow....high protein with no soy or avacado and tastes good (im guessing; i like the independant ingredients anyways)....mouthgasmic i'll definately be trying that
  11. Mik

    Hey everyone!

    I'm from the north of england, near manchester, ive been to london a few times...cant say i'm acquainted with Mildreds yea it does suck not knowing any vegans (vegetarianism and veganism is also a VERY hot trait in girls IMO) but in time i'm sure i'll find some around...
  12. Mik

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you! Vegetarianism...which id like to hone into veganism is really helping me get motivated fitness wise, alot of people have repeated the standard nonsense that you cant be strong blahdiblahdiblah, and I've already proved my friends wrong on that, but I'm really up for getting some elite strength and fitness, the boxing season is over so i have no more fights an I've got about 8 weeks of non boxing training to get some obscene strength and raw stamina...I might have to post some then and now (well in the future) pics, and hope that everyone including myself sees a difference....also i might give intelligent dieting, something i rarely do a go...looking forward...i'll have to check out some of the fat loss articles
  13. Mik

    Hey everyone!

    I would say that's just because of a very poor knowledge of basic biology and/or what 'vegetarian' means. A few centuries ago, though, it was believed that fishes weren't animals. Hell, even up to know some humans say, not just that fishes don't feel pain, but that they aren't animals! (and never forget that humans ain't animals either... ) How come you don't know any other vegans in real life? Where do you live? I live in Chile... yes, Chile, South America, and I know lots of vegans. Well... I'm an animal rights activist, so that might explain why. Aaaanyways. Welcome again! All the best, Samuel. Thank you how come i dont know any vegans.....i wish i knew :/ maybe people just arent very nice where i come from I know a few vegetarians though (again, non fish eating ones, in fact personaly i gave up fish before giving up organic and free range meats) I'm from England...britain has an unnacceptably high meat consumption come to think of it....probably only surpassed by the US who's bitch our country has shamelessly become :/
  14. Hi guys and gals A few months ago i wrote a few posts bt I've not been around for sometime... So far my diet isnt completely vegan (totally vegetarian though, including fish; how that has ever considered to be vegetarian is beyond me), but I'm hoping to get rid of eggs and milk in my diet... I'm confident that chatting to other vegan athletes will help unfortunately I dont even know any vegans IRL My fitness interests are boxing, which is complemented by running and bodyweight exercises and occasionally weights; and occasionally swimming and badminton... looking forward to chatting to y'all
  15. however you spell his name: Mariusz Pudzianowski, strongest man in the world! nuff said! Most ppl accept you can be in shape and vegan, even very athletic, but strongest man in the world.... Realistically though, a world leader would be great; come on Obama, you know you want to...
  16. in addition to what everyone has said the majority of packaged and proccessed foods, including non vegan/non vegetarian ones have soy in anyway.
  17. i dont think these eastern European champions are even that good; just that the americans now suck. If those guys fought in the 70s you wouldnt have heared of them, despite the fact so many of them are enourmous. Valuev the 7ft guy actually got beaten by Chageav who's just over 6ft and about 100lbs lighter, and he only just scraped by John Ruiz twice who's a blown up middleweight or something. Even James Toney who's an old washed up middleweight with an enourmous gut and breasts has managed to make himself a top condender. In the 90s with Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield and Bowe and even an ancient George foreman and Larry holmes the leading heavyweights now, with the possible exception of the Klitchsko bros would be unknown Apparantly Evander Holyfield whos now 46 is fighting 7ft tall Nikolei Valuev sometime soon
  18. chicken run http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_Run
  19. I couldnt agree more. Of course, holy books DO have some passages refering to war but its nearly impossible to 'innocently' get a violent interpretation out of them. You used the example of the Qur'an, the nonviolent verses are very explicit "...if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people...(Quran, 5:32)" "It may be that God will grant love (and friendship) between you and those whom ye (now) hold as enemies. (Quran 60:-7) "But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things). (8:61)" "Tell those who believe, to forgive those who do not look forward to the days of Allah: It is for Him to recompense (for good or ill) each people according to what they have earned." (45:14) There are many more and likewise with the Bible, while the OT has some undeniebly obnoxious verses (less in the NT), I believe a neutral observer (I am not a Christian) would see that the general theme/commandment to humanity is to be peaceful and forgiving. The general theology, logic and reasoning favoured by fundamentalists falls to pieces against that of...well i dont like the word moderate because it implies half heartedness but i'll just say compassionate, educated and freethinking religious individuals interpretations. I'm probably the zillionth person to say it but the quotes above are quoted waaay out of context and with the worst translations/interpretations. In their context the Quranic verses are clearly refering to war and not against 'any old disbelievers,' incidently the Arabic Quran doesnt even use 'disbeliever' the word which we translate into disbeliever has means someone who is ungrateful to God and covers the truth, it certainly does not refer to all non Muslims. I'm not an expert on the Bible and even though its usually illogical to pass off inconvienient verses as metaphorical I think it genuinely does apply in the case of Jesus saying he came to bring a sword; as he didnt well use a sword nor raise an army or anything similar.
  20. Calzaghe has won 21 title defenses, you only mentioned 5 champions 2 of which were washed up when Calzaghe defeated them. He defeated Jones and Hopkins in the light heavyweight division which really has never been a competitive weight divison to begin with. Most lightheavyweights are former middle weights how can't make the 160lb weigh-in anymore. I think Roy Jones Jr. is overated as far as his accomplishments in the weak light heavyweight division.i only mentioned 5 champions but i was pointing out that alot of his challengers were ex champions who had lost their belts a fight or two ago, and so there was no recognition given. e.g Calzaghe was desperate to fight Robin Reid when reid held a belt but Reid wudnt do it and would only face Calzaghe once he'd lost his own belt alot of light heavies are former middleweights (but then alot of middleweights were once welterweights, welterweights once lightweights etc etc), but Jones was a natural light heavy and hopkins purposefully put on 15 lbs of muscle to go from middleweight to light heavyweight division and unlike alot of fighters this extra bulk made him at least as good a fighter
  21. calzaghe is probably my favourite modern day fighter. It amazes me how many people consider calzaghe to be overrated but more so how many people keep claiming that he ducks people! In 2001 Hopkins agreed to fight calzaghe....then pulled out! Before Calzaghe fought Eubank, Steve collins agreed to fight him, then pulled out! Many, i think over half of Calzaghe's defences have been against Champions but they were ex champions who held titles one or two fights ago so he got no recognition for beating them. And the champions Calzaghe did beat: Chris Eubank- and this was far before Joe calzaghe even got near to reaching his prime Jeff Lacy, who people only tried to call 'overated' after JC handed his A$$ to him! Mikkel kessler who had a record of 39-0 and lost about 5 rounds(!) throughout his career. Bernard Hopkins who people only call washed up because of his age, not ability and fought a dirty fight yet wasnt cautioned Roy Jones who wasnt at his best but not the washed up fighter some people thought he was; and it was also a one sided pounding from rnd 3 onwards I think Calzaghe will be like Larry Holmes who no one appreciated when he was champion but will be recognised as a legend years later. oh and also Calzaghe hasnt pulled out of any fights but he has postponed them because of hand injuries; but in the end he fought and won! Calzaghe Jones was an entertaining fight though no doubt, but the 'knockdown' in round 1 was actually an accidental forearm smash! The right glove didnt touch calzaghe.
  22. in my mind a vegan is really someone who doesnt get any products at the expense of an animal. So for example someone who eats honey in my mind is still a vegan as so far I dont really see what harm it does to the bees
  23. this applies to hardly any eggs anyway, even free range egg laying hens are farmed pretty intensively even though when you look at the boxes they always try to give the impesssion that they're from cute little country farms, sometiems you see a Mr and Mrs Jenks or whatever on the front saying 'we raise our animals to the finest quality blah blah blah,' and maybe in some cases it could be true but they'd do it whether it was or wasnt so I'd prefer to take the route that definately is cruelty free.
  24. what retard wrote that article...if anything plant proteins are more digestable then animal ones.
  25. welcome XD good to have you here:)
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