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  1. Ive been taking the tropicana testo boosters from GNC (says suitable for vegans on the label) have noticed a bit of a difference (I dont think I need to elaborate here :3 ) tho its just a mega dose of ZMA it seems with a bit of saw palmetto thrown in for good measure I must admit I have thought about juicing, but I dont think I could go through with it, Im really proud of being natural and want to stay that way + the side effects of gyno and hair loss seem too high a price
  2. In my own BBing experience (almost 2yrs now, not much I know) Ive found it easy to pack on a lot of muscle, started at like 155, am now 190. But I look at pics of dudes here, and everyone seems so much more ripped than me D: So Im guessing maybe it really is just genetic, and one day we'll have a vegan dude who is able to both put on a lot of muscle and get super ripped, maybe he'll even be chemically enhanced and compete in the O. (I think we SHOULD have the best athletes science can give us) Btw compare soy protein amino acid breakdown to a whey protein, if anything the soy is better, doesnt seem to lack anything at all and has significantly more arganine and glutamine, as well as being a powerful antioxidant, shame it tastes like shit D: So anyway IMHO theres bugger all difference in thickness between whey protein and soy protein, I think total protein intake is more important than what type of protein it is.
  3. recent studies have shown creatine supplimentation to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health, as well as potential fat burning effects. Also several studies have shown long term creatine supplimentation to be perfectly safe. I take it and cycle 1 week off every 8 weeks. No in answer to your question, they arent essential, but helpful, even if only for the mental boost. I would say that creatine is no1 supp tho and really does work.
  4. Ive always thought it was a common part of the day for a Roman Gentleman to use the gymnasium at the bath houses. I imagine that Gladiators and legionaries would of been required to have a very demanding physical fitness regime. So the sort of physique we see on statues would certainly of been owned back then. Then of course before then the greeks had the olympic games, where it brought great pride to your city to win an event. So I think these athletes would certainly of been pampered and had all their training/dietary needs met. Resulting in great physiques. OT a bit, I saw a programme on BBC2 I think where Gladiators bones were examined, they were shown to have bones high in some sort of compound that proved they didnt eat meat (or only rarely), some texts seemed to support this, they thought vege diets improved healing or something, but was long time ago I watched this so cant rly remember
  5. I love it, to the point of abusing my body, which is stupid, but sometimes I cant help myself D:
  6. I really dont liek Markus Rühl's belly, its just awful! It looks like hes ate a baby D: ( Austin powers <3 ) Joel Stubbs surely has to be the biggest BBer around now, that back is unbelievable. I saw a vid on youtube that compared Arnold and Ronnie, was quite interesting. Arnies arms + chest were about the same as Rons, but Ronnie had so much more mass on legs, back and... belly! ! Seriously tho, I hope BBing does get back to aesthetic over sheer bulk, tho I do admire width, as long as the midsection remains tight, Classic X shape ftw
  7. Personally I prefer Jays look to dexters, Dexters belly distracts from the rest of his physique imo. And no one has the width of Jay.
  8. "Punch a Brazilian Ju Jitsu black belt in the face and he becomes a brown belt" famous MMA quote. Im assuming its the same for a judo guy with no MMA experience, Fedor is a lil overrated P4P imo, but still prolly the best heavyweight in the world. Fedor by whatever he chooses in round1 >.> Thats not to say in a couple of years this guy couldnt be a force, these judo dudes do seem to have that crazy retard strength that wrestlers get after years of throwing someone around.
  9. Yeah I hope its not true about her using HGH, I read a post by her on another BBing forum she was thinking about it, because it gave the other girls an advantage over her at the shows... Then heard that she had in fact started taking hgh, hope thats just stupid internetz rumours tho Im assuming the same things that can happen to a dude, like big belly, neanderthal head etc also happen to a girl. Surely looking like that she could make an absolute fortune modelling, acting w/e. Dont do eeeett Jamie D: (anyway gotta luv how she says "Ill never do nude" then poses with like 3 bits of sticky tape on her)
  10. Yup Im from a sleepy small town called Lutterworth near Leicester, unfortunatley the only other vegan I know irl is my mum D:
  11. its generally accepted, but not by everyone, that low reps and very big weights will build str while the 8-12 range is best for bodybuilding Most will agree with me, but for some this is totally wrong :3
  12. thanks! Id just been talking about the programmes we used to watch as a kid with one of my friends hehe
  13. Actually robert, dont wanna sound like a nuthugger but you were one of the people who inspired me to take up bodybuilding, even after all this time being vegan its easy to get browbeaten into the whole "you cant eat enough protein" thing, googled vegan bodybuilders and there you were lol. Once I started looking at food labels tho I soon realised how easy it was. Dieting atm, still eating 140-150g of protein a day on 2000kcal I also hope to be an inspiration to others one day
  14. My ideal physique is Frank Zane, followed by steve reeves. More realistically Rich Franklin from the UFC has a great, attainable physique, Ive read he walks round at like 210 before cutting to 185, tho hes now moves up to 205. Not sure if Ive posted pics right, oh well D: cbf to mess around with imageshack ._. Edit: My idea woman is Jamie Eason, Robert has posted her pic on this thread. Heard shes starte to use HGH tho 3
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