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  1. 16.12.08 My chest is responding way too slow.. I don't think i lost any significant amount of muscle even though i had troubles eating & training for a while..
  2. Thanks a lot everyone. I just hope i didn't lose anything during these few weeks.. Right now i'm doing better again, i'm getting my diet running well and my training is also going good. This thing is just taking too damn long, there's no way i'll be heavy enough before summer.. Well, i'm looking to start over next fall.
  3. Hmm, not so good news coming up. I went back down to 63,3 kg (139 lbs). An ugly breakup doesn't do good things to a man's appetite and hours of sleep (read: not able to eat properly and sleeping less than four hours every night). But damn it, i'm going to get there. Note: I didn't feel any loss of strength yesterday when training, but i got tired and dizzy on the treadmill RIGHT away.
  4. There's no way you should cut your hair. No way. And tuc, those are exactly the things i've been doing lately, and i hope i'll get bigger and better soon. Not much time until spring, and then i just have to get my pack out.. But you keep posting here, because you're being watched and people expect great things from you.
  5. You're definitely an awesome example of someone who gets HUGE with hard work and a vegan diet. Inspiring stuff, i hope my back starts looking like that as soon as possible.
  6. Thanks Marcina. LocalBrada, i do train my forearms pretty hard as well, almost grinding my teeth at the end of every set, but i think my wrists are too skinny for any bigger forearm muscles. And thank you sosso. This thing is really feeling good. I hope i'll be much heavier in Spring. Oh, and by the way, i tried that slow-mo rep yesterday, and it was my chest/shoulder/abs/back day, and it really felt awesome with every single set i did. My chest is really sore now, and i LOVE it.
  7. I definitely feel that the slow-mo-trick has done wonders with my shoulders so i'll at least try it with everything and see how it feels after my workouts. If it sucks, i won't do it, but if it feels as good as it does with my shoulders, i'll add it to my routine. Just for the boost. I really need a boost. Plus it feels awesome. Oh man, thanks so much Devil's Plaything. I really want to be a good example of a vegan """"bodybuilder"""" who really gets bigger, especially because of my crappy genes that make it very difficult to begin with. EDIT: Another pic. Sorry, i had to.
  8. Yes johan, that's the way i've been training, but i've been training my shoulders with free weights, and i haven't been able to train as well as i'd like with heavier weights, so after 12 reps i've done that one special rep to boost it up. Now i'm going to start doing it with every muscle group, and i'll do it right after i get the feeling that "this is going to be the last rep", you know? It's very hard to explain with words. But trust me when i say, i'm busting my ass in the gym with every set these days. EDIT: And thank you tuc!
  9. Aww, man, now i'm more inspired again.. Today i decided to add one new thing to my every workout. I'm going to do one super-slow-motion rep after every single set for every single muscle group. I've done it with my shoulders and i think the results should be there, so i'm going to do the same thing for every muscle from here on. What i mean is, when a set is done, i'll force myself to do one more rep reeeeeaaaaaally slow, at least 6 seconds to get up, hold it up for 3 or so seconds and at least 12 seconds to go back down again. It always kills my shoulders, as i do it after every set, and i do four sets for my shoulders. It feels really good after all four.
  10. This one's a riddle, called: "Find the muscle growth in Jukka!". The first one to spot any progress wins a special prize! Oh, by the way. I'm ->
  11. I just had to edit this to grayscale because i don't want anybody to have heart attacks. I love my morning hair. Lol
  12. That sounds GOOD! I was waiting for some nasty ass liquid that tastes like industrial glue or something but that actually sounds tasty. I'll definitely drink that today, and see how it goes. Thanks a lot man.
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