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  1. YES Chewy! It's so freaking good you finally joined that place Training at a club like that is gonna help you A LOT! I've made some crazy gains since I started getting coached at the WL club. Sorry I never wrote you back on FB, but I'm rarely online these days But, my training is going great, and my lifts have really improved these past two month. ATM I'm repping 120kg in the C&J (Going to attempt 135kg next week) and just today I hit 100kg in the snatch, which was fucking awesome! Just as I was getting ready for the snatch this song comes on. Usually I'm not a fan of power metal, but it somehow captured the moment of me fighting the elusive 100kg snatch Again, totally stoked that you joined the club I know you're going to become one beastly strong vegan!
  2. Looking good Chewy! I had a few secs to spend on the couch today, so I stopped by and noticed your 130kg squat PR - fucking hell, old chap! You're becoming one strong fucker Keep doing what you're doing, man! I'm off for more weightlifting training. Currently getting coached by the danish weightlifting head coach and training 14 times a week (morning and evening), so basicly I have no life atm
  3. The tattoo looks fucking great, Saulo! Looking forward to seeing some shades soon. I love scar stories, haha. I've got a big scar on my left forarm from getting stabbed with a switchblade while in a fight. The guy apparently didn't like losing a fight, so he pull the knife and swong it right into my arm Getting stabbed sucks btw. I've also got a weird dot like scar just above my left nipple from getting attacked with what I think was either a screwdriver or an icepick, I never noticed because I fell on my ass and got kicked in the face. I woke up a few minutes later to the voice of a cute girl telling me that I'd been stabbed and that the paramedics were on their way. Luckily it was just a flesh wound and the guy that stabbed me got arrested later that evening. The rest of my scars are from skateboarding or doing dumb shit.
  4. This is what separates the champion from the mediocre. Back when I was training in a commercial gym I ended up ditching all but one of my training buddies due to inconsistency and bullshit excuses for doing light days. In my mind there are no light days, only heavy or brutally heavy
  5. Sweeeeeet work on the squat and deads, chewy. Much respect!
  6. I've got loads. Two sleeves, a full front piece and a scratcher doodle on my leg. All tattoos are custom made, no off the wall bs. My tattoos are based on places I've been, my childhood/experiences in life and my rad as fuck dad and grandad Stylewise they're all traditional old school tattoos, and the reason for this is that all the men on my fathers side have all been sailors/whalers, and as a child I was always fascinated by all the cool tattoos and stories my dad and grandad had. Don't worry too much about the scar. I have a fairly big scar on my forarm from getting stabbed back in the days, but it got covered quite good. places I've been tattoos: The sailors grave tattooed by Judd and Marija Conspiracy Inc tattooed by Allan Some dudes basement
  7. Losing a night sleep isn't that big of a deal really, but usually I just take a nap and do my thing. One night will hardly hinder your ability to perform, but a continues lack of sleep will.
  8. Same here. I've got a Doug Young-ish style trim. It's not that big a deal for me anyways, seeing as I've got blond chest/belly hair, so you have to get up close to actually notice it.. I'd never shave my chest, belly or armpits, because.. you know, I've got male genetalia Trimming however, fully acceptable.
  9. Strange choice if you aren't snatching and clean and jerking THANK YOU! Just the other day I had to explain my chemistry class the difference between weightlifting and bodybuilding
  10. I know exactly how you feel, man. I get stock in a bland food rot from time to time, and it's the worst. One thing I find that I always enjoy is a avocado, hummus and tofu sandwich, and it'll easily pack 1000+ kcal 2 avocados 150g hummus 250g tofu Enough bread to cover it all (i usually eat rye bread as I'm not much of a white bread kinda guy) Salt, pepper and tabasco This is definitely one of my prefered mid day meals. So simple, yet incredibly tasty.
  11. http://pedrosmind.ostrasquenoscasamos.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/DoubleFacePalm.jpg It's embarrassing really.. I've moved on, mostly due to the lack of strength/power interrest on the board, but partly due to crap like this.
  12. Damn Chewy! You've become such a strong fucker, haha. I tip my hat to thee! Also, If you're nothing making ridiculous faces and strange noises, you're just not training hard enough
  13. The sheer joy of loving what I'm doing is what keeps me pushing on. Getting into oly lifting and ultimatly knowing that at some point I have to step up and show my worth, that shit is motivating beyond beliefe.
  14. That's exactly what I really like about that place, lots of competition and trash talk, haha. But I'll still be dropping by daily Also, I'll be lurking through your log and bust your chops if you're slacking Nothing's really gonna change, It's just my log that has moved.
  15. I've moved my log over to Veganfitness.net. It's more focused on strength, which has great apeal to me. Also, there's a 220kg oly challange going on, which I'm gonna bust my ass off to win I'll still be dropping by and checking up on you guys
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