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  1. True, but there's an alternative : if there is sufficient amount of proteins (and it's always the case, except maybe anorexics) the surplus will become muscle instead of fat -- at the condition that you weight train, and at the condition that the excess of food is not too high. But basically, lots of fats, wthout a surplus of calories, should not result in bodyfat gain. There can be some exceptions, like the endomorph bodytype or some people with hormones disorder, who may sometimes store fat more easily. That is not an alternative, that is the same. The ratio of macronutrients you consume and the exercise you do will have an effect on your body composition. Excessive calories from protein sources can still be stored as bodyfat, however. Excessive intake of calories compared to output will usually lead to weight gain. Macronutrient ratios/quanities and exercise will be factors which determine body composition, i.e. if you gain high levels of bodyfat, or if you gain fat free mass. So I think we are saying the same thing?
  2. You probably already know, so my apologies if you don't. Whey is derived from milk. It isn't vegan. Sorry, I did not mean to offend anybody! I am not vegan so was talking about my personal top supplements, but did not know only vegan foods/supplements etc are allowed to be talked about. Sorry for the confusion! What do you guys commonly consume post workout?
  3. As above, they are calorie dense. More calories in than out = weight gain. Think of calories as energy, your body is storing the surplus energy as body fat. Solution - consume less calories, or use up more calories.
  4. Some x-trainers are smooth too. Bikes are a no no IME. I think exercises in water are the best bet, maybe look for classes in your gym?
  5. I am sure I saw a program that showed soilders had denser lower leg bones due to marching...
  6. Whey protein, and thats about it. I do not rate glutamine, and I do not responde to creatine!
  7. It would really depend on your activity levels and food choices. But high protein and low carb and fat is a usual choice for weight loss.
  8. Gaining mass is alot about eating. If you want to gain strength then keep reps low, as strength gains are alot to do with the CNS than anything else.
  9. Eat alot of the correct foods - i.e. do not use it as an excuse to eat alot of fast food, because this will have negative impacts on your body composition. Eat alot of good wholesome foods and monitor what happens. If you start to gain too much fat then simply reduce searving sizes slightly etc...
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