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  1. Well right now my current routine, isnt a very good one. Ill do pilates like 3 times a week and then go to the gym for cardio, and sundays ill spend 2 hours on nthe gym doing cardio. so like i usually try to weight train everyday then do intense cardio for an hour, but it hasnt worked out that well.. um my goal is just to loose like 14 pounds around.
  2. I find that everytime i do high intensity too, i eat like crazy the nest day. And i feel so stressed out. But then when i do low intsenity i just get bored. like i can stop anytime i feel like it. Are you even supposed to do high intensity everyday? i realy dont understand training.
  3. Hi my name is catherine, and im sorry to ask so many questions, but im not realy sure on what fitness plan to follow anymore. Right now ive got musles, with fat ontop of them, so im trying to loose fat in all areas (arms, stomach, butt, etc..) anyways i was wondering which type of intensity of workout should i do? which one will get rid of my fat the fastest? -High intensity cardio lasting like an hour. -moderate intensity lasting like 2-3 hours. - or low intensity like 3 or more hours.?
  4. Thank-you very much for your help everyone, i now understand. And will try to incorporate more beans , tempeh and soy in my diet rather than many nuts.
  5. Ive noticed that ive been eating alot of nuts lately and gaining weight, but arent nuts suppose to be food for you? And are theyre any proteins that are low in fat? any veggies perhaps?
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