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  1. I agree. Good stuff. Rarely do I have vegan cheeze on hand, but I have this stuff around often.
  2. Hey folks! I'm looking into attending a conference June 28-July 2. It's in Houston at the Omni Houston Galleria Hotel Four Riverway Houston, Texas 77056 (713) 871-8181 To stay there is $95 a night, and that just doesn't sit well with me. I've looked and I can get a much cheaper place to stay in Houston, but on the other hand being cooped up in a rented room isn't as fun as crashing on a strangers couch. So who do we having in Houston that would be willing to host me for however long? Right now I'm just exploring my options, so I'm not holding this as a definite agreement or anything like that. And if i've got to drive half an hour from where you live to the conference I can live with that.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Ly8nstfxo
  4. I wouldn't either, but i know vegans that would. A friend of mine is expecting a child with his gal and their midwife suggested they consume the placenta. Sounds totally ing to me. My buddy is all about it but his other is not. Some vegans are a strange folk....but it's not the veganism.
  5. Recently i've been making up a crock pot full of beans and either wild rice or barley (careful with cooking times; beans need longer than the grains). I'll eat the mix throughout the week with some veggies tossed in, maybe some tofu, tvp or veg crumbles...whatever I've got. Season it how you like. The results are never really what I'd serve to anyone but it's good nutrition at grab n' go speed.
  6. You really should present on there not being any problems and suggest the folks who are better off for resources, as well as those who don't know any better just keep doing what they are doing because everything is fine.
  7. i mixed up something the other night. No measurements. Just a few scoops of protein powder, some peanut butter, flax seed, little bit of turbinado, some flour and baking soda. Baked it for a little. I need to work on my recipe. I don't think there are many folks that would eat these things...
  8. I think this is another attempt from the mainstream environmental movement to justify their destructive lifestyles. This study or whatever it is was conducted for the WWF.
  9. I find this research interesting. They are indeed finding that people can become addicted to social interaction. This does have implications with the juveniles I currently work with. They all have diagnosed substance use disorders, and all claim to be gang bangers, pimps, or excellent drug dealers. So we have the social status part, and substance use! Thanks for posting this Joe
  10. Some reasons why! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1249021/Want-boost-health-Then-finger-pulses.html
  11. dude you've got a good foundation to build on. Looks like you've got a healthy amount of Bodyfat but are not far from shredded.
  12. The mechanix gloves I've seen are a synth hide, not leather like many gloves. I actually found some lifting gloves at Academy that are vegan, but are made by nike so if you have a problem with that... They've held up for over a year. I don't really notice any difference in lifting with them, but I don't have gnarly calluses on my hand. A girlfriend will appreciate you not running those across her or at least that's been my experience. I agree that the new grips look really strange.
  13. I'll buy that. I often wondered why Germany and Japan were allies. The US allied with Russia. So definitely alliances don't mean an agreement in philosophy. They seem to be more practical. Enemy of an enemy is a friend kind of situation.
  14. Using less meat than most but still purchasing meat is not a moral position for a vegan. But I think the general public would probably find it less weird if the cat ate a normal cat diet while the owner ate a vegan one. I mean who can imagine a vegan cat!?! Seriously I have friends that don't understand how a dog can be vegan..."it's just not done" or something like that. I wouldn't feed my dog regular dog food if it was necessary for him to eat meat, not to say I'd let him starve. Either I'd go kill and process animals or maybe let him catch some since he seems intent on doing so. I think that the things that go into pet food are abominable and not any more natural for a pet and is probably more unhealthy than even a poor vegan diet. The ingredient lists mainly read "scrap" and then they have some vague language referring to animal parts and some vitamins.
  15. A grocery store not encouraging people to be fat seems kind of counter intuitive.
  16. I don't eat out too often, but when I do I find going to chain places like taco bell or panera's very good options. These are well established places, have consistent menus and ingredients and other vegans also eat at them and post their findings. If I'm going anywhere i've not been i do a quick search for vegan and whatever the name of the restaurant is. Another thing to do is try cafes that serve food. I've found them to be fairly accommodating to vegans. I agree with eating chinese food. I also have not had problems with thai restaurants. The one big sticking point I see is the sauces. Oyster and fish sauce is common. I don't believe there is a vegan fish sauce but you've got decent chances with oyster sauce since there is actually vegetarian oyster sauce so if you feel like it have the staff check the source of that stuff. Mexican food is harder. There are quite a few people straight from mexico living here in Austin, and plenty of them serve food. Some use lard, some dont. Hope you've got friends that speak spanish if you dont Overall it's good to find vegans in your area or maybe in a big city next to where you are and maybe save eating out for that city if you really have no options. I lived in the midwest for a few years and I know how it can be like when you see fried cheese sticks at the chinese buffet.
  17. I don't see welfarist arguments such as minimizing harm to be the root of the problem. Animal use is the problem. To me Animal exploitation is immoral and trying to justify your exploitation of life based on "well they don't feel pain or it's free range" doesn't really cut it for me nor get at the immorality of the whole thing. Also I think seafood is really gross so I wouldn't encourage anyone to eat it.
  18. I adopted a german shepherd and he's been doing very well on a vegan diet since I've had him. The clerk at the local pet store told me I should feed him animal fat, but I told him my dog is doing very well as is. He does this to any customer buying vegetarian food, and does it without being prompted. I'm not going to be so tolerant of him next time we have a similar interaction.
  19. I'm a health heretic. I like fried stuff. I drink a soda now and then too...ya'll should come burn me at the stake, seriously.
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