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  1. Don't stop and take another long break as that didn't do it for you the first time. Do the first round again. Work on those foundations, then move into the second stage. I believe that program has a book on nutrition as well. Are you trying to match their recommendations by your vegan diet?
  2. i'd say it depends on the cost of gym membership. A buddy of mine in chicago has a squat rack and he just loves it. I'd probably squat more often if I could just do it at home. But for the $500+ that they cost and the space, it's much more realistic for me to just work out at the gym.
  3. I've taken it off and on for years. Don't really think it makes a difference for me. As for cramps, If you're drinking like a gallon of water or more a day you're probably fine. A vegan diet is pretty high in water anyhow just from food.
  4. I am of a similar opinion to lobsteriffic. I eat a lot of tofu (3x a week at least) and some vegan faux meat like tofurky beer brats!, so the protein powders I consume are usually non soy. If I am living cheaply I do consume soy powder though.
  5. I've been by it a few times but its too far away for me to get there often. I have read reviews and many said it was very old school. I liked that about it. I lift at South Austin Gym.
  6. I live in the southeast part of Austin. We're keeping Austin hard...the rumors are true, it's dangerous here. Do you train at the hyde park gym?
  7. I heard tale of like 46% of UK doctors unwilling to accept the swine flu vaccine. Honestly it makes little difference to me what they do, but its good to know that someone who is well read on the subject (or should be) is choosing the same course as myself.
  8. Woah! How long did it take you to drop the lbs.?
  9. No, not really. Actual barbarians had several belief systems. For the most part the belief systems don't bother me, but just like I was saying it's what you're doing with them that can be a problem.
  10. I'm sure he believes in organic farming (as in it does exist as a practice). By saying that it would win in a free market, and accepting we don't have a free market (which stossel does accept) I don't see how he's against organic farming. He's a pretty evidenced based guy and obviously there is a lack of evidence at this point as far as organics and the free market. However, walmart had to stop selling organic produce as the supply chains were not reliable so I think there is definitely a demand even despite the incentives to not go in that direction. I think a belief in global warming is as irrelevant as a belief in god. A belief in either are pretty worthless until you live your life more consistently with your beliefs. I see most believers want to make other people think as they do and I think forcing people to accept a specific belief system is barbaric. So to me a good judge of character is how someone reflects or acts upon their beliefs. Inconsistency, in belief and lifestyle makes someone much less credible as far as idealogues go.
  11. Great contest. Looks like some good competition going on here. Good work ya'll!
  12. I'm listening to Waiting in Vain by Bob Marley. Which is exactly what I'm doing. Oh cruel fates/life/reality/what have you!
  13. Diets don't work. Lifestyles work. Stay strong, stay vegan!
  14. Definitely happy but every day he reminds me that he's still just a puppy even if he weighs about half of what I do!
  15. I don't need the tools of state aggression for my protection. And with the epic fails of government throughout history I don't need them either for anything.
  16. I had a great vegan malt once in St. Louis and this barley malt powder was a key ingredient. None of the local shops here have it and I've tried whole foods, etc. Anyone ordered some from online and had a good experience?
  17. I actually wonder the same thing about Austin. There are rumored to be a lot, but they definitely hide themselves well as I've only met about 10 at a time in groups. I guess in cities where veganism really isn't an oddity we just blend in as we're not so radical compared to the general population. So there are pros and cons. Good luck bringing some out of the shadows. meetup.com may have a vegan group in your area so check it out if you have not. I even go to the vegetarian group here in Austin sometimes, but the vegans are best.
  18. I know a vegan from houston and she says there are way more vegans in houston than in Austin. So take that for what it's worth. Vegan eating seems to be more of a fad here than anything.
  19. Texas is way vegan friendly. I've had a better time with veganism here than in the midwest for sure.
  20. Woohoo another vegan in TX! Rob used to keep count of how much representation we had on the forum. We were #2 at one point...
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