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  1. Marx also lived in the 19th century. We live in the 21st century United States. You can't produce (as in "means of production" ) anything of significance in significant quantity without credit. As long as you have the machinery and the raw materials, you can produce. That's all the means of production is concerned with. Your point about credit is good, since credit is a form of financial capital and financial capital can be used to own and control means of production, but again, the ownership and control are distinct from the means. But yes, if the financial capital is used to consolidate ownership and control of the means of production under the government or a workers council, that would be socialist. However, that's still not the case. The US government does not own or control the vast majority of the means of production. Private entities do. In this sense, the government is actually at the mercy of the bourgeoisie, since they rely on means they do not control. Of course, the bourgeoisie is at the mercy of the government for protection and security. And the government may be able to take the means of production, but that's a larger issue.
  2. I still don't care what other people think of me, and you're still try to blame me for all the ills of the world. Are you trying to say that only my opinion and vote are platitudes of hypocracy? Well look in the mirror my friend, and if you answer yes. Than you think you're better than me, and if that's the case there is no more need for dialog. You may not care what other people think of you, but you formed your statement to apply to all people, not just yourself. If that's not what you meant, that's fine, but then there was no point saying it in the first place. There's a big jump from "I don't care what other people think of me" to "it doesn't make a difference what other people think of you," after all. I haven't blamed you for anything. I even said I think your opinion on gay marriage is reasonable. I just take issue with you espousing an ethic which you clearly believe only applies to certain cases. And no, of course you're not the only hypocrite around. But you're the biggest one in this thread. And I don't think you understand why the minority is safe in America.
  3. If you don't call the banking system, credit, taxes a means of production I suggest you think about how you define that set. Everything runs on credit. Marx was pretty clear on means of production. It's the material and apparatus required to manufacture and distribute goods and services. Financial capital is not part of the means of production. However, it can contribute to the ownership of the means of production. The two are definitely distinct, though. The means of production in the US are primarily owned by private companies controlled by a small group of people. This makes us a capitalist society in which the bourgeoisie control and profit from the means of production. We would be socialist if the government (or, in ideal socialism, workers collectives) owned and controlled the means, but that's not the case.
  4. But in a society in which people vote and legislate based on their personal opinions of others, pretending there's a difference between political and personal is irresponsible. That's part of the democratic process. You can vote your personal feelings. I just feel you should own them, too, even if it renders your platitudes hypocritical. As to the minority being the minority, what did de Tocqueville say about the "tyranny of the majority?" And why do we normally not have to worry about it in America?
  5. Gays have never before had the right to marriage. I believe in some kind of union (legal document), and the rights that come along with it i.e. health, death etc. benifits etc.. But don't call it Marriage. Like I said earlier: "In my world somethings are sacred. " And that's certainly a reasonable position. One I don't take, but definitely reasonable considering the alternatives. The problem is that it's inconsistent with your statement that "it doesn't make any difference what other people think of you." That's not a luxury everyone has. It's a pure platitude. For some folks, what other people think of them affects their everyday life.
  6. Uh oh, if those concern you, I have bad news. We're screwed either way. Being agnostic from Massachusetts, and thus a card-carrying supporter of socialism, public health care, labor unions, and gay marriage, I sympathize because my perfect candidate doesn't exist (and Kucinich doesn't count because he's a mass hallucination). Your point about keeping close with the rest of the world is well-taken, but it's still just a small step.
  7. Just another hurt ego in denial. Everybodies always got to take there shot at the guy at the top. Why, because they all want to be on top. Always thinking "I could do it better". Well, maybe they can do it better. The USA doesn't exactly have a monopoly on best practices regarding economics. Or civil rights. Or foreign policy. Or environmentalism. Or energy policy. It shouldn't make you defensive when others believe their countries are better than ours. Nationalism isn't exclusive to America. And you certainly shouldn't be concerned if they do things better than us. That's perfectly normal and perfectly healthy and beneficial for global society. I didn't get the impression you were American, actually, until these posts.
  8. Unless you're gay? In my world somethings are sacred. But if I'm reading correctly what you are saying? In your world I don't have a right to my own opinion, if it doesn't agree with yours. It looks to me like he's pointing out that your opinions seem internally inconsistent. They're certainly conflicting in spirit, at least. But as long as you're ok with it; it's your cognitive dissonance.
  9. If you do it before a massive poo, you will weigh more I've been doing it during, actually.
  10. It doesn't make you a racist, but it doesn't make you smart, either. Our economy doesn't just run on a 2-year sliding window of legislation. It's built on decades of decisions, which makes it bulky and stable, but not nimble. What we're seeing now is the result of poor decisions on both sides of the aisle, as well as in our largest financial institutions. There's enough blame for everyone, from the CEOs and Congress all the way down to the folks taking out loans they couldn't afford. What I care about now is what's going to be done to staunch the bleeding so we can ride it out and recover, which will only partly be in the hands of the new POTUS and will require massive cooperation. And while I respect McCain for his service, 5 years in a POW camp doesn't make him any more qualified to help out during an economic crisis.
  11. We have two electronic ones at home (a Taylor BF and a Health-O-Meter) and I think they're fairly accurate, but there's still the question of when to weigh myself and how often in order to determine how much bulk I've really added. I'll probably take a bunch of readings and graph or average them over time. Since I'm currently not gaining strength and not gaining weight, that makes sense to me.
  12. Oh, no no no no no. I don't have any issues with wanting to vote for a third party candidate, but not Cynthia McKinney. She's a nut. An out-of-control conspiracy theorist with a big dose of hypocrisy thrown in. I spent 6 years in GA while she was in office and never got used to her crazy statements. Her name was and is a joke to everyone outside of her congressional district. Go with Nader or anyone else first, but please not McKinney.
  13. Sounds reasonable enough. I may try to find some Gemma or hemp just to mix it up. I'm not sure what my amino acid profile looks like right now, but I'm starting to keep a food diary to monitor caloric intake, so I can figure it out from there. From what I've seen around the forums, it's best just to accept a little bit of fat gain in exchange for much more muscle, then, as you said, zap it off when it gets to be too much. And it should be easier with more muscle, right? I'm a little concerned about monitoring the bulking from a logistical standpoint. I don't trust isolated weight or bf measurements from a scale, so I guess I'll be doing a lot of averaging and watching my abs. Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I think I asked this question somewhere else in the forums, so I apologize if it's a repeat, but what's generally considered the best quality protein? I'm using almost exclusively soy protein at this point, and I don't know if it's the right way to go. Any worries about this interfering with the muscle gain? Would HIIT be better than plain aerobics? Or do I just have to resign myself to gaining muscle a bit more slowly if I really want to keep all the fat off? Looks like I need to invest in a very accurate scale, too. Thanks for all the help and encouragement!
  15. Piggybacking on this thread. I'm about to start bulking and have the exact same worries. I can eat a ton, easily 5000+ calories a day, but I've always gained mostly fat that way in the past. I've cut down to 9% bf now by staying around 1500-2000 cals and < 30g fat per day, and now I desperately need to gain muscle. I'll probably up to 3500 and see how things go. I feel I have some wiggle room, but I definitely want to keep as much fat off as possible. Right now I'm doing 3-4 lifting workouts per week. NROL hypertrophy II, in case it helps. I'm also fitting in aerobic cardio wherever I can. Does anyone have advice as to how best to fit in either aerobic or HIIT work to burn fat without being detrimental to muscle growth? I've seen recommendations to do HIIT right after the weights, while others say to do aerobic exercise (like mid-distance running) on off-days. I'm willing to do both, neither, something else, whatever it takes to do this right.
  16. Hey everyone! Very new to the forums. Just posted to the intro thread. Vegan for 14-months or so. Started in an effort to get healthy and lose weight and it's been great. Weight down from 280 to 175, cholesterol from 255 to 135, and body fat from 30+% to 9.5%. Now that I've lost enough, I want to gain back some muscle. A lot, if possible. For the first 6-8 months or so I was running, but boredom and a hip injury led me to start lifting. I've been working out of NROL and have finished Fat Loss I, Strength I, and Hypertrophy I, but haven't seen the strength and muscle gains I've been looking for. I lift 3-4 times a week, right now rotating upper body, lower body, and back/core. I try to get in either a little cardio immediately after lifting or a lot of cardio on off-days. I suspect I'm having trouble gaining muscle and strength because I'm a) scared of regaining fat, b) not eating enough protein, or c) not eating the right foods at the right times. An average day right now is at the end of this post. Reading some of these threads, I might not be eating enough, and I might be using a terrible protein. The amino acid profile thread was overwhelming, but it looks like I should maybe be switching to Gemma. Any help would be appreciated! - Bruce Breakfast @ 7:45am 10 oz oatmeal 2 oz raisins 2 oz granola 2 tbsp brown sugar Snack @ 9:30am 1/2 cup high-fiber, high-protein cereal Lunch @ 11:45am 12 oz veggie or bean soup 2 oz bread Pre-workout @ 4:45pm 10-15 g soy protein 1/2 cup non-fat soy milk Post-workout @ 6:15pm 20-30 g soy protein 3/4 cup non-fat soy milk 1 cup high-fiber, high-protein cereal Snack @ 7pm One serving of Simply Booty or some pretzel chips or bread Dinner @ 8pm Salad w/ mixed greens, green peppers, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar or salsa A few cups of veggies (broccoli, green beans, onions, zucchini, maybe potatoes) stir fried with a vegan asian sauce and 1/2 cup seitan Snack @ 9:30pm Bowl of cereal or boca burger w/o bread or tiny piece of chocolate or piece of fruit
  17. Hey everyone! Brand new to this forum and looking for some tips. A little background. I'm 29 y/o and went vegan and low-fat 14 months ago for health reasons. So far, things have gone wonderfully. My weight has gone from 280 down to 175, body fat from 30+% to 9.5%, and cholesterol from 255 down to 135. So I'm a true believer in vegan health. However, I've been trying to gain muscle for the past 6+ months and haven't had a huge amount of success, probably because I'm so afraid of gaining fat. Anyway, I'll probably be asking for help in the Diet/Health forum or maybe Bodybuilding/Strength Training. If those aren't the right places, please let me know! In the meantime, I'll be reading through the threads to see if my questions have been answered! Thanks, Bruce
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