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  1. I dunno. The nuts cost more AND they won't get you drunk. Sounds like they're a terrible deal.
  2. I'm just about healed up and ready to start back on weights tomorrow, and I think I'll be doing the speed squats and deads. I don't want to stress my back too much to start off, and I wasn't making any progress on low-reps anyway. Hopefully this will make a difference. Thanks again!
  3. Less cardio, more lifting, more eating. How much time do you spend with moderate to heavy weights? How much do you eat on a daily basis? What's the composition of your diet?
  4. I personally avoid wool and leather, which is probably true for most folks here. Recycle, etc. All the normal stuff. Cheers on the organic and FT coffee. That's a great one. However, I don't avoid alcohol. Oh, and for pure financial goodness, I like Kiva loans.
  5. Something like this: http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/224234_10150173718278720_556433719_6845613_7963761_n.jpg Very cool, thanks!
  6. That sounds bizarre but delicious. What does it look like? Also, don't know if it matters to you, but Alfalite isn't vegan.
  7. First of all, if it hurts during exercise, you should probably stop. Pain while squatting can often (though not always) mean that you are injuring yourself or aggravating an injury right at that moment. It's not worth the risk. Is it centered in the front or rear? Nearer the hip or knee?
  8. Fair enough. I was just clarifying your comment for other readers. Just happy to help!
  9. Exactly, yes. That's my point. There's no evidence, so don't claim it's unsafe. Be honest. Say that we don't know for sure whether it's safe or not. There's no shame in it. In my opinion, you have to explain yourself when you make an assertion. You claimed GMOs were unsafe by appeal to a flawed study. I think that's dishonest and requires an explanation. My assertion is to lack of evidence which, admittedly, is inherently resistant to explication.
  10. Then what is your POINT? We have POTENTIAL evidence that hasn't shown up yet, according to even you. You HONESTLY think Monsanto or the federal government gives a crap about you? Yet it seems you don't give two flips about that thought, even trying to shoot down others' advise to stay away from it. Go back and read my first response to you. It contains both my original point and my thoughts on the GMO companies. "There's no evidence that GMO soy is any different from non-GMO in terms of nutrients or health. The only reason to stay away from GMO is because it's controlled by unethical companies." To be even more clear, my point is that when advising someone to stay away from GMO products, be specific as to why. There's no need to feed into fear-mongering about GMOs being unhealthy, but it's worth noting how awful Monsanto et al are. That way, people aren't misled and can make their own choices.
  11. Most of what we eat hasn't been specifically modified at the genetic level by corporate scientists and marketed with a patent based on such. My question STANDS. Where is the evidence that it is healthy? Oh wait... My answer isn't going to change. Those studies don't exist, and I never claimed they did. I think that concludes your own contradictory statement that there is no "evidence" that it is "bad". Not at all. The lack of evidence is not itself evidence. We don't have evidence either way in this case.
  12. I thought you weren't going to argue about GMOs. I don't know anything about that study. I just read the abstract and some summaries. The flaws are apparent from a distance. I assume that last part is sarcasm, since most of what we eat hasn't specifically been proven safe in laboratory studies. The only "study" that proves most things are safe for humans is widespread consumption over time. Unless the FDA requires specific research indicating a crop is safe, nobody's going to bother. And in most cases, including soy, the FDA considers the GM substantially similar enough to the natural that it rubber stamps the approval. That's simply not true. GMOs are legal in almost all of the EU. Britain and Spain even grow their own. Canada grows a massive amount. Most of Australia is fine with them. Poland, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden all grown some GMO crops, though not many. The EU in particular does go back and forth pretty frequently, though. Anyway, like I said, there aren't studies to show that it's safe, but I didn't claim there were. There just also aren't any proving that it's dangerous. There are definitely good reasons to avoid it and even to ban it, but they aren't health-related. A lot of people avoid it because of a nebulous fear that it's not "natural," that it's some sort of franken-crop. They're certainly free to do so, but the evidence just isn't there.
  13. No, it's not. They were breeding single, isolated groups across multiple generations without additional samples. They were increasing uniformity within the groups while decreasing diversity across. That's simply how multi-generational inbreeding works. They didn't have sufficient control over the feed, either, since by their own admission they can't be sure which components may have had an effect. Finally, nutritional research on rodents is often inapplicable to humans, as we differ quite remarkably in the way we process food. It's simply not a good study. Sounds good, buddy! Have a good one.
  14. I think that's the case here. I almost certainly overtrained on the 3-days-per-week heavy squats. Even with a lighter load on the middle day, it's still a lot of tonnage. Once per week might make more sense. Depending on what the doc says, this is what I'm leaning towards for recovery. Lower intensity to give my back a break, but still enough weight to prevent regression. This looks workable, definitely. Do you use any particular sets/reps, or just varying depending on goals? Thanks! Definitely trying to play it safe.
  15. There's no evidence that GMO soy is any different from non-GMO in terms of nutrients or health. The only reason to stay away from GMO is because it's controlled by unethical companies. That said, the only reason to stay away from soy nutritionally is if you have a sensitivity. Same thing for gluten, nuts, etc. Eat as much as you want as long as you're not having issues.
  16. Thanks! That's definitely helpful. As for the back, I'm seeing a doc next week and will avoid heavy squats until then, but I'll need a new routine once I'm healed up. This looks like it could be a good one. Thanks again!
  17. Hey all, been on sort of a modified 5x5/Texas Method for a while, and I've stopped making gains. Not only that, but my low back is feeling sore pretty much all the time. It's definitely tightness in the erector spinae, pretty close to the sacrum. My worry is that it might actually be a strain. Anyway, my squats are stuck at 300, DLs at 315, bench at 185, and overhead press at 125. Brief overview of my current routine: M - 5x5 squats, bench, and power clean All exercises building up to 5RM for the last set Assistance: Weighted situps, hyperextensions W - 4x5 squats, building up to 80% of 5RM 4x5 incline bench up to 5RM 4x5 DL up to 5RM Assistance: Situps, bicycles F - 4x5, 1x3, 1x8 squats, bench, and power clean. The triple is slightly more than the 5RM from Monday. Assistance: DB Curls, weighted dips, triceps extensions I'd like to switch to something easier on the spine, at least for the short term, but hopefully still gaining strength and pushing through this plateau. Considering upping the reps and dropping the weight, integrating overhead presses and pull ups. Any thoughts?
  18. Nothing against McDougall, as he's a great guy who helps a lot and makes some great food, but we're not babies or animals. Our bodies don't work the same way, and there's no validity in comparing their macros to ours.
  19. Giving up faux food and eating nuts, avocados, healthy fats, fresh veggies + fruit BUT STILL not eating below maintenance, is not going to lose fat. Yes it is. Best advice so far. Just want to +1 this whole thing to hopefully increase the odds this is the advice you'll use. Drop your calories 10-15%, keep everything else consistent, and check your weight every so often.
  20. The normal varieties have been fine everywhere I've been in the US as a vegan. Not sure where they would differ. This also includes the double stuf(f?), Neapolitan, dippers, minis, etc. Best just to read the label.
  21. Hey all. Back after a long hiatus and looking for some advice. I've been on a Squat/Bench/Row + Squat/Press/DL routine for a while, all 5x5 at the same weight per set (except DL at 1x5), and have hit a plateau. Looking to change things up. I'd like to stay at 3 or 4 days per week, focused on Squat/Bench/DL, but squatting 3 times/week at heavy 5x5 is killing me. Thinking about switching to a Heavy/Light/Medium rotation (or HLHM), possibly with ramping, pyramiding, or different rep counts. Maybe something along the lines of Madcow. For example: Monday Squat 5x5 ramping Bench 5x5 ramping Power Clean 5x5, ramping Wednesday Squat 5x5 at 70% OR Front Squat 5x5 ramping Press 5x5 at 70% DL 5x5 ramping Friday (very Madcow) Squat 4x5 ramping, 1x3 max, 1x8 at 80% Bench 4x5 ramping, 1x3 max, 1x8 at 80% Power Clean 4x5 ramping, 1x3 max, 1x8 at 80% However, I also need to work in some cardio, and I'd like to add auxiliary triceps and ab work. Any ideas? Thanks!
  22. It's definitely mutating. Mutated strains have been reported from almost a dozen countries. Some are more virulent, some are resistant to antivirals, and some have mutated enough that the vaccine will be ineffective. It just depends on the mutation. The vaccine will still protect you from the strains you're most likely to encounter, but this thing appears to be changing fast.
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