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  1. I've been eating a tablespoon of cocoa fat every day to increase HDL. I also get B12 shots regularly so that shouldn't be a problem. I guess I'm going to have to eat more quality raw stuff (and less nuts). D2? Was that a typo? Do you have any reliable info on Q10 (I haven't found any reliable sources)? I hardly know anything about this and it's not in the standard "vegan checklist"... Thanks for the info everybody...
  2. Yeah, I lift weights about 3 hours a week (mostly hypertrophy) and do Muay Thai and boxing about 3 hours a week. Until recently I've done a lot more but school and work has kept me awful busy. I think I'm in pretty good overall shape. I also ride a bike to get around. No walking or talking the bus/car. My diet has been pretty clean but not too much variety. I eat oats with soy milk in the morning a bag of trail mix (200gr of nuts + 200 grams raisins, I don't eat all of these though) at around 10 AM. From noon on I'll usually eat like 2 or three meals of legumes with a little veggies. (Like a garbanzo bean salad with cucumber and bell peppers or a bean burrito with corn and a little bit of veggies raw) and another bag of trail mix. Occasionally I'll eat fake meat with whole wheat noodles, but not often. I think I do well with cutting out processed crap and sweets (aka junkfood) but I have to eat a greater variety of legumes and more veggies. No, I weigh around 76 keys (or 170 US pounds) at 6 feet (or 180 cm). I'm pretty lean and somewhat muscular. Yes, see above. Yes, I take a daily pill of Vegan Society's "VEG 1" although I'll have to stop using it because it contains selenium. I also sporadically (every second day) take Solaray's Zinc Magnesium Calcium pill and get B 12 shots. I'm outdoor relatively often and definitely not a couch potato. No idea. Between 200 and 400 grams a day. I guess that's a lot. My total is at 139 (LDL is 87 and HDL is at 41). Is this supposed to add up? Does anyone know anything about Q 10. As far as I've read it's in a lot of vegan food but is destroyed by boiling or cooking.
  3. Hi everybody, my Mom (she's a doctrrr) recently did some tests to check certain blood levels and there seems to be quite a few problems... -HDL cholesterol is at 40 which my Mom says is too low (I read it's okay but since HDL is important for hormone prod. I guess I'll try to boost it) -Q 10 is at 400 (supposed to be 3 times as high) -Selenium is way too high (at 230, almost toxic) -D3, magnesium, and zinc are below requirements My question is if this is okay for vegans (since they often have different requirements) and if any of you get tested regularly or have any experiences/useful advice. Danny
  4. Am I the only one who thinks this article is satire?
  5. April 9 B/C Squats 185 (6,3,4) Side Bends 85 (2x10) Russian Twists 20 (3x10) Leg Raises (5x10) Shrugs 90 (3x10) April 13 A/B Deadlift 225 (5,7, BOR 85 (3x6) Lat Pullups (2x5) DB Curlz 45 (8,7,6) EZ Curlz 80 (8,4, Cable Tri Ext 130 (10,8, April 14 B/C Squats 185 (3x6) Side Bends 85 (3x10) Russian Twists 3x10 Leg Raises Lat Raise (25) 3x8 Shrugs 90 (10) 3x10 April 17 A/B Deadlift 245 (3,5,5) BOR 85 (3x6) DB Curl 45 (8,8,7) EZ Curl 80 (3x8) Cable Curl 2x40 (3x10) No fan of this exercise Tri DB Ext XX (10,10, Lat Pullups 3x4 April 20 B/C Squats 195 (3x5) Side Bends 90 (3x8) Rus Twi. 20 (3x10) Leg Raises 3x10 Lat Raise 25 (10,8,10) Shrugs 90 (3x10) April 22 A/B Deadlift 245 (3x5) BOR 85 (3x10) Lat Pullups (3x5) DB Curls 45 (9,8, EZ Curls 80 (9,9,6) Cab Tri Ext 130 (3x10) April 25 B/C Squats 205 (4,4,3) Side Bends 90 (3x9) RT 20 (3x10) Leg Raises Lat Raise 25 (10,10, Shrugs 90 (3x10) April 28 A BBBP 135 (4x5) ISO Incl BP 160 (5,5,4) Deadlift 245 (3x6) BOR 90 (3x4) Lat Pullups XX April 30 B DB Curls 50 (3x5) EZ Curls 90 (3x5) Cable Tri Ext. 130 (3x10) RT 20 (3x10) Sidebends 90 (2x10)
  6. Yeah, my off hand gets in my way too when doing deadlifts. I use the reverse grip (palm facing away) on this side. It works better, sometimes I still have to set the bar down early. I'm keeping a log in a million scrap papers, I just have to write it down here. Let's see what I can reconstruct. March 14/B DBMP 70 none (didn't get weights up to starting position) SMMP (Smith Machine Military Press) 130 (without bar) 5,3,6 Squats 185 (3x4) Lunges 85 (2x5) Lat Raise 20 (3x10) Shrugs (85) unknown March 16/A DBBP 70 (5,5,4) SMBP 110 (3x3) Deadlift 225 (3x5) BOR 85 (3x5) Lat Pullups 3x5 March 17/B DB Curls 40 (3x10) Para Pullups (10,10,9) EZ Tri. Extension 80 (10,8, Dips (3x10) Russian Twists 20 (3x10) Side Bends 75 (2x10) Leg Raises Mar 19/C DBMP 65 (5,4,4) SMBP 110 (3x5) Squats 185 (3x5) Lunges 85 (2x5) Lat Raise 20 (3x10) Shrugs 85 (3x10) Mar 21/A SHOULDER GOT HURT! Deadlift 225 (3x6) Lat Pullups (3x8) BOR 95 (3x6) Mar 24 DB Curl 45 (8,7,7) EZ Curl 80 (8,7,6) Triceps 80 (10) SHOULDER HURT AGAIN! ALL BENCH PRESS AND SHOULDER PRESS EXERCISES LEFT OUT! ROUTINE B SPLIT UP AND ADDED TO A AND C! Mar 31 Routine A/B Deadlift 225 (6,6,4) BOR 85 (3x5) DB Curls 45 (8,7,7) EZ Curls 80 (10,8,7) Triceps 80 (8,10,7) April 2 B/C Squats 185 (3x6) RusTw 20 (3x10) Side Bends 75 (3x10) Leg Raises Lat Raise 25 (10,7,7) Shrugs 85 (3x10) April XX A/B Deadlift 225 (3x6) BOR 85 (3x5) DB Curls 45 (9,9, EZ Curls 80 (8,9,9) Cable Tri Ext. 130 (3x10) To be continued...
  7. Hi Brada, Boy I've bee slacking at writing my progress down in here... I use DB for shrugs. I'm at 90 lbs per dumbbell now... I hurt my shoulder so that for a month now I haven't been able to bench press, shoulder press or do dips. For this reason I have split Routine B and added it to Routine A and C. March 12, B DB Curls 40 (3x10) Para Pullups (3x10) EZ Triceps Extension 80 (8,8,6) Dips (10,10,7) Russian Twists 20 (3x10) Side Bends 75 (3x10) Leg Raises 2x10
  8. German-American living in the US, grew up in Germany and going back soon. Serbian roots.
  9. Feb 16, Routine A IDBBP 60 (3x8) SMBP 110 (8,8,7) Deadlift 205 (10,10,7) T Bar Row 135 (3x10) Dips (9,9,10) Feb 17, Routine B Russian Twists 20 (3x10) Side Bends 70 (3x10) Leg Raises DB Curls 40 (10,10, Para Pullups (10,10,9) Skullcrusher 80 (8,7,7) Feb 19, Routine C DBMP 65 (3x10) Squats 155 (10,10,9) Lunges 70 (3x10) Lateral Raise 20 (3x10) Shrugs 80 (3x10) GOING HEAVY: All compounds 5 rep maximum Feb 24, Routine A ICDB 65 (3x5) SMBP 155 (3x4) Deadlift 225 (5,4,5) Bent Over Row 70 (3x5) Wide Pullups -20 (3x5) Dips (3x5) Feb 25, Routine B Russian Twists (3x10) Side Bends 75 (3x10) Leg Raises (5x10) DB Curl 40 (3x10) Para Pullups (3x10) Feb 26, Routine C DBMP 65 (9, SMMP 110 (3x5) Squats 175 (3x5) Lunges 85 (3x5) Lat Raise 20 (10,10, Shrugs 80 (3x10) Feb 28, Routine A DBBP 70 (5,3,4) ISMBP 90 (5,5,4) Deadlift 225 (5,4) BOR 75 (3x5) March 1, Routine B Skullcrusher 80 (9,9,7) Dips (7,7,5) DB Curls 40 (3x10) Para Pullups (10,8,10) Russian Twists 20 (3x10) Side Bends 75 (3x10) Leg Raises (5x10) March 7, Routine C DBMP 65 (3x10) SMMP 120 (3x5) Squats 185 (3x5) Lunges 85 (3x5) Lat Raise 20 (10,10,9) Shrugs 85 (3x10) March 10, Routine A DBBP 70 (5,4,4) SMBP 90 (3x5) Deadlift 225 (3x5) BOR 80 (3x5) Lat Pullups (3x5)
  10. Hi @ all, I got some questions about bench and shoulder press... My bench press really isn't going anywhere. I'm at a 70 pound dumbbell press now (3x5 reps), I've hardly made any progress during the last years. I used to do only the barbell variation with about 8-10 reps unsurprisingly I didn't get anywhere. I did try a lot of variations, right now I do a max of 5 reps I start with dumbbells on a flat bench and then go on to the smith machine and do incline press. I don't seem to use my triceps at all, only my chest (near the shoulders) feels sore sometimes on the next day. I was really happy about my shoulder press (I sit down leaning back very slightly) doing 3x10 reps at 65 pounds. Problem here is I can't get the 70 pound dumbbells into starting position. Just to heavy. I have similar problems with the incline bench (therefore the smith machine). I usually lay the DBs down on the floor and then snatch them up and press like hell till I'm in start position. I see guys just kick them off their thighs but this doesn't work for me. For some reason I can't nearly do that much weight when I use a barbell or the smith machine. I've seen people do a shoulder press where they turn the palms inwards and let the weight come all the way down to the shoulders. Isn't it bad for your joints to let your elbows lower than your shoulders? If not this could help me out...
  11. Hi everybody, I'm interested how much you guys/gals spend on food per month and maybe a rough overview... Do you buy a lot of organic stuff? A lot of supplements? Bars? Processed stuff? Fresh fruit/veggies? I guess I'll start with myself... I spend about $ 300 on food. I really watch have to watch my budget. I buy some organic stuff (mostly dried stuff like beans and rice) barely fresh stuff (expensive). I spend about $ 30 on protein powder (nutribiotic) and eat about 40 builder bars (which I get for $ 1 per piece). So thats 70 bucks per month on supplements and bars.
  12. Check out Ross' website. He's a fitness trainer for pro fighters, used to be a pro boxer himself. I bought his "Infinite Intensity" book and used it a lot in my work outs. Great stuff. When lifting weight do compound movements with heavy weights (3-5 reps). This should add power.
  13. Kickboxing gals rule! I used to do Kickboxing, I went from light Contact Western (I did pretty good in comps) to Thai (no elbows though). I really love the sport, since I moved to the States (I'm from Germany) I haven't been into it (for lack of money and time)... just going to the gym right now... I got a little to hung up on getting big! Every time I see pics of people kickboxing I feel sorta bad... I used to run about every second morning and work cardio like crazy, now I'm just lifting. Gotta get in shape again so I can kick ass when I come back... Don't forget that to spend most of your time doing drills to work on your technique AND your conditioning if you wanna compete! I don't think you gotta worry about muscle imbalance unless you have a history of related problems... Edit: Do you know where I can get quality non-leather sparring gloves? I used to have pregan leather Twins...
  14. Yeah, it's the routine I do between the other 2. Also some isolation biceps and triceps (which I hardly use for bench press and dips, almost all chest and shoulders for these) so I can do 3 days a row...
  15. Haha, my girlfriends name is Dani also... ever since I got together with my love I'm turning into a real pus... I mean sensitive dude... lol.
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