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  1. First of all...I am psyched to have found this board. Looks like an awesome resource! ("Troy", if you are still out there - I saw your before/after pics and am truly inspired. If that is what is possible thru vegan bodybuilding, my only question is: where do I sign up?!? Outstanding work man!) Anyway... I am very new to the concept of "vegan bodybuilding". I recently read "The China Study" and on the strength of that, have made the commitment to go vegan to the extent possible (or at least, to severely limit the amount of animal products I am taking in). I lifted weights off and on thru my teenage years and into my twenties, and now at age 37 am recommitting myself to getting back into bodybuilding. Problem is, I am at a total loss in terms of how to plan a vegan diet that will support a weight training/gaining regimen. I am a fairly extreme ectomorph (6'3" and about 175 lbs) and have historically had a hard time gaining weight under the best of circumstances... and am even more concerned about my ability to do so while staying vegan. I just bought a handful of vegan and raw food type cookbooks that were recommended to me such as "Sun Food Success System", "Raw: The Uncook Book", "RAWvolution" and "Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness"...but it doesn't look to me as though those books are really concerned with the macronutrient profiles specific to bodybuilding (especially with regard to adequate protein). I will plow thru this site as time allows... but if anyone could point me to a good "getting started" type of resource for all this stuff, I would greatly appreciate it. On top of the food questions... I am coming off some injuries and would much appreciate some pointers in terms of rehabbing shoulder (rotator cuff) and elbow (flexor tendonosis) injuries. I basically tore up my left elbow and shoulder due to overuse (aka excessive pullups) and have been severely hampered for the last couple of years. I've tried physical therapy off and on in the last few months but can't seem to work thru these injuries... and would love to hear from anyone else who has successfully dealt with either a torn rotator cuff or tendonosis of the elbow. Anyway... thanks again for a great site and I hope to become one of the "success stories" around here soon
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