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    Thank everyone for the welcome. Thanks Tuc that is encouraging. Thanks for the Food fight link Robert. That place is awesome. I wish we had cool places like that here in the bible belt. But unfortunately being vegan gets the same responses as if I were a devil worshiper. This is the land of intolerance and I have been deemed unnatural.
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    Greetings everyone. My name is Erik and I live in the Emerald Coast. Ive been a vegan for around two years and I was a vegetarian for about 3-4 months before becoming vegan. I'm not a body builder, but I am very interested into getting into shape as my life is somewhat sedentary. I started working out last year when I obtained a bowlex in barter for rewiring an attic for a friend. It was the first time I had worked out in my life, I'm 32 now, and I enjoyed it. After 4-5 weeks I exceeding the limitations of the bowflex, 250lbs rods, and joined a gym. I maintained a constant schedule of working out every other day. After a few week in the gym I was injured in a bicycle accident and suffered a posterior shoulder dislocation and fractured humerus. The humerus was fractured at a 45 degree angle across the anatomical neck. The injury was so severe that I was in a upper body brace immobilizing my left side for about 10 weeks. That injury was in November of last year. I'm just now getting my full range of motion back without too much pain and I want to start working out again. I have been disheartened about working out again after losing all the progress I had once achieved. I am now weaker than before I started working out to begin with, but I have recently begun to stretch in anticipation of returning to the weights. I listen to most all types of music but I enjoy sXe punk and vegan hip-hop the most. My myspace page has a list of some of my favorite bands. I invite you to check out my page as it tells more about me. Also if you have a page please add me as a friend. -E p.s. Anyone know a good place to order Vega. I used to order from gotbody, but after the lack of communication to the customer and unprofessional practices I am seeking another source.
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