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  1. Thanks! I now remember that I do have an old yoga dvd that I never did anymore because it was too easy. Maybe now it will be just right. I feel kind of lame for getting so far with P90X and now I can hardly do anything at all!
  2. Hey everybody! I hope you are all doing fantastic! As you may remember, I was doing the P90X and marathon training last summer/fall. I had to quit half way through because I got an attack of the Crohn's and was just fatigued ALL the time, to mention the least of my illness troubles. I still haven't gotten over it so I'm not exercising at all right now and it's pretty depressing! All that hard work has already melted back into my former couch potato body. So now that I'm here and already typing, I have to ask: does anyone know of a workout that really isn't all that stressful? I've starting taking walks about twice a week and even that is tiring, but I feel a little better about myself afterward! When I really don't do anything but sit around all day (and tell myself that I'm "resting" and "healing"), my thighs hurt like a bitch at the end of the day, so I want to do something as an extremely light workout every day. My first impulse is just a good daily stretch, and if that's all we can come up with, I'm okay with it for now. Thanks!
  3. Feel free to critique my diet if you want! I'm sure there is room for improvement. meal 1: 2 bananas (sometimes with peanut butter) orange juice meal 2: random fruit green leaf lettuce salad reduced fat dressing meal 3: tofurkey slices vegannaise & mustard light wheat bread carrots meal 4: spinach wrapped in a light tortilla unsweetened soy milk meal 5: quinoa or brown rice black or kidney beans, or lentils sometimes nutritional yeast whatever spices I feel like broccoli meal 6: sorbet sometimes or beer...occasionally. In other news, has anyone tried silk unsweetened soy milk? I think it's new...and it is by far the most delicious soy milk EVER. I could drink gallons of that stuff daily. I don't know why people think soy milk always needs all this sugar in it.
  4. Wow!! You look great! Look at least 10 years younger in your after picture...I bet you feel 10 years younger, too! Great work, man, that's impressive progress.
  5. I was put on a course of antibiotics (tetracycline) with like 6 refills by my dermatologist before I left for school once, and wasn't informed how to take them properly (every day same time, don't drink) and also don't know why I was supposed to be on them nonstop for the whole semester...but long story short, I killed my GI tract and developed severe systemic candidiasis. I talked to another (kind of hippie) doctor who put me on a zero carb diet to starve out the candida...this lasted 4 months (I wasn't veggie at the time, but went vegan the second I was allowed to have carbs again!!). It. was. ridiculous. So now I dread going to ANY doctors because I don't ever want antibiotics again.
  6. I had the impression that mono eating was more like mono-meals, so you could have variety throughout the day/week but each meal consisted of one type of food only. Seems like a better idea to me, what with the potential for more variety, but I don't know what it's meant to accomplish.
  7. I bet I could simply double everything on each day and sustain it for a while. It's just the counting that gets old
  8. I have to say I would discourage any women from trying the suggestions for the women's carb cycling days--it sounds extreme. Here are my calculations. Weight, 130 pounds. High: Carbs, 130g, or 520 calories Protein, 98g, or 392 calories Fat, >10g, or >90 calories Total: 1002 calories Moderate: Carbs, 65g, or 260 calories Protein, 130g, or 520 calories Fat, 26g, or 234 calories Total: 1014 calories Low: Carbs, 26g, or 104 calories Protein, 130g, or 520 calories Fat, 26g, or 234 calories Total: 858 calories That's very few overall calories--I would burn out within a week! I think they need to add more protein and fats for the women on moderate and low carb days, and more carbs on the high days for the women...
  9. Welcome!! This doesn't have much to do with diet or exercise, but I have to tell you: years ago I would sit on the couch in front of the TV and have that driving urge to mindlessly snack also. It put me at my heaviest weight ever in high school, which granted, still wasn't that heavy, but I wasn't happy with it, so I know exactly how you feel. What really helped me was taking up knitting and crocheting. I can do that in front of the TV (I don't pay quiiite as much attention to the tv screen, but I can still listen and that usually is enough for me). I replaced eating with knitting because it took both hands to knit so I couldn't eat while in front of the TV. I did it long enough that it became a habit and now I can sit in front of the TV without knitting AND without eating, because I disassociated TV time with snack time, you know what I mean? There isn't any more urge to snack unless I'm actually hungry, but when that happens, I don't snack in front of the TV because I don't wish to reassociate the two habits. Anyway, if knitting isn't really your thing, it's fine, but you could do something similar--find something that takes both hands and practice it in front of the TV. Good luck!!
  10. Ruz, would you recommend using mostly raw fats or have you used them to cook with also? I've heard heating oils is really what makes them bad, rather than just eating them raw. You are seriously enticing me with this whole "eat fats" thing...it's completely against everything I imagined to be right! Although I know what you mean about them being filling--I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning and I would get hungry and feel like I shouldn't be because everyone else bragged about how full oatmeal kept them, but the second I started adding a tablespoon or two of flaxseed to it, it kept me straight through to lunch!! So I understand you don't get hungry, but do you get tired during a workout, or throughout the day?
  11. Okay! I think I'll try the carb cycling if it is easier to do. I just seriously need to lose this ridiculous thigh fat!! But I might still check out the book if the carb cycling doesn't work for me. Does the fat come back quickly once you stop cycling or the UD2?
  12. I'm so sorry. Patches was well loved, I can tell. We're all here for you if you need anything.
  13. I am so jealous! I kind of want that book so I can learn how to do it properly, but I can't afford it right now, of course. Carb cycling sounds easy and hard--I could take it for a few days a week, but I would realllly miss bananas. And I'm not crazy about headaches either. Do you think it would be effective at all if I had more than 50g of carbs on my low carb days? I currently eat anywhere from 200-350g of carbs a day, so even 100g would be a significant drop.
  14. Борщ мой любимый суп!! спасибо!
  15. Thanks!! I think what feels the best is overcoming that initial lack of motivation and feeling really proud of myself for getting off my ass and actually working HARD, hahaha
  16. more fruit!! Actually, I started watching Brendan Brazier's Thrive in 30 stuff, and by far the coolest thing I have learned is how to eat before and after a workout. I just tried it this morning for the first time and it's pretty much awesome. He says: "While fruit in general is an excellent source of simple carbohydrates—the ideal fuel for short bouts of high-intensity exercise—I recommend dates for their abundant glucose. Glucose is immediately available to your liver, providing instant energy. Your body doesn’t have to break it down or convert it to a different form to use it. Glucose is the best primary fuel before or during high-intensity activity, but as a stand-alone energy source, it has the trade-off of burning quickly (it needs to be replenished every 20 minutes). "Fructose (the other major simple carbohydrate in fruit) is the slow-burning complement to its sister, glucose. Fructose kicks in slower and takes longer to burn than glucose, prolonging its effectiveness as a fuel. Agave nectar, from the blue agave cactus, consists of 90% fructose, making it an exceptional, easily digestible source of this slow release carbohydrate. Combined, dates and agave nectar are the perfect marriage of simple carbohydrates to fuel any workout." So I did that this morning before I lifted and it really kept me going, even though I woke up completely exhausted. You should definitely try it! He also says that within 45 minutes of completing your workout, you should have a snack of easily digested carbs--like fruit juice. And an hour after your snack, you should have a complete, nutrient rich meal. Good luck! Try this and see what happens for you. I have to warn you, I just chopped up 2 dates and put some agave syrup on them...and I thought my teeth were going to immediately rot and fall out of my mouth. Be warned!!
  17. Definitely working hard! I love it. I love how it feels to be in the middle of a workout and say to myself, "you can do it, look at what you're already doing, keep going!" and at the end of a workout, "look what you've already done today! you don't have to do anything else, and you've still gotten something great done!" It's almost like working out gives me an excuse to be kind of lazy for the rest of the day. But I especially love feeling stronger, faster, better. Looking great. Eating healthy (especially when I know that I could easily turn to that "I'm working hard, I can eat whatever I want!" mentality so easily). I even love being sore and tired. Shoulders, biceps and triceps workout this morning-10/12 pound weights, 10 reps per exercise. Abs for 20 minutes. Ran 4 miles in the heat and sweated buckets. Felt great, even though I'm sleep deprived and finding it hard to roll out of bed. Life is good.
  18. Okay, here's another one: I recently started a new job that goes from 5pm-11pm or 12am and I'm used to going to bed at 10 or so, but I haven't been to bed before 1am for the past week. I'm used to waking up with the sun (so about 6AM nowadays) but I keep sleeping in til around 7:30 or 8 and just waking up really tired. I finally worked out and ran today and felt really good for about 2 hours afterward, but now I'm pretty tired again. So, to get to the point, if my sleep schedule has been drastically changed, and I'm still in the exhausted phase of getting used to it, should I work out less, more, less intensely, the same? Should I eat more?
  19. haha it's kind of helpful! I used to not like them when I was younger but now I'm like, ehhh this is the most efficient way to get my emphasis right!
  20. I second this motion. I toyed with the notion of entering a pic until I actually came in here and saw the competition. I got nothing on Ruz. A++!!
  21. Do you prefer carob? I think it's okay, but whoever suggested that stuff as a replacement for chocolate was smoking something....
  22. I know, right? I would be lost without them. Utterly lost.
  23. Welcome!! You piqued my curiosity, so I had to look mine up, type A. So...there's that. But I think it can easily be changed to "Everyone flourishes on a vegetarian diet..." and just go from there.
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