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  1. Build muscle, strength, and injury reduction (knees old basketball injuries). I am maintaining 220lbs and hope once these knee aches subside I can start cardio and reduce more weight and b/f.
  2. Checking in, new to the site. I have just recently began the "Vegan Adventure" a couple of months back based on the book Eat To Live by Joel Furhman. What led me to your site? Weight lifting, body building, and basketball are my primary hobbies in addition to the top 3 (God/Wife/Family). I am in the DC area and looking forward to learning and sharing with the group. Highly interested in body building techniques (maintenance and workouts) and maintaining a high level of wellness+fitness. (PRIMARY REASON) My trainer was in the Jan edition of FLEX and is a super dude and trainer HOWEVER, doesn't know anything about body building clean/raw. I was planning on doing my first show OCT 09 but, now that I am dropping weight "like its hot" I may slide that date one year unless I can start building back up using minimal supplements. Any speaking engagements or events in the area any time soon? And there it is.
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