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  1. The concept for the calorie restriction/overload is you track your calories for a week. Find the average. Shave 1000 calories for 3 of the days in a row, then eat your average amount on the 4th day. The 3000 calories translates into a pound of fat lost, and the 4th day is to refuel your body back to normal, and hopefully your body will not start to shut down the metabolism in order to survive on the 1000 calorie deficit. And according to my research, you can only do this if your metabolism can support not gaining weight with a calorie count of over 2000 calories (otherwise you are already in metabolic shutdown mode). Mine was 2800 calories (with all my running and weight training) for my average. Thus, I go 3 days with 1800 calories, and then on the 4th day it is back up to 2800. On that note, today is back to normal calorie day. And it is Leg day! It is going to be an epic weight training today! I am going to try and keep the food choices clean so I don't go into food coma mode. . . Daiya cheezecake it is! Plus I have some sweet potatoes that need to be eaten. . . perhaps I can eat them with pineapple? Yum! Did my usual Acai berry/Carrot juice already this morning, and am off to do a casual bike ride (no strain as I have Legs today in the gym) this morning. It is a very cool morning here in Michigan today, but the sun is shining and will probably warm up by the time I get back in 2 hours. I had pancakes last time for my first meal on my first normal calorie day/calorie overload. Muffins this time?
  2. Under 150 lbs! Got in from jogging 7 miles (more like 6 miles of jogging with 1 mile of walking/texting, LOL! ), and weighed in at 149.6. And then I found myself having to go to the bathroom - I joke about being the only person who can go for an hour long (or more) morning cardio, sweat up a storm, not drink any water, and still find myself having to relieve myself of extra water when I return, and then reweighed myself at 149.4! So I am going with the 149.4! Yeah!!!
  3. Doing very well Thank-you. Nice to see you posting on here again. I hope all is well with you and your family. It is funny that you mention weekend. I am now not even in that frame of thinking anymore. I am thinking only of Calorie Overload days! or every fourth day. Speaking of which, I am on Calorie Restriction day 3, and trying to get myself going. I put some music on, played around with my stuffed Minion Stuart (made me laugh as he flew thru the air and bounced off the ceiling - kind of like a chest press with a pillow while laying on the bed), and had my 4 oz antioxidant juice - 2 oz of carrot juice and 2 oz of acai berry juice. I am also taking a Lipo6X (caffeine) to get my metabolism stimulated and to make me feel like I am flying as I jog this morning (which happens when you are very sensitive to caffeine). Delts are on the workout agenda for today. Kind of easy peasy for me to do delts, since they are not a huge prime mover group. I won't be dizzy upon standing like I do when I do Legs, or even Back lately. I saw on VeganEssentials website that Daiya is now making Key Lime Cheezecake! OMG! I want that on my Calorie Overload day! The WholeFoods around here doesn't have it in yet (they don't have the strawberry one yet - though I just get the regular NewYork Cheezecake and put strawberries all over it as they are now in season here in Michigan). I feel like I have lost half a pound last night (weigh myself after morning cardio). I woke up to go to the bathroom, and was able to go back to sleep, but could still feel a racing in my body. Metabolic overdrive. That is what I am striving for with this 3 calorie day restriction/1 calorie overload day cycle that I am currently trying out.
  4. Weigh in after cardio (only a 3 mile jog with a 2 mile walk - could feel my Legs starting to complain about how they are still in the repairing process and that the slight discomfort/little pain was my first warning): 152.0 (bf20,ww58). Thus I lost my half pound!
  5. Woke up from a sound sleep. My body hasn't started to do that metabolic thing where I wake up after only 2 hours of sleep (like I took a long nap) and is ready for action. I do however do not need as much sleep compared to the conventional 8 hours. Yesterday was suppose to be a calorie restriction day, but it was also Leg day. I was craving more calories last night and was deciding whether to give it some calories or not. I was looking around the kitchen to see if I could come up with some kind of food that would be appropriate. Decided to give it a sweet potato. It is now the next day, and my Legs are not that sore! I think I can do a light jog this morning on the trail without damaging my Legs in their repair process. So that aspect of giving it the extra calories was a good choice. I do not weigh myself till after cardio - which is yet to be done. I probably will not lose any weight yet . . . it will show up on the scale tomorrow, I wish ! Today's agenda bodypart to be worked at the gym is Chest. I am very happy with my chest so far. Still shooting for a focus on the upper pecs (is this usual for a female BBer? I just say BBer, but I will probably be in the Physique category). So inclines will be utilized for Presses and Flyes. And I throw in Barbell Pullovers to work the Serratus with Chest.
  6. I am back on LiveStrong.com for MyPlate to keep track of my calories, and am trying my own personal cycle 2 calorie restriction days/1 day of overload calorie day (Cheat day basically, but with clean foods). This is such a time consuming task when dieting. Oh well, it will keep me focused on what I need to do to get my bodyfat down. Another bummer note, my feet - pretty much where the foot comes into contact with the ground as I jog, so the ball of my foot and the toes - were starting to hurt to the point where I was going to be inconvenienced with pain WHILE jogging. So I thought about what I could do, and cutting wheat back out of my diet (the sprouted whole grain wheat bread/toast that I was having once or twice a day) was one option and so I applied it to my life. It is the fourth day now, and my feet are starting to get better. I am still jogging and biking as usual, and the only I changed was the wheat from my diet. Don't you just hate when something you love so much turns out to be a source of stimulating your immune system in a bad way, and will know that it is the cause. Argh!!!! And it is not a "I want to have this fresh out of the oven bread (that my hubby likes to make on the weekends for himself and the kids) and will exercise the extra calories off. Extra calories are not the problem. . . . Today's morning cardio was trail jogging, and I kept the feet on the gravel part today (an extra thing I can do to keep my feet healing - no asphalt today) so it was 6 miles. I was a little sluggish as I had my overload calorie day yesterday (which on a mental note - blue corn tortilla chips are not good for a food that I can have on a clean diet, I bloated up so much that it hurt to sit down and put any pressure on my abdomen). I did not gain any weight from the extra calories yesterday. So now on to calorie restriction day, and hopefully I can lose some bodyfat now that my body is not in baseline metabolism (shutting down due to limited calories ALL the time). Today at the gym is Delt and Bicep day. I am still doing a warm up weight, and medium weight to prime the movers to fire, and then one or two heavy sets to rip the muscle tissue, followed by 2 sets of light/medium weight to keep ripping the tissue (and get an awesome blood pump going). I plan to keep a journal of this journey here. Please feel free to jump in and comment.
  7. You should focus on your neck while doing any exercises. Make sure you are not tensing up neck muscles in awkward positions (chin forward, chin way up, sternomastoid over-contracting/traps creeping up) while performing your exercises. Just one wrong move could tweak the nerve and inflame it. You can also build the neck muscles up too much and pinch a nerve that way. You can do the stretch where you place your right hand over your head to the left side of your head, and as you move your head to the left side, you cradle your head with your right hand and pull to the right. Stretch your neck on the left side while fighting against your right hand. Stretch it while contracting the neck muscles. Do it before, while, and after you exercise till it feels better. http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/side-neck-stretch
  8. For me, life goes on. All the knowledge that I gained on this forum has come to fruition. I am confident in being a vegan in this world now, and just peak every once in awhile to see what everybody on the forum is posting about. And I see that it is the same issues that I had to tackle and find the answer to . . . for myself. Veganism, or the trendy plant-based nutrition lifestyle, is becoming at least known in the forward moving societies and nobody questions it with the usual facial expressions of disbelief of somebody not eating meat and actually thriving. And in the fitness world, plant-based nutrition is becoming the trend that stays as it works. It is so awesome that a plant-based nutritional lifestyle (veganism) that was once not heard of in my children's elementary school/high school, is now a healthy acceptable way of life.
  9. Stormy spring weather all this week - would I rather have the snow than all this rain? Maybe. Did Stanley the PowerMill yesterday at the gym while listening to the rain hit the ceiling/roof of the gym very loudly. Looked over some of my old posts and realized that I am still hanging around 150 lbs mark, and that was back at the end of January. . . . going to have to rethink about losing weight strategies.
  10. I had the most awesome Back workout yesterday: aka, I am sore! I think it was the Assisted Chin machine that I had not used before in this particular gym. The width of the bar to put my hands/straps on was different than the others, and it tweaked my back in ways I have not encountered before. Very nice. . . more muscles! So yesterday was Stanley the StepMill/PowerMill time with 30 minutes on level 8 (HR shot up to 160 bpm! within 5 minutes). And even though it is Leg day, I want to just get outside for a quick 5 mile trail jog. There is no snow, but it is below 20 degrees out there right now. . . why can't I just wait for it to reach 30 degrees in an hour and half? What is this urge to go NOW just after I woke up and the sun is shining (the birds have returned too, so there is alot of wooing and cooing going on this morning ). My OCD I guess.
  11. The snow is off the trail and with a new pair of shoes I am not going to let a little cold weather stand in my way of jogging this morning. Besides it will be above 20 degrees F by the time I get done - I plan to do a 10 miler today, so 2 hours of jogging (my morning cardio). I did a half marathon last weekend. It was called The Blarney Stone and it was in Pottersville, MI (south of Lansing - our state capital, and where Michigan State University is located (East Lansing). I ran the whole way (though at times slowly), and it began in a park, went thru some of the subdivisions, back to the park, then across a cornfield and out into the back country dirt roads, with a couple of detours thru the town parks. And it was cold enough that the ground was not muddy, but the sun shone all the time with no wind at all. Lovely in my opinion. Today's agenda is just Delts. They still are sore in certain places from doing them the last time - plus a hard mattress that is not forgiving when I lay on my side, but will go forward to work all those delt muscles that did recover from last time. Well, the outside is calling me (the birds are all back, especially the robins and the cranes!). Off I go!
  12. Morning jog on the snow covered icy plowed last week path of the trail - these past two days, yeah! no gym elliptical/treadmill morning cardio. Looked like a snowman running towards the end of the hour it takes for me to do 2 loops (4 miles). The snow on the ice was thick, so as long as I did not push off hard with my foot I did not slip - kind of did a marching jog though, which to me is alot more work because my stride is so short. Chest and Triceps yesterday were not happening really. I went thru my warmup weight set, my middle weight set, and did my heavy set for my first 2 superset exercises, but then I got to talking to people (yep, the jaw muscle was getting a workout yesterday - getting caught up with people's stories of their holidays, and even meeting a new person here and there). I tried to do a failure set (which to me is drop the weight and go till failure for 4 sets right in a row - going for the burn, but this time the burn was just not there - just no muscle action - like whatever creatine or ATP was gone and I just pushed it 2 inches and it would stop. No burn.) but I would stop to talk and someone would take over my machine or weight set up/bench. Delts and Legs today. Going to start out with Leg curls to work my hamstrings first really hard - the quads have been worked alot, and we have a new step mill at the gym that I did yesterday for my 10 minute warmup before I lift weights, and it killed my quads/glutes on minute 7. . so today I will let the quads take a quiet minimal workout. Forgot to weigh myself before I had my first meal. . weigh the same as yesterday with the meal in me. I don't curse at the scale anymore. . . . I just say "Meh. . . . " in my head now, along with whatever!!!! I am still working it just the same.
  13. Nothing interesting in the Back and Bicep routine I did yesterday at the gym, nor the elliptical morning cardio. I have been keeping my diet in check and still no weight loss. I can't believe I have already reached a plateau on the third week? Has my body adjusted so much so that it is now able to do all my exercising on such a low amount of calories? And really I have been cycling my calories as I seem to binge at least once a week. I am frustrated over the non weight loss fact, but my abs are getting harder and flatter, so that keeps me happy. I can not believe that working out with medium weights and high volume low weight drop sets are increasing my muscle mass. . . . cause that would be crazy Good! I really should get body calipers to measure my bodyfat, and then know for sure that it is going down. Right now it is all just observation in the mirror . . . which for a competitive bodybuilder that is all that is really important. . it isn't what the scale says, it is what the mirror says. LOL.
  14. Morning jog outside once again (went yesterday morning for 6 miles, while today only 5 miles)! and now it is going to be even warmer tomorrow. . . but I had Delts and Legs on the agenda for the gym and I did up to a heavy weight set, and just a few drop sets. . which still made my muscles scream "No I won't do it!", while the mind kept saying, "21, 22, 23, come on 2 more, 24, come on just one more - and lets make it a full rep!" Now it is over 32 (0 degrees C), and I am going to want to jog on the trail tomorrow. . . I will have to see how my legs are feeling in the morning. Diet kept in check yesterday and today. . .so far. It is getting easier and easier to not want to eat pasta or bread. I am still eating an apple or frozen blueberries in my cream of rice/buckwheat for breakfast, as my only fruit . . well plus the carrot juice and acai berry juice (combined 4 oz a day - 2 oz in the morning before morning cardio, and 2 oz in my workout water drink). Now if the weight scale will go down - which it has so far after my binge of bread on Wednesday (3 days ago). I also noted that after I binge, the lady in the gym's office always seems to notice as I puff way up and look really full and muscular she says. Bread does seem to make me hold water. When my bodyfat gets low and I look dehydrated, I want to experiment with bread and see if it holds the water in the muscle, or spills over into everywhere else making me look flat/fat.
  15. Wow a whole week has gone by and I haven't posted. Ooops. I guess when I have to go to the gym to do morning cardio (repeat of elliptical for 30 minutes/treadmill walk for 30 minutes) and then just going thru the motions of using my muscles just to maintain, posting my workouts gets pretty boring and I am not much excited about it. Losing the bodyfat is not going as fast as I would like it to - the hunger pains (well really just wanting to eat something fat laden or fried lately) should mean a loss of bodyfat. This is actual bodyfat that I am losing now, and not the easy water weight, so I have to be patient and keep on track. I am obsessing over the smell of my sweat to make sure it doesn't smell like ammonia (using protein as an energy source has ammonia as a by-product that the body gets rid of really fast thru the skin as it is toxic). 2 oz of carrot juice with 2 oz of acai berry juice in the morning before I go out for an hour plus long cardio (low bpm) I hope this helps to switch to using my bodyfat instead of my protein in my muscles to fuel my cardio workout. Thought I smelled a hint of it today as I did 6 miles on my snowy trail run (over an hour long), but it could just be my imagination running away with my obsession.
  16. Sunday weigh in: 153.4 lbs. Did not reach my goal of 150, that was then modified to even 152, but overall an (almost) 2 lbs loss for the week (155.2 last sunday). It is also the lowest I have been since beginning my quest for lower bodyfat (which can translate into weight loss, and at this stage probably, but later on it could muscle mass loss). It was nice enough this morning to go out trail jogging! And whoever plowed a 4 ft path on the part of the trail that is 1 mile in length - thank you! I just did 2 loops for a total of 4 miles this morning (as I did Legs yesterday, but not really hard, and they were just a little sore in weird places - I put on a heating pad this morning to warm the sore muscles up and I was good to go - I also have stretch polar fleece compression tights so I was warm and it helped the muscles to be used but not abused - I also put on my bike shorts (being 18 degrees, just below my sanctioned 20 degree mark for jogging outside) and my thighs were not red when I got back home (an hour later)). Today's agenda was Back and Biceps. I pushed it on the Back, but did the light weight with many reps/5 sets of 25 for the Biceps. I also used the very wide wide bar for the lat pulldowns and concentrated on squeezing my tiny lats right under my underarm. Trying to increase my wingspan, but now that I am restricting my calories I will be surprised if that is possible.
  17. So far a whole week of morning cardio at the gym. I did sleep in late one day, and was tempted to skip it, but it was a usual winter day that was so cold and grey including even howling wind, that I knew I was going to feel trapped in the house and feel miserable, so I was late getting there by 9 AM, and had to do the dreaded stepper as all the revolutionites were on the treadmills and ellipticals, and the trainer was screaming from the spin bike room indicating he was well into his class. I finished my week of 5 sets of 25 reps supersets between 2 bodyparts at a workout session. Muscle endurance is not my favorite. Today was just Delts and I blasted them up to a heavy weight (120 lbs for the Smith Rack Military Press with the barbell), but I used all 10lbs plates and then did a drop descending weight set after doing the heaviest set for 6 to 8 reps. I was crying and cursing as the single 10lbs on each side (20lbs plus the weight of the barbell) were burning past rep 10! I had to use my breath to get to 20, and then single push up with a pause at the body (one breath to curse with) and making faces to push it up for the last 5 reps. Sheesh. Anyways, I got to do my heavy set which I love to push myself to the limit with, and then I did the drop sets to strip the bodyfat off. . hopefully. I prefer to do just morning cardio to jump start my metabolism and get my blood moving thru out the day, measure and be smart about what I put into my body for fuel, and then lift heavy, all the while I magically get ripped as my bodyfat goes down, down, down. Gave in twice this week so far: 2 pieces of sprouted wheat bread toast with EB butterytaste spread, and a small glass of OJ to wash it down. Gained 2 lbs the next weigh-in, and took me 2 days to work it off. . .ARgh. . working on the will power thing. Bought a bag of romaine with carrot shreds, red cabbage, and radicchio salad to just eat out of the bag. Also straight up popped popcorn with just salt and no oil or EB. . . and big glass of water to help me get thru the night time ( 8 o'clock time really- ate meal #5/dinner at 6, waiting for the 9/10 last protein shake before bed). I am also limiting my amount of sugar pea pods to half or third of a bag at a time, though one day I did polish a whole bag as I was waiting for the rice to get down for dinner. . I used it as my veggie for the meal, I just had the Gardein beefless burger (with two dill pickle sandwich slicers) and the brown rice. So tired to night. It has been a great week, though I still have one more day to keep working to my Sunday goal of 150, which may be modified to 152 - and will be happy with just a 2 lbs loss for the week. Hiccups now? Yeah. . .
  18. Delts were not hindered, and they did the 5 sets of 25 reps just fine. And I did Legs pretty easily too - or so I thought because at night they were talking to me as I went to bed. . . mmmm. . I guess doing high volume does some damage to the muscle fibers (building the slow twitch fibers instead of the fast twitch, or red vs. white muscle fibers probably). Morning cardio was at the gym, as it was 3 degrees F outside. Did the 5K on the elliptical at level 4 (due to doing legs yesterday, otherwise I would put it up to 6 or 8 ) but did not make it at the 30 minute mark (went for 34 minutes instead - I am more of a marked distance type of person than just 30 minutes and that is all the time I will do). Hopped on the treadmill and did another 30 minutes of walking fast at 3.5 mph (swished my arms and worked my core at the same time as walking - and maybe did a couple of dance moves as I was listening to the top EDM songs of 2014). Weigh-in after morning cardio was 154.8 lbs - so still going down at least - even with my new secret weapon of keeping muscle mass while dieting (the 3AM protein powder with straight hot water drink). I could feel the effect of restriction on food calories and added cardio today - evident by the not making the 5K mark in 30 minutes.
  19. Trail jog yesterday in the morning as the snow was beginning to fly down. Yes, I felt like a snowman by the time I got back in little over half an hour - 3 mile short jog. Luckily it was a forced day off (after 3 days of lifting with heavy volume, the trainer in me said to back off and recover - and get ready to do another 3 days of lifting with heavy volume and hopefully less rest time in between) as the weather turned into sleet and ice. Today I headed to the gym to do 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes fast walking on the treadmill at 3.5 to 4.0 mph - due to the weather still being nasty for trail jogging. Weigh-in was 155.2 lbs. So a loss of just over 6 lbs this week. My goal was 154.0, and maybe I would have made it if I had a morning BM, but it was a no go this morning. . . Goal for next Sunday's weigh-in is 150. Agenda for the gym this afternoon is once again Delts and Legs. Legs are feeling not sore today - even after this morning's cardio session. Front top pecs and parts of the trap are still sore, so Delts may be hindered by those as they are important in stabilizing many Delt exercises.
  20. from my personal experience: when switching from one type of diet to another, the bacteria in the Gi tract are also affected. It may be that you have bacteria that are in over abundance for one type of food, and will produce alot of gas that is not absorb in the lower intestines/large intestines, and thus gas is profusely/more than usually produced. Your wife's fermented drinks may be introducing external bacteria into the GI tract, which can upset the local bacteria (especially now when they are trying to re-establish in your GI tract based on the amount and types of food you are now eating). Stick to a routine of foods, and hopefully your GI tract can re-establish a foundation of bacteria types. Bloating can be a different reason. You can still have mild sensitivities to plant based foods. Your body can still use its immune system to surround the biochemical food stuff (such as gluten, or cornstarch, etc.) with water and lymph to try and safely excrete it out of the body (as a rash thru the skin, or thru the GI tract's excrement system). Eliminate the certain food for a week or two, introduce it back into your body, and observe your body's reaction. This way you can find the foods that you might be sensitive too.
  21. Last night I had the metabolic thing going where you wake up all geared up and no where to go. I got up, drank some water, let out some water, and got back into bed. My mind was all in sleep mode, but the body was wanting to get up and do cardio, or lift weights, or even yoga. I did a few stretching poses while lying on my back, but then I puffed up my pillow and told myself to go to sleep, and I did! Fast forward to morning, and now the aches have settled in, and my mind said stretching poses, and my body complained. . argh! Wish they would be in sync ALL the time! Off for a trail jog again this morning (28 degrees F and no wind), and this time I did the 3 mile loop twice. The question of the morning in my thoughts was: why do I like to run on the frozen gravelly part of the path and not the asphalt? The gravelly part is just as hard as the asphalt since it is frozen, but it still has the crunch of the top layer of stones, while there is nothing on the asphalt but a solid thud as my shoe hits it. How can a little bit of stones cushion my shoe as it thuds on the gravel? Plus on mile 5+, my right foot started to hurt - right under the ball part- so maybe the little frozen ruts from footprints and bicycle tires are affecting my foot (thought it would be my ankle, but maybe at this stage it is the bottom of my feet as the ruts are only centimeters thick). OR it is just the length of time of jogging, as the ball of my right foot usually hurts on mile 4+ when I do the 5 mile loop that has the asphalt at the last 2 miles. Whatever, I had to stop and walk for 10 minutes, and then I finished up the jog without hurt feet (so the pain goes away after a couple of minutes of backing off from the jogging). Yesterday at the gym was Back and Biceps, doing it in the 5 sets of 25 reps at a weight that is usually my warm up weight. My body is not use to muscular endurance. I cursed as I finished up my 3rd set of assisted pull-ups (I added yoga blocks to the knee pad, so that I could go an extra 3 inches at the top to almost put my elbows right into the side of my waist and squeeze the lats hard), and cried thru the next 2 sets. Thank goodness I had a break from my lats as I was supersetting with dumbbell hammer curls. I would pick a back exercise and superset it with a bicep exercise. I did 4 pairs of those. It was over an hour workout session. I tried not to rest in between too much, but I am use to 5 minute rests between heavy sets. . . I will get faster I hope. The next day my muscle bellies are not sore, but all of my joints and ligaments/tendons are very sore. Today's agenda is Chest with Triceps, and then I will have finished up my whole body in just 3 days. I haven't decided to have a rest day (feels funny to rest when my muscles are not sore, but my ligaments are. . .), but I will decide that tomorrow. Weight still going down: 155.4 lbs. today.
  22. So I went on a trail jog that 14 degree F morning, and spent the rest of the day napping, taking hot showers, and all around not feeling good - so no working out. So, lesson learned. No jogging on the trail if under 20 degrees F, with no wind blowing - otherwise I will be spending the day trying to recoup the damage. VeganBeast has already committed to losing bodyfat but keeping muscle mass. I cut out all wheat (1 slice of sprouted wheat bread yesterday because I ran out of rice, and needed some carbs fast for my weightlifting workout), and I went from 161.2 on Sunday, to an official 157.0 today on the scale. So 4 lbs of water weight so far. Given that, now with the cutting of calories and upping the cardio, and even upping the cardio aspect of weightlifting with supersets and dropsets, this is where the real bodyfat weight comes off. -Do you ever know what to do when somebody starts a diet and they say "Wow! I have lost 4 lbs already!" They are so excited. I know it is easy for me to lose 2lbs after a BM and doing an hour of cardio in the morning, and I do not get excited because I know what it is I lost in weight. And then how do you start a conversation about nutrient dense foods, exercising correctly, sleeping soundly for recovery, and all in all a way of living, to a normal person you meet? Let alone the look on their face when you say you do all of this plant-based (I try not to say a negative comment with the words "no animals and no animal products"). - Yesterday I did supersets of Delts with Legs, and I did 5 sets of either a weight that was in the 12-15 rep range, or in the 25 to 25+ rep range (Legs and shoulders on the last light weight of a drop set was till failure, and if it was getting to be close to 50 reps, I would slow it down or speed it up till failure came faster ). Today I did not go out for a trail jog as it was windy and 18 degrees F (if there was no wind and the sun was out, then I would have been tempted to go), so I headed to the gym and did the Elliptical for 30 minutes at level 4 (Legs still need to recover from yesterday, so I kept it light but still controllable), and 30 minutes on a spin bike with the resistance pretty low - I like to do this as it keeps the legs moving and thus utilizing bodyfat for fuel, but I like how I have to sit up by using my core muscles. So I do mini isometric contractions while maybe twisting for the obliques to work out also. Again to remind myself that I can not do abs with weights because my ab muscles hypertrophy fairly easily and I will look like a tree trunk. Just want a nice small flat chiseled six pack (and the veins that look like a tree growing across my rectus abdominis!)
  23. the computer says 14 degrees F, my home thermometer says 12 degrees F. No wind, and there is sunshine trickling in thru the horizontal clouds. . . mmmmmmm. Trail jog this morning? Going to try. If only I had a balacava, then my nose wouldn't get so cold. . hahahaha, still a hat with a hoodie with it pulled tight and tied in a bow, so only my eyes and nose are visible. . .
  24. Jogged in the rain this morning on the 3 mile loop of the trail. Still had alot of energy to push the weights with my Legs today. Pushed out 10 short ROM reps on the Sumo Squat/Power Squat. My legs and glutes can handle the weight, but I have to be so careful with my lower back-keep my core tight and not let it go during the movement of the exercise. Otherwise I will be saying, again, somehow I tweaked my lower back and now it hurts. . right now it is sore, but that is because I did drop sets after doing the 320lbs heavy set. I also did Leg Extensions with drop sets, and on the last set of 25 reps with only 30lbs on the machine, I could actually feel my muscle go hard under my skin. I was done after that. So only 2 exercises today, but I trashed the muscle with each drop set I did after I worked up to my heaviest set. Yesterday I weighed in at 161.2, and after cutting out wheat, I was 160.6 today - water weight.
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