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  1. July 4th today. Started out trying out my new bike on a 25 mile trail loop that I usually do with a couple extra miles added for fun. I liked it alot! I have a bike called a 29er, and it went right over the soil eroded intersection at Curtis Rd without a problem. I took my time biking as my biking partner is still out for the whole week (on rest and corticosteriods to heal up his ripped tendon attached to the heel). I plan to do some tanning and Legs at the gym today. Favorite song of the morning was this one:
  2. Took yesterday off due to female stuff (so annoying!). Another reason why I would like to get my bodyfat way way down - make that go away. Today I did not do morning cardio either. Slept in till mid-morning, because my body wanted too (plus I was up every 2 hours that night). With a little help from ibprofen, I was able to go to the gym this afternoon and do Delts (little core tightening, but not too much to bother my lower abdominal region too much). I also was able to push the weights back to where I left off last time (90lbs on the Smith Press machine doing Military Shoulder Press for 10 reps). Downing my protein shake made with Rice Milk right now, and then I will finish off my Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Cookie Dough) pint for my extra carb calories after working out so hard. Thinking about doing either some yoga tonight or swimming in our lake (if I can take the seaweed tickling my legs as I swim overhead of their leaves that are reaching for the sunlight and able to grow to that height due to the neighbor's fertilizer runoff. . . sigh).
  3. Siren went off during last night. Got up and open up the laptop to find out we had a thunderstorm warning. OK. I already had checked the lawn and the deck before I went to bed and was ready for the 70 mph winds and 1/4 inch hail. . . 2 loud firecracker proud thunders and several minutes of rain, with a 5 minute light show of lightening. Was not impressed by this thunderstorm when it finally reached my town. All I know now, is that it is a cool 60 something F degrees outside and am loving it (baking muffins as I post this, as I can feel good about turning on the oven when the AC is off). My morning is slowly getting away from me from doing early morning cardio. A bike ride is on the agenda for today. I get to find out all the downed trees and shrubbery along the trail from the storm last night. If it stays nice and cool, with a breeze too!, then it won't be bad to be heading out so late. Now do I eat my muffin before? or shall I leave it for when I get back? . . .Cinnamon Apple Almond slivers with carrot slivers muffins are smelling up the whole house! Plus I was lazy and did not wash my bike shorts till this morning, and they are going around in the dryer. . . maybe just one before I leave.
  4. No tanning. Had a nice downpour in the afternoon. I stood in the garage and listened to it come down softly at first, and then ending in a loud cacophony of noises. So cooling afterwards. . . Back workout was awesome. I was doing OK with the weights, not quite back up to where I was, but close. Hot weather this morning. Jogging is on the agenda, but am considering biking instead. I am going to try jogging first, but if I get to sweaty and overheated, then I will head back home and do some biking. I am suppose to get a new bike today. My biking partner has a 29er, and after seeing him go over the soil eroded interesection with ease, I decided I wanted one of those too. It is suppose to come today in the mail (ordered it from bikesdirect.com). I wonder if I will be able to out pedal him on the trails. After Back is Biceps for my workout today in the afternoon. A massage is on the agenda for tonight. I am going to go to one of those franchise places. I wonder if I will get reprimanded by their masseuse also - my usual bodyworker is married and has moved away. She received a good workout just trying to get the knots out of my quads. Fun day.
  5. Easy day so far with a 25 mile bike ride with my partner. Pushed it faster today, especially up the sloping incline - my glutes were a screaming! Going to be a hot and humid day in Michigan again (yesterday was dripping wet) with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon to possibly cool us down for the evening! Yesterday was Triceps, and did 3 exercises for those: Rope Pressdown, Overhead Rope Tricep Extension (with the starting point at waist height behind me instead of up over the head), and Assisted Dips. I was able to do what I usually do with those exercises weight wise, except no bodyweight on the Dips yet. Today is Back. Must remember to bring my VersaGripps with me this time so I can pull that heavy weight without my hand grip stopping me. Should also tan today, but it is so hot already. Maybe later on, after the thunderstorms pass by. . . .
  6. Been busy with life. Still working out strong, and upping my jogging/running to 10-12 miles every other day. The other every other day is biking, which use to be a casual stroll along the trail, but now I have a biking partner, and has upped my intensity just to keep up! Today I switched my workout time to 2 PM (going to get it to be around 1 PM tomorrow) instead of my routine of 8 PM to 10 PM (which usually ends up being 11 PM, and then a trip to the store afterwards (errands), which lands me back at home just before midnight, and am still up after ingesting my protein shake with loads of carbs) which leaves me little time for sleep as I wake up with the sun at 6 AM for cardio! It is almost 10 PM now and am very sleepy! Yeah! I think the turning point came when I wanted to just sleep for an hour (4 to 5 PM and then get up and make dinner for the family), but I came down the stairs to them finishing up dinner at 6:30 PM! Oops! Time to change it up. Chest was today. I did 3 exercises - Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press, Pec Dec Machine Flyes with the seat down (hands coming together in front of my chin), and a perpendicular/vertical grip on the StarTrac Chest Press Machine. These are my favorite blast at the weight exercises. I have a tweak in my left shoulder/neck area, but I found if I hold my head up high and turn it either towards or away from the left tweaked side, the tweak goes away. I also keep my shoulder blades flat and together and use that as my base to push up into the seat of the machine as I lift the weights (counterbalance of forces). I had a pump going on with the second exercise (peck dec flyes) at the heaviest weight (120lbs) and it felt wonderful. Tomorrow is jogging morning, and I usually go on the Paint Creek Trail, starting in Lake Orion and going to Rochester/Tienken intersection - a nice 12+ mile jog. I hope it stays cool in the morning as it has all week. Been increasing my calories to include some sweets lately. Chicago Diner's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is awesome! And 365 brand Aloe Vera juice is good too. Well time to sleep and recover! Neighbors are doing fireworks, and I turned off the AC to open up the windows as it is cooler outside than inside (even with the AC, and the humidity is down). Great, I love going to bed with booms, bangs, and whistles! Unfortunately my eyes will be closed, so I won't enjoy the pretty colors! LOL!
  7. I would answer yes to this question. And the increase in protein should be an all around protein intake, with food. Why I say this, is that you can not really increase muscle mass just by increasing the amino acids. When you train, you are ripping muscle cells (depending on the intensity of training) if you push the weights past your comfort zone and hurt the next day kind of training. And the most important thing is repair/recovery. So you supply ample digested amino acids into the blood stream, but you will need vitamins -and cofactors to help the repair enzymes work - this is where all the other nutrients in food can help out. Plus when you rip your muscle cells and release the cells stuff inside, your body can recycle it for the repairs - you will only need just a little bit more of everything to repair the muscle cell which will grow in size to repair and make the cell ready to take on more stress. How much more? depends on how well you recycle and what nutrients are available at the time of your own repair. That is why I said get a good basic foundation of what you need to keep growing. Then when you stall/plateau, then increase something in food (tofu, quinoa, or tempeh - they all have varying amounts of amino acid ratios) and see how your body responds. Now, if you are working out, and not pushing, and going for endurance, then you are only using the muscle and repair is easy to do and your body can recycle most of it to repair. Fuel is then important for this kind of training. Sleep is also a requirement for release of growth hormone, which is awesome for repair/recovery. My massage therapist also tells me that massage is good for releasing growth hormone.
  8. IMO you need to first get the basics under control first. Learn how your body response to just food. I would not even do protein powder at this point. You need to get a good foundation built - eating is most important. Supplementation of essential aminos will just keep your body off balance as you learn and what and when to eat a vegan nutritional lifestyle. I would just see what protein based foods your body can use easily: tofu, wheat gluten/seiten, beans, spirulina/bluegreen algae, etc. And the same for carbs and fats. Try to keep them unprocessed as possible, for fresh nutritients that can be used quickly by the body - for working out and recovery. When you get to know your body well, then try to use protein powders that work for your body (like for me, I do not take in Hemp protein powder - I see it passing right thru me - thus my body doesn't need it in my protein powder). Also introduce the protein powder a little at a time, so you can see how it works, and the body can respond to it slowly (too much protein can be bad for your kidneys in the long run). I use some supplementation, but I have been doing weightlifting for a long time and know when I need something and when I don't. Find out what works for your body. Try to be clean before introducing something into your body to figure out if it is for you.
  9. Ab exercises will help tighten it up: when you sit down you probably allow your muscles to relax. You can get to a point where your abs are being tightened, even when sitting down. You can do crunches, but I would just suggest tightening your ab muscles, and keeping them tightened as you sit down and get back up again (like doing squats/chair pose in yoga).
  10. Good morning! Another cool and sunny morning. Today I think I am going to do some biking. On my to do list is tanning and Back workout tonight. My diet is going to be tight for today - no extra calories yet. Last nights workout of Triceps was easy, and it was the first time since getting back to Michigan that I wrote down what I did and what the poundages was for each exercise I did. Last week, I just went and lifting according to what I FELT like doing. Now I have written down what I did last time, and can look at it and push myself to do more (either in reps or in weight) in the next workout.
  11. Today was an awesome morning. Took me forever to do the usual 10 mile double loop for my morning cardio jog. I stopped jogging to walk and talk with Stan and his dog George, he too just got back to Michigan because he lives in San Diego but he had to evacuate his home because of the forest fires there. Wow! We compared disaster stories between the tornadoes in Michigan and the Earthquakes and fires in California (when I lived in California, I witnessed 2 earthquakes and countless brush fires along the freeways, I have only gone thru blizzards and hail/severe thunderstorms in Michigan - no tornado . . luckily!). And I had to wait in line at the portapotty located on the trail's parking lot! The leaves on the trees are not fully out yet, so I waited. . . lol. Today is an easy day at the gym: Triceps. Last night's bodypart was Chest. I was not fully into it last night. The night before's Leg Day was still draining me - wasn't really that sore, but I could feel a deep drain of energy gone. Hopefully today I can recoup. New thing today that I saw was that VeganEssentials.com was showing a new item by Gardein called Fish fillets! I laughed because I really did not like breaded fish sticks as a kid even. Wonder what these might be like? And I guess you could put algae in the gluten to get a fish taste - not my preference though. Though I remember loving tartar sauce!
  12. OK, I love these kind of discussions. I just went to PubMed and found this article that totes the aspect of leucine supplementation. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24327520 Leucine improves protein nutritional status and regulates hepatic lipid metabolism in calorie-restricted rats. Pedroso JA1, Nishimura LS, de Matos-Neto EM, Donato J Jr, Tirapegui J. After taking an embryology class and finding out how different we are from rats/mice/rodents, I do not take it too seriously about the outcome of obese rats going on a caloric restriction diet and preserving muscle mass during their large weight loss. And so they make a generalized statement: "These results indicate that increased leucine intake may be useful in preventing excessive protein waste in conditions of large weight loss". ?Can this be comparable to a human who exercises alot (assumed not obese), is going from a diet focused on muscle mass gains to a diet to get the bodyfat down (manipulating nutritional macros), all the while preserving the hard earned muscle mass?? IMO: you really need to look at the details of the experiment to get at the truth of the hypothesis, and at what perspective is the answer coming from. mTor is such a big buzzword in the research field. I glanced over the two papers, and saw nothing specific on connecting leucine with ageing. There are too many other factors to consider to make such a broad generalized statement.
  13. Back in Michigan for the summer. So far, I have jogged on the Polly Ann Trail (double loop from Indianwood to Burdick - 10 mile flat with slight incline/decline), and I just got back from my first bike on the Polly Ann Trail to the Lapeer County line (22 miles). I noticed that biking on my son's mountain bike really targeted my glutes (the lower half) and around my knees. Did not get all sweaty like I do when I run, so my heart rate is probably kept low during the biking - have to try to go faster if my knees can take it - I babied the knees today, not wanting to hurt myself on my first day. Going to be 70 degreee F today. Time to start tanning probably. Trying to balance getting a nice color, getting my Vitamin D, and not getting any more skin discolorations (between freckles and moles, and the dreaded age spots - which I do not think I have . . . yet), it is going to be interesting how I will be able to do it. Today is Delt day. I am working out at night (8 PM to 9:30 PM) and it hard to get motivated that late at night. It is going to have to be a commitment thing. I know once I get there, I can do a good workout, BUT it is just getting my arse in the car and driving the 5 minutes to get there. .
  14. Need to match it against your workout routine. Can you state your workouts (cardio, weightlifting, classes) and when you eat these meals?
  15. Snuck out early because today is the mini Indy marathon, and it goes around the campus for abit. I was able to do my usual 10+ mile jog along the White River Greenway and back before the first runners get close to campus. Nice day for a massive 30,000+ runners/walkers - plenty of sunshine and just a little bit cool at 50 degrees something Fahrenheit. Just got done having my green smoothie, shower up, and then I will try to study for my last exam while there is so much music blasting outside, not to mention the helicopter coverage for this thing as they are hovering right outside the apartments. Wonder how many people will be in the city when I go to the gym today? I was going to say how nice it is that the city will be filled with runners, but this is Indy! I see runners at all hours, and if it isn't a runner, then it is a cyclist! Definitely an exercise loving city! And with a vegan bakery, several vegan option restaurants, and several vegan/vegetarian societies, it is a decent place for a vegan.
  16. I had an easy jog this morning. I stopped at the market and got my power greens, bananas, peanut butter, and annie's green godess. I studied for awhile, and after having a green smoothie (banana, protein powder, rice milk, and power greens blended up in a Vitamix), studied some more (one more exam to go). For lunch I had the usual: 2 vegan morningstar roasted garlic quinoa burger, frozen broccoli, brown rice, and pasta sauce - all heated up in the microwave. It has been an hour, so now I am off to go to the gym. Workout today is centered on delts, with some legs perhaps put in. I am toying around with the idea of doing 2 bodyparts per workout, and more on not pushing the weights so much, but using and maturing the muscle that I do have (making it look pretty instead of bulky).
  17. Yesterday was awesome. I wanted to go to the vegan bakery that had a big selection of vegan (and gluten-free) cupcakes, so my morning run consisted to running the 6.5 miles to get there. Picking out 3 jumbo cupcakes and one small apple pie to eat right there! They have done a good job of mixing up the gluten-free flours that I personally know of - but could still feel the texture of the rice flour. I also bought a cute tshirt, and had the rest put into a pretty pink box and put into a long white bag. And yeap, I jogged back along the trail 6.5 miles back with a bag on one arm, and kept switching arms on the way back. It was hilarious along this one stretch of the trail where there is a golf course on the other side and the wind always blows really strong there. I did my best to keep the cupcakes from getting too jostled! And I spent the whole day eating those 3 cupcakes: Happy Birthday Chocolate, Lemon with blueberry, and an almond flavored one called "Ball and Chain". After eating them (all delicious for being vegan and gluten-free!), I have an idea of a cupcake that has layers. With a cupcake you have this big mound of cake, and a big mound of frosting on the top. Even with carefully placement of a bite, you either get a big chunk of cake or frosting, but it tastes the best when you have them intertwined and the tongue can feel the smoothness of frosting mixed in with the rough texture of cake. Going to have to think of an easy way to layer (not taking a cupcake and cutting it into layers and frosting between each). Wonder if the cheesecake recipe can be layered in with the cake , and baked all together. It should add a layer of smoothness amongst the cake Anyways, the 13 miles yesterday made me really sore in the legs all day. Did not go to the gym because of that. Had 2 protein shakes thru out the day to help with recovery. Seems to have worked as it is the next day, and I am off to go for a short 7 mile jog this morning. I am going to take the Market route into town, and get power greens, bananas, and peanut butter for today's eating meals. Good morning so far. I like to heat up some water (no tea -stains the teeth and I do not need any medicinal help this morning), drink it, and within 10 minutes or so, I can empty my colon. Now I can jog light as a feather! LOL! Have to see how cold it is - Spring is weird in Indy. It is for the most part warm during the day, but at dawn when I like to jog it is usually 40 to 50 at the beginning, and then sometimes hot after an hour or so of jogging - that is why I wear layers while I jog. Off I go!
  18. That looks awesome! Lettuce, broccoli, mango, strawberries or is that red pepper?, some kind of onion/leek, mushrooms?
  19. Oh yeah, after my workout I headed to the Market again for Ezekiel bread, brown rice, cans of beans, diced tomatoes, and frozen broccoli, I headed to The Flying Cupcake Bakery on Massachusetts Avenue for a vegan vanilla cupcake (actually bought 2 of them and yes I ate both of them tonight - mental note, do not say you are just going to eat one tonight and the other one is for tomorrow - wrong! Not when they are that good!). They only have one vegan flavor a day at that location. But at their Raw Bakery location I could have a vast array to choose from! http://www.theflyingcupcakebakery.com/tfc-raw Saw that if I go just 2 more miles I could go to the Raw Bakery one on Illinois Street (7 1/2 miles away - 15 mile total - Mmm, is it worth it? Of course I can not jog home with cupcakes. I will have to eat them there! Cupcakes in the morning - for breakfast? Oops, they don't open till 10 AM. I am usually home by then as I take off early LOL!).
  20. Today was a warm day. I had a 9 AM lecture, so I took off at 6:45 AM and just jogged around the town of Indianapolis on the Cultural Heritage Trail (7 Mile lap around the town), with a pit stop at Marsh market to get power greens, grapefruit, pea pods, baby carrots, and dang heavy Rice Milk! But I crammed it all into my sport back pack, and just hugged the straps with my hands to pull it in close and not let it bounce on my back as I jogged. And enjoyed my green power smoothie for breakfast afterwards. Took off at 1 PM for the gym to do Biceps. It was a new page in the workout book for me to do Biceps. I like to switch up the exercises every 4th time doing the exercise (going up in weight for that particular exercise, and then back down when doing a new one). I went back to the EZ bar curl (instead of a wide bar cable curl), did Rope Hammer Cable Curls - while standing on the Bosu Ball! I was able to look in the mirror as I did them and saw the fullness of my Biceps as I did this Rope Hammer curl as I was pulling the rope up and trying not to let it come together at the end which is what it wanted to do. Also my elbows were so in close to my body as I curled up. Different angle for the bicep muscles to work at. I ended with the usual single "BI" cable curl on the track system. I did them slowly and contracted at the peak and held it for awhile before allowing it to go back down (as oppose to just "doing" it like I did before - work it alittle more). My arms were hurting as I finished up the last set. Good workout.
  21. Today it is back down to the high 30's for my morning run. At least it is not raining like yesterday's run (which by the way was 2 1/2 hours long - thus it had to be around a half marathon mark in mileage). Things are not going the way I planned them to go, here in Indy/IUPUI. So I guess I take my frustrations out on the road and let the endorphins go wild. LOL. All I know is that I weighed myself when I got back and it was 138.8! under 140! I haven't been that low for over 10 years now. And the abs are just starting to come out, but the delts are starting to define themselves nicely. Today my lower back is talking to me before I go out for the jog. I did do Back yesterday, so I must have done something right in pushing myself there. The Chest still hurts in the sternum area (working exclusively on getting my pec cleavage up to par), which was 3 days ago, but it hurt alot more yesterday. The diet has made snapping back/muscle repair slower than usual. Today is jog, study, Biceps at the gym in town/walk, and starting a lab report. May be the boringiest Saturday to some of you, but to me it is what I like to do. Work out my body, and work out my brain. Will input my frustrations later. The Lipo6 and Con-crete Creatine that I take in the morning before a run are starting to kick in. It is weird how I can feel the caffeine starting to up my energy, and the creatine doesn't kick in tiil I am on my way back (45 - 1 hour later). It is like all of a sudden I have this energy to "race" home! Then I just smile and say, ah, it is the creatine working. If it was the gluconeogenesis/beta oxidation of fatty acids from the adipocytes just starting to work would be awesome too! Use up those fat cells! The stubborn ones under the bootie and the lower abs! OK. Today's music is from The Drop Podcast that is free from iTunes. http://thedropoffical.podomatic.com/
  22. It is funny now that it is the morning. Last night I had cravings. I wanted to find vending machines and eat a bag of potato chips and a gooey chocolate bar with nuts (like Snickers or a Chocolate PayDay). I left at night thinking that there was one of those vile vending machine places around the apt complex, over by the mailboxes I thought. Nope. Then I even went looking thru my roommate's stuff (she is off to Florida for Spring Break with her parents). She had chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Haagen Daz. . . I just couldn't bring myself to stick that toxin in my body. That and it was pretty old, 2/3 3 eaten, and ring of ice on the surface. I ended up eating 4 pieces of Ezekiel bread with Veganaise (EarthBalance Original is all I can find here, and that messes up my lower ab too much, so I stay away from that too - I can eat tofu OK, so my thoughts that it was the actual soybeans was doing it is probably wrong - I can however eat EB's Soyfree butter-like spread). The run yesterday morning was a breeze. My body knew right where to go, turned around, and before I knew it I was crossing West Michigan Street, and then sprinting the last 1/2 block to my apt. 2 hours and 15 minutes this time - shaved off 15 minutes somewhere. A little cold yet, but warmer than the 20 degrees from the day before. Back workout went OK. I could not get the heavy weight set from the time before. This diet is starting to affect the weights I can lift again. That is OK. I knew this was coming, so I am mentally prepared to give up heavy weights to get ripped. Very mental thinking for me in this regards. I still thought I would give them a thrashing. If they can only lift medium, then medium sets for awhile, with descending sets - all the way down to the measy 5 lbs dumbell weight or just the bar on the Smith Press Rack, and make the muscles scream for oxygen! That and they pump up with blood and make them feel really SWOLE! LOL! Next morning. Jogging stuff is going around in the dryer getting dry. I was so sure I wouldn't be able to run due to rain this morning, but it seems to be not here yet. I only have Biceps to do at the gym, but if it is raining, I can tell already that I will just stay inside and not head outside and walk all the way into town. Plus I found an article that I want to read and let the knowledge sink in and fit it into a working model in my head (I visualize the cartoon in my head of what is going on in the system/body). I know that the immune system appears to be involved in some way. Isn't it always? We know our developing concepts of inflammation/immune system about what we put in and on our bodies, and the resulting dis-ease to some of those chemicals. In fact I use it to my advantage. I have not been sick for over a decade now, and when I eat or use a new body product, I look to see if I have any adverse reaction to it. Then I know if it is healthy for me or not. Probably helped me last night in my intense cravings (need to buy some dark chocolate for tonight's episode - really dark, the one with 80 - 95% cacao, and little sugar!) Article: Scar-free wound healing and regeneration in amphibians: Immunological influences on regenerative success James W. Godwin, Nadia Rosenthal
  23. Today was an easy 10+ mile jog this morning. I kept going (as long as my FailMix music was playing - ) to the end of the White River Greenway at West 38th street this time. Was about 2 hours of jogging. Yeah, my arse is alittle sore tonight (the quads are their usual soreness). I still ate and took a 20 minute nap this noon, and then headed out to the town of Indy to go to the gym (it is a casual walk of 35 minutes to get there). Worked out my Triceps, and did not go heavy heavy today. I went to where I could do 8 reps, and then backed it down to the warm up weight and supersetted with another exercise (doing a long head of the tricep vs the short head of the tricep) with light warm up weight. After 4 sets of 25 reps supersetting, my Triceps were pumped. Wonder if they will be sore tomorrow? Tomorrow is Back day, which can be grueling if I do alot of heavy lifting. It is also suppose to be warmer tomorrow. Wonder if it will be warm at 8AM for my jog? Going to have to scale back on the jog though if I want to make it thru a decent Back workout. Maybe just the 7 miles thru town on the Cultural Trail. I kind of want to see what the Canal Run might be, but when I looked over the bridge on my way to the gym in town, they had colored the water an emerald green. Freaked me out! It was so fake. Wonder if they did that for the tourists that are here for the Big Ten Tournament? Anyways, makes me not want to jog so close to it now. Plus the last time it was really nice, the canal had so many people walking, jogging, rollerblading, biking, strollers with babies, etc., that I would feel like I was at a mall during Black Friday (which I do not do, LOL). Well, I am very tired tonight. I am getting to be such a morning person (up at 6 AM, study till 8 AM, and then go for a jog). I thought I would be out of place being a 50 year old at a university again, but being the one that is different is something I guess I am use to. I guess being a vegan kind of makes you comfortable to being the oddity. My life seems to revolve around exercising and studying, and I am fine with just that.
  24. Hello everyone. Decided to post again. I am feeling isolated again as a vegan, and wanted to just post so I can look back on this later and remember. I am off to do my morning jog. It is another cold 19 degree F (which is what it is usually - though my coldest was 9 degrees without factoring in the windchill). I was jogging the Cultural trail thru the town of Indianapolis during most of the winter because it was the only thing the city kept the snow plowed and salted to keep the ice down. It is a casual 7 mile trek, that I could do in an hour or less. Now that the snow is gone, but the cold is still here, I have found a wilderness sidewalk/path wonderland called the White River Greenway. I took off one day and went for an hour into it, and turned around at the West 30th street, so that is about 10 miles round trip jog. Then yesterday it was warm and I kept going to the overpass that had a mural of catfish on the walls beneath the overpass, and passed a marker that said it was 15 miles (the path is actually for the cyclists of Indy - there are bikes everywhere - so economical and green!). I think I can do my marathon training on this path. So cool! It also has a dam with a short waterfall. I am still doing my workouts also. I have to walk 30 minutes into town to get to the gym that I still have a membership at (thank goodness for franchises! just switched it over to this one in Indiana) which is my warmup. It is cool to experience living in a city. As a country girl it is cool to jog around the countryside in the morning, and then observe the city during the late afternoon (especially Indy as they have a huge convention center in the middle of town and I get to see weird things - like this weekend must have been a SuperHeroes convention. I saw Dad's with Superman outfits on, and kids with Spiderman outfits on. And Mom's that had Batman tulle tutu/skirts on! So different and cool! and it was a warm day (55 degrees F) so they were all out in the city park running around playing out flying, posing for the camera (the kids were so adorable!), and picnicking. My heart was filled with humanity seeing all of this. OK, off I go into the cold weather - the bright side is that at least the snow and ice are gone. I don't have to worry about slipping or falling and breaking something. Also, I thought this morning, not bad for a 50 year old! I am doing a good job keeping this vessel healthy and it is serving me well. May I never take it for granted, and know how precious it is in this life of mine.
  25. It has been awhile since I posted. Lets see. I am in apartment on campus, and classes have already begun. I have walked to the gym (35 minutes as my warm-up and as my cool-down on the way back). The gym is smaller, and I miss my Hammer Strength Chest Presses and a Lying Leg curl machine, but they have a Smith Machine, all the Lifetime fitness machine (except the shoulder press) and weird incline benches. An interesting Leg Press too, but I have not tried that out yet (did Power Squats on the Smith Press this week instead). There is hardly any people there, so I usually have the freedom to do whatever I want without waiting for a weight, bench, or machine. With all this walking to class, and walking to the gym, I seem to be losing my bodyfat finally - that and the poor college student diet. Actually I am pretty well off (I still have my husband's credit card, though he declined to sell everything and move here with me - till I succeed at getting a phD and a job somewhere where it is warmer than here (Indiana) or Michigan), but I opted not to take the car (did not want to hassle with parking, fees, and my husband having to buy another car for himself), but I have to walk to the grocery store. A market is over by the gym, and takes another 10 minutes from the gym to get there, so a total of 45 minutes to get back to campus and my apt. Yesterday I had to carry a toilet paper package of 12 in my arms (because all the food was in my back pack). Glad that I am so old that vanity of carrying toilet paper on busy city streets and across campus doesn't bother me. . it actually makes me giggle! So I will have new posts about working out as a VeganBeast, going to school (student), and trying to get ripped with my diet as a vegan. Tonight's dinner will be 1/2 bag left of beansprouts, sugar snap pea pods, carrots, tofu, and brown sweet rice. Just had a protein shake made with warm water, and I ran out of oatmeal, but I did have Cascadian Farm Organic Granola on the counter, so I ate one cup of that with a glass of water (need the extra sugar calories since I just got done working out and walked all the way back in the cold!). Now it is time for a nap, and then I get to wake up and study!
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