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  1. Well it is dinner time, and I have been knocked off my feet for most of the day. Do not know if my body is not recovering fast enough with the new PBs I have been doing for months now (increasing the weights every time I lift, or increasing the reps on the heaviest weight set) or I have caught something by going to the cinema theater on Sunday to see the Hobbit/Smaug and walked around the mall full of people. Sigh. I did do an hour on the elliptical for 10K, but only on level 3 (went to level 4 for 1/2 hour and then it was too much - ahhh, my first clue that I should have knew that something was going on in my body). Biceps are on the agenda for tonight . . . . to go or not to go. . . well, first it is dinner. Then I have 2 hours to digest and see if I push myself (tomorrow is Delts and just a walk for morning cardio as it will be Legs the next day, and no cardio on Leg day).
  2. I seem to be in a go for it mood. I pushed my Legs on the Leg Press back up to my last winter's weight of 11 45lbs plates on each side of the press plate (22 total X 45lbs = 990lbs + 35 for the bar and pressing plate - so my I made it to the over 1000lbs club). I was able to push it up - to me that is the hardest part for my knees - and then on the 4th rep I let my left knee buckle just a touch to the inside and I could feel it starting to injure my knee ligament. I immediately did not try to hold the weight, but let it slam down on the safety knob. Smart. I was able to continue on to do the Leg curls/Leg extensions/Abductor and Adductor exercises with increases in weight or reps than before. More focus on doing the execution of the exercise - not just a get it up there anyway possible. A very real problem when you are in a Push it to the Edge mood lately. Tonight was Back, and I did my 180lbs for the wide bar Lat pulldown, for not 10 reps like last time, but 15 reps (with the last 3 kind of short on the ROM). So I went for it - I put 200lbs on it. Being only 155lbs, it was hard to get the weight down and sit in the seat - knees slam down under the padded knee holder, but my arms were being ripped off as the weight was not coming down with me. I used my biceps to bring the bar down alittle bit before I attempted to jam my knees back under the padded knee holder on my second try. I laughed out loud as I tried to bring the weight down, and I got only 4 reps of maybe 6 inch range of motion. Well, I tried. And now about 3 hours later, my little lats under my armpit are sore already. Sleep and digesting the oatmeal, protein powder, and 1/3 pint of Coconut Milk icecream (little tiny spoonfuls floating and melting in the oatmeal - burst of vanilla creamy oatmeal and then a pop of cold sweetness - yum! my new bulking meal after working out really hard - instead of a boring shake). Finally I am sleepy - before 1 AM! (Working out at night, and then that sweet treat afterwards seems to keep me awake for hours).
  3. Hahahaha. Today I went out in 6 degree F weather, with no wind, and the sun was beginning to peak thru the puffy clouds. I had a hard time starting, my breath was so cold in my lungs at first. Then I got my warm breath going inside my hoodie (drawstring tight), mock turtleneck from my Nike running top up to my nose, and my knit hat down to my eyebrows. Once I was warmed up, I continued to do my usual 5 mile trail jog. Only this was snow jogging. I found the powder stuff to be easier for my feet to stay balanced, but there was a weight to push it out of the way. If I went on the path where others had gone, the feet kept falling into the holes made by the other people's footprints, and they were iced hard - so it was painful at times with the heel going up and the toes going not straight down, but on a ridge of some kind of arc. Weird balancing to stay upright and run normally. Not slipping on slippery ice conditions, but just like a forest floor with roots all over. Still, I did it. When I took off my wind shell when I got back, it was packed with the most amount of snow/ice crystals from the frozen perspiration along the hoodie inside that I have yet seen to date. Hahahaha. My perspective keeps changing. I seem to be able to do things that I would otherwise think that I would NOT want, or thought that I could NOT, do.
  4. I know right? It is only 8 degrees out there now - and I won't go out there now - even though the sun is out and the wind is but a breeze. Thanks! I keep hoping the choices I make will help me get to my goal - to stay healthy in my old age, and feel/look good doing it!
  5. You were blessed with lower body genetics. But I can't tell from these photos what the upper body looks like. It does need to to be symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. If your Quads are big, then your Lats need to be just as big. And to be a bodybuilder, you need to get the bodyfat down, down, down. Otherwise go for Physique, which is quite muscular lately in the contests and you can have a pleasing amount of bodyfat, so that the skin looks good - don't need to be so ripped for the judges to see every little muscle fiber popping out when you pose. Keep track of your macros, and make sure you reach them with a vegan diet. You won't believe how much protein and the accompanied fat meat has, and then you try to find that in a vegan diet. You might find out that you will have alittle bit more carbs with your protein - unless you are like me and have plant protein powders give you the protein you need with minimal carbs attached. And you might need to eat more veggies and occasional fruit (unless bulking up - then fruit away!) than what you might be use to. (Also when transitioning to a vegan diet, I sometimes fell back to eating just egg whites to keep my protein high - till I was able to find a decent plant protein powder that my body could utilize).
  6. Next day morning and the thermometer said 27 degrees F! So I finally got my clothes all on, down 2 Lipo6 Unlimited and the Acai Berry extract, and off I went. First off, the wind is gusting up to 20 mph, but the trees around the trail kept it to a a minimum - except for one time about halfway thru, it just blasted into my frontside and I felt like a hand was blocking me from going forward - kind of surreal feeling. I did a summertime 10 mile (2 times the 5 mile combined loop), and was going for the half marathon 13 mile jog, but my tummy growled, a wind blasted me full force, and a couple of cars passed thru the crosswalk, and my mind said "Enough!" Now I am back, and my domo hoodie was drenched in sweat, but the additional underarmour underwear (that I "borrowed" from my husband - it was way back in his underwear drawer) that goes past my knees, kept my thighs/legs warmer than usual. Had my usual power greens, banana, goji berries, and raw protein powder, with warmed up coconut milk (unsweetened) shake, and now for a warm shower. Pretty good morning. Oh yeah, my Back has some DOMS from last night's workout already. I did try for a 200lb wide bar lat pulldown. I got 2 solid, laughed my way thru 2 short ROM pulldown reps, and then when I tried to pulldown anything more after that, I was able to make my face go red - while holding my breath because I lost all breath focus when I started laughing. Never attempted it before. Went back down to 180lbs and was able to do the solid 10 (+2 reps from last time) reps quite easily after that. I also did a 140lbs with the straight leg deadlift for 8 reps - that one was an ouchie because if my core was not tight for just a sec and I came up off alignment, I could see me hurting my lower back. But I did not, thankfully = kept focused that time - definitely no laughing on that one.
  7. Headed to the gym to do morning cardio on the Elliptical. 1 hour for 2 5K loop on the machine's island path program, at level 4 only. Kind of boring, but I was happy to see so many people at the gym on a Sunday morning. Even the usual run group was there on the treadmills (well, 4 of the girls that I know that run with the pack). So cold this morning, 12 degrees F. It did get up to 25 degrees by the afternoon, and I took off for the 3 mile loop walk only. Now it is night time, and I am getting ready to head out to the gym. I did not go yesterday to do Triceps, and Back is scheduled for tonight. I think I am going to do Back, and maybe combine Triceps and Biceps tomorrow night (as it is suppose to be only Bicep night). Made a vegan sausage with broccoli and mushroom pizza (gluten-free crust) for dinner tonight. It is still digesting as I can still feel it in my stomach. Hopefully it can process it out of there in the next 30 minutes so I can feel light when I do my pull-ups, LOL.
  8. Ok. 15 degrees F - Artic blast plowing thru the Midwest. I did my 5 mile trail run, but I had ice crystals forming on my hoodie, especially along the sleeves from the perspiration turning to ice. Too cold. It was outside my comfort zone (till my thighs went numb, then it was business as usual . . lol). Could have done more than 5 miles today I speculated. But my brain was mentally arguing that it was not a good idea to push the legs since it was only 2 days after doing them intensely and heavy. That and it was so darn cold. I ended my morning cardio session in 1 hr and 6 minutes today (5 minutes over the usual 1hr1min). Triceps tonight. Working them out doesn't excite me all that much. My goal is to keep increasing my body dips though. Which will be a balance as I eat more calories, gain more muscle mass (and possibly more bodyfat), and my body weight will get larger, which translates into harder dips. My usual rep set is a solid 6 and a short ROM for 2 more reps. Want to get to 12 reps solid.
  9. Did a good Leg day yesterday, as the weights went up (ended up with 300lbs for 8 reps on the Smith Press for Power/Plie Squats, and 310lbs/10reps on the Leg Extension machine (got every little 5lbs add on weights to the machine's 285lbs whole stack), and I have taken up to eating coconut milk ice cream after a workout, followed by a protein shake made with water afterwards. That is how I am increasing my calories, well carb calories. I figure a safe place to increase calories (with foods that taste very sweet and have some sugar content) would be right after a grueling 1-2 hour workout at night (2 hours means that I got hook on watching some show from the elliptical's cable display (that apparently will keep going on even if you are not on it. LOL!) and some of my rest intervals are longer than usual (maybe that is why my weights are going up - longer rest time between warmup set, midrange set, and the heaviest set yet (pushing for PBs now). Then again it is not so grueling of a workout - except I did walk funny trying to get home that night - rubber noodle leg syndrome. The next morning I just walked the 3 mile loop, and did not feel alot of DOMS. It feels tight right now before bed, and the Chest workout I did tonight pushed the weights up, up, and up. I am almost at the weights last year when I was pushing the weights hard when I had my partner Amy with me (ah, those were the days. . . nothing like muscle loving girls using the mojo to help squeak out 2 more reps in the heavy set).
  10. I spent the last two days doing pretty much just sleeping and studying. I went off all my supplements also, and felt the immediate withdrawl of energy. My body was telling me to chill and repair. I also binged on a whole box of Whole Foods Organic Dark Truffles. Took me the whole 2 days though (and maybe only 1/2 the box, but I found where my hubby had hidden them away from me, when I yelled at him to help me - though the top of the refrigerator is a place where a person of my shortness wouldn't normally look - but I was motivated on the second day to find it - felt like a kid at Christmas trying to find the presents throughout the closets in the house way before Santa comes. LOL). And yes, it is that time of the girlie calendar month - but nothing so far - just the need for extra calories in the form of chocolate. . .
  11. Doing too much cardio. I read up on Dorian Yates training philosophy again (my idol when I was just starting out as a BBer - I love his basic approach - just lift progressively heavy), and saw that it was 6 weeks full on, and then 2-3 weeks active recovery. So it has been 6 weeks of me lifting progressively heavy, so yesterday for Back I just went to these ridiculously light weights and did a couple of 25 reps and some 15 reps sets. I just walked around and did all the usual exercises I like to do. There is one that I do not ever do: the 1-arm dumbbell row while bent over on a bench. I will try it next time, and see if there is anything why I never do those (like it is not worth it because of the way I have to be bent over and that takes energy away from the main exercise of pulling the weight up). He also advocates 30 minutes top for cardio. Oops. I love my 5 mile trail jogs in the morning and they go for an hour or just a little more (slow day or cold day with wind blasting in my face! LOL). I do keep my cardio seperate from the weight training, so in that way I am in accordance with him. And I eat to have a nice full store of glycogen in the morning for me to burn for my extended cardio. I shall deviate right there from him I guess (until the weather just makes it so unbearable to go out for a jog). Also a newsflash on my life. I do not know if anyone knows that I have now four full grown children who are out and about in the world doing marvelous things (boasting parent I know). I do love being a personal trainer, but I am going to try my hand at what I wanted to be when I grew up: a researcher. So in January, I am off to IUPUI to take some courses, and then see if I am ready to pursue my journey into a PhD program in their Regenerative Biology Program. I am excited, and at the same time scared/anxious. Like I am doing a marathon for the first time - which is also on my list for next year (being that I did a half marathon on my own this year). I just smile at people who tell me that I shall be turning 50 in two months. So? LOL!
  12. Chest weights did go up, but I felt sluggish doing the exercises - though no cramping as if I was having a hard time digesting the food. This next day, I did a slow 5 mile trail jog, though it was a balmy 30 degrees out!, but still was feeling fatigued (am I doing too much perhaps? overtraining? probably). I also decided to take a nice walk for 3 miles this afternoon - plus rake some leaves in the backyard for 20 minutes (even with gloves on, I could feel my palms getting raw). I also ate leftovers of mashed potatoes (made with EB and mock Sour Cream blended in with the Yukon Gold potatoes), slab of seitan with cranberry/orange relish, and I got a small 1/8 piece of apple pie (went back for a piece of cheesecake - but it was all gone! ah, my boys saved me with their eating it before me! I didn't even scold them. . .). So again, I felt a slight sluggishness as I worked out my Triceps tonight. And again the weights went up. I was trying to focus on the Tricep Pressdown with the V-bar as I attempted 160lbs (about 10+ lbs over my own weight) for 6 reps - the range of motion was pretty short, and my triceps were even quivering as I tried with all my might to push down further for a bigger ROM. . LOL. Don't care, I tried it. We shall see how it goes the next time I try that much weight. Did Dumbbell overhead Tricep Extension after that, and was able to get 10 reps with the 55 lbs dumbbell - rhomboids were acting fatigued and pinched as the weight came down behind my head with both hands on the dumbbell, and the elbows bent at the sides. Trying not to hit my head, so the angle might be somewhat different with the hands being so close together (one hand on one side and the other hand on the other side holding the dumbbell end in both hands). I was kind of feeling it the last time and was worried about it, but I figure it is a muscle that needs to be worked anyways, I just made sure I did not feel any intense pain in the delt mostly. Body dips after all that was a laugh. With my current weight, I was able to do an 8 rep set, but after that, I went back to Assisted Dips with 25lbs helping me only do two 10 rep sets. So done at that point, so I packed up and went home to my big bowl filled with cream of rice, protein powder, slivered almonds, and a couple of sour wild blueberries. Now if sleep would come, now that it is midnight (my only complaint is getting to sleep after working out at night).
  13. Off to do Chest. Was not in control of my diet this afternoon. Had the family over for a Thanksgiving feast, and ended up eating the apple pie (only 1 slice though) and cheesecake (one slice again), but I had 2 big slabs of the homemade seitan roast, smoothered in cranberry/orange relish. Yum! I will not beat myself up. I will just let today be my big calorie day instead of tomorrow. Plus I am going to put all those calories to use at the gym pushing the weights!
  14. Biceps were awesome as the weights kept going up and up. Ended up with 10 reps of 50lbs of weight, plus the barbell (35lbs?), on the MaxRack (free motion with safety rails and hooks). Was not empty as the usual Bodybuilder group appeared at 9 PM (one of the BBers is dieting down, and I think his partner is too - at least they were supersetting it last night, and the partner appeared to be winded with fatigue setting in pretty fast - 1/2 hour into their workout). All guys, and they are definitely the usual gym guys - not putting away their weights (I had to go look for the 40lbs dumbbells that were under the Smith Press - ?) and leaving sweat pools. Glad Biceps for me requires no machines that need to be wiped down. Note: I always wipe down the machine's exposed upholstery BEFORE I workout on it, and possibly after it - if I am sweating and not wearing my sweat hugging hoodie, lol. Today was a cold below 10 degree F this morning, but I was able to do my morning cardio jog of 6 miles (double gravel trail path loop of 3 miles again, as the 2 mile loop was snow covered with ice underneath). Thought I would share what I ate today. Got up and did my usual supplements of Keto 7, ProStack, White Willow Bark, and Acetyl N-Carnitine. Then I went downstairs and made a vegan cheesecake (for the family to eat tonight), put it in the oven, then took my LipO6 Unlimited (only 1 capsule) and 500 mg of Acai Berry capsule. Got dressed for the jog, mixed BCAAs with Glu/Vitamin C and 2 oz of OJ, and swallowed it down. Out I went for an 1 hour and 14 minutes for the 6 miles. Then for my real breakfast, it was a water smoothie with 2 cups of baby spinach, 1 banana, and 1 scoop of Raw Protein Powder, and at the last minute I put in 1 tablespoon of goji berries (dried but reconstituted with water). I also have a tablespoon of Wheatgerm Oil just before I drink all of the smoothie (want the oil to be the last thing in my stomach, but it tastes so bad by itself that I leave just a little bit of smoothie left to help get the oil down). So that is what I have had so far. Keeping the calories at 1500 for today (and yesterday), with a bump up to 2200 tomorrow. Tonight is Chest night. I think I get to do some new exercises for that bodypart because in my notebook the Chest page will be filled up already (I work the bodypart with the same exercise for 3 times, with the weights going up each time).
  15. Nice Leg Day. The weights went up, up, up! I was freaking out a little bit on the first exercise, which was Power Squats using the Smith Press Machine, and the 6 45's (270 lbs) for 10 reps were awesome! The last time I did it (last week) was 8 reps at 270 with a footnote in my notebook that my lower back and core had to be so tight otherwise I could feel the slightest misalignment with all that weight stacked on my spine as I lowered it down with my knees going sideways out. This time, I could feel the pressure on the top of my spine, but my core was tight without hesitation. Getting stronger. This morning my Legs were a little sore, but the real test will be tomorrow morning if I have a bout of DOMS. So not to jinx the DOMS, I just did my usual 5 mile trail jog, but walked it instead . . . with the snow falling again. At least there was no wind blowing in my face. A quiet Thanksgiving day at the gym I hope tonight as I do Biceps. With more and more snow falling down, I think my days of biking on the trail has come to an end in Michigan. Thinking of just going in during the afternoon (when the spin room is empty) and hopping on a Spin bike again. Have to have some great music though, as it is SOOOOOOOOOO boring. The only smile that comes to mind when I think of Spinning is the sweat I fling all over - and hopefully lowering of the bodyfat measurement.
  16. Leg day. No cardio this morning. Not even a nice 3 mile walk outside. The winds are gusting and it is now 18 degrees (F) out. The only thing is that the sun is out! Been grey for days now. Have to go and do some food shopping for the holiday today, so at least I can enjoy the sun in my warm car as I am driving to Whole Foods. And since it is Leg day, I will allow some calories over the usual amount, in which a Chipotle burrito for lunch will do the correct amount (this one Chipotle now has no bacon in its pinto beans! so it is even more exciting to get the usual black beans and half it up with the pinto beans! Yum!). I am always feeling lazy when I do not do my morning cardio. . . . the excitement of getting my blood pumping for the whole day, and the rush of endorphins (to go along with the caffeine in the Lipo6 Unlimited). . . My brain is saying that it is good that I rest this morning. I can feel the ligaments/tendons around the eye of my elbow hurting (side lateral dumbbell raises last night for Delts is the cause), my rhomboids are achy in the middle of my back from the night before Delts, and little aches here and there. It is good to rest up this morning.
  17. There were about 6 trees across the trail after that storm. I had to stop at 3 of them, to pick up my bike and get over the huge tree trunks laying in the way (the other were 3 partially blocking the trail and I just had to maneuver carefully thru the branches). Haven't been out on a bike ride in awhile now. My feet freeze to the point of frostbite almost when the temp is below freezing (32/0). But I have no problem jogging out on the trail. Did 6 miles today because I did the 3 mile loop twice (crushed stone trail) instead of taking the slippery iced asphalt 2 mile loop (part of the usual 5 mile loop). Delts are on the menu for the gym tonight. My weights seem to be going up again. This week's plan of attack is a warm up set, and mid range 12-15 rep set, and then I do a heavy set that is either more weight than last time (if I did 8 solid reps last time, then the weight goes up) or I try to do more reps with the heavy weight of last time (like I tried a 4-6 rep range when I went for the heavy weight last time) to get to a solid 8 rep set. The month is coming to an end, and I will be switching up my exercises for the bodypart I am doing for the day. I think I will take an exercise from last month's routine, and see if I can still do the heavy weight, or even pass it up (which is why I am switching up my routine, to get a more solid base from all angles being supported). New supplement of the month is Acai berry in freeze-dried form (500 mg in a veg capsule) right before exercising. Seems to keep my stamina going alittle bit longer than the usual hour I give myself for working out. Still loving the Lipo6 Unlimited, but only 1 capsule in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night before my workout (doesn't keep me up all night - I am pretty fatigued by the time I take my shower at night after working out). Still working on my diet to get the bodyfat down, but still have enough calories to not burn out during my exercising and repairing/recovery.
  18. Wanted to post that on Sunday I took off on a trail jog in the morning with the temperature being in the high forties, almost 50 degree F. I did my usual 5 miles, and enjoyed myself so much, that I decided to go for the 10 miles that I use to do on Sunday during the summer (and I did it by just doing the loop again). Then I was coming to the end, and I thought to myself, "Hey, my legs don't hurt, I am not hungry. . yet, and my feet are still moving, and I saw the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii yesterday on TV (very inspirational to hear and see all the stories behind the participants), and you wanted to do a half marathon this year, and the weather probably will not be close to 50 again. . . so Go For It!" So I did. I did my own half marathon of 13.1 miles this past Sunday. It was awesome! So to my friend who said I only do races for the tshirts, I did it without the goal of a tshirt (my friend said the goal was warm weather this time! LOL! Such is life in Michigan). And to my husband who asked me as I came in, "Where have you been? (being that it took me over 3 hours to get done and walk back home) and I replied, "Oh, I just did a half marathon", in which he replied, "Oh, well congratulations!" I love how I can just take off for hours and hours and nobody worries about me. . .(I still have my phone on me, so if I do have an emergency I can call someone). OOOOOOhhhh! The sun just came out! Even though it is freezing out, I am getting psyched to go out for my 2 hour bike ride. Wonder if any massive dead trees will be laying over the trail today after our day and night of high winds (Michigan has been somewhat gray, windy and sometimes wet - with downed power lines all around). Saw one massive dead tree last week that was laying over the trail that was hollow inside, and the wind had twisted the trunk where it broke on the trail from the weight on either side. The twisted wood with the hollow inside made for a great piece of art! Plus I still remember the one that looked like a crocodile this past month.
  19. I don't know about that. I have been in the gym for so long (about 3 decades now. LOL!), that I see all kinds. I don't advertise (once in awhile I will) that I am vegan, but I mostly advertise the label of Bodybuilder. Though I have backed off of that lately too, by wearing old worn out hoodies and baggy pants (actually I have dropped in bodyfat, so most of my pants are now baggy). Anyways, I see all kinds. I see the skinny teenager that is trying really hard to pack on the muscle, but loves to stay on the treadmill too long (loves his abs more than muscle is my guess). I see the guy who wants to build muscle and just yesterday came in and sat down on the lobby's couch and scarfed down a pepperoni and massive cheese pizza (I saw the oil ooze out down his chin - so gross to me) and tried to work out, but his body was so busy trying to digest it, that I think he got a tummy ache and left. It is not just the usual vegans who can't build muscle. . . . it takes alot of knowledge of one's own body and seeing what works and what doesn't. And dedication to that journey.
  20. Been thinking alot about how exercise causes free radicals (any metabolic processes causes free radicals, by anything to do with the glucose metabolism in the mitochondria will be a cause for alot of free radicals). Read somewhere that marathoners have the most damage from free radicals as the sport demands alot of rapid glucose metabolism. I guess weight lifting isn't as demanding on glucose for energy (especially with the long breaks I am doing right now as I am building muscle mass), but I guess we have to worry about inflammation as we rip the muscle tissue during a heavy lift. Still, I try to take in as many anti-oxidants (free radicals that neutralize the body's free radicals) in my water, my meals, and even with the protein powder shakes. Was thinking of upping my caffeine content from green tea to Lipo6 again, but green tea has the anti-oxidants I need to go with the caffeine high that usually goes along with my morning cardio. Maybe I will do both. Instead of 2 Lipo6, maybe I will do 1 Lipo6 with my Yogi Kombucha Green tea. Now to get over my hatred of cold weather. Winter is just about here in Michigan, and with it the gloomy grey skies, and this week has been cold rain (snow is alittle bit better, as I can go and run in snow, but I get drenched in the rain - and since it is not a warm rain, it is bone-chilling). The sun is shining, but there is a wind blowing out there, so I am skeptical that this is going to be pleasant. Plus I have Leg day tomorrow, so I can not jog, but am planning a nice walk for 3 miles (1 hour walk). That means I won't get all warm with the blood pumping thru my body. But I will do it anyways. Sigh. Saw a girl at the gym yesterday and last week also, that is quite SWOLE and even ripped (especially her back muscles). She grabbed a chin up bar and started to do about ten bodyweight chins. I suddenly got some inspiration to get big and ripped again. Pushing the weights more. Watching what I eat alittle bit more (like denying myself that piece of pie last night - even though it was after a weightlifting workout and the calories would be taken care of - I had oatmeal with walnuts instead - more nutritious I guess). Glad to have some inspiration again. Wonder where she came from?
  21. Delt night. Time for some green tea, and off I go. Feel much better about going than yesterday night. Think I might wear my tank top and see if I can see some changes, to go along with the weights creeping back up, plus I am eating more - like I have oatmeal with my protein powder now after a good workout instead of just rice milk (the extra calories help me sleep, and refuel my glycogen stores for the morning cardio - which I do not eat anything before I go - though I do a little Orange Juice now and then if I wake up hungry, but not now with the oatmeal at night).
  22. Oh my G! I was warm with the wind jacket on, but my feet froze! and I wore 2 pairs of socks. Breathable uppers on shoes are not good for winter temp bike rides! Waiting for them to warm up, just so I can take my shower without them feeling like pins and needles from the warm water running over them. I thought my thighs would also be cold and red, but the light knit pants on the outside and the biker capris underneath did a fair job of keeping them warm. Knit gloves are not going to work if it gets much more colder for my hands either. I suppose I should give it up (as my mind was telling me on the last 30 minutes of the ride back to the warm house) as a morning cardio. I don't mind spinning, just the people who do the spinning class. Plus I don't want to go without my commune with nature to start my day. Well tomorrow is Leg day, so no cardio. I will just think about it later. LOL! Like today, I was like, here I go, I got my wind jacket, gloves, double socks, head warmer, and my ever present sunglasses to keep the eyes from tearing up like a babbling brook, and I am off. First blast of arctic air hitting my whole body, and I am like "Oh sh*t! What have I gotten myself into" and the reply is always at the beginning, "Oh just go, you will warm up", along with a "Oh just do it!" LOL. And then with the trance music going, I just trance out all the way to the 10 mile turnaround to go back home, and then realize that the wind was at my back all the way there - and now it will be in my face all the way back!
  23. Did the Triceps, and I went up in the weights for it. Still can not do Dips at my current weight. I did do 8 solid ones on the 25lb assisted weight. So probably in 2 weeks I can get up to doing bodyweight dips. I looked around the gym last night and it seemed like all of the regulars were like me - no smile, all work, just doing it. Then the teenagers come in and brighten the whole place up with their carefree here and there working out on machines and treadmills, or a couple were like dedicated athletes at school, so I saw all the old school bad mechanics of lifting. When are those teachers going to retire and let the new techniques begin? My pet peeve is the Lat Pulldown. I get agitated when I see them performing the pull action past their chest with a curl of their wrist! Luckily, well actually luck has nothing to do with it, because by the time you get to the heavy weights, your little wrist muscles are not going to be able to do that. They probably get to pull it down the right way and stop when their elbows are as far down to their sides as can be, and the bar is just at their chin. They might think that they are cheating - only if you don't pull your elbows all the way down to your sides - though with my heavy weights I do not pull my elbows all the way down - then again I only want to work the belly of the muscle and not any of the muscles by the ligaments/tendons. My rant for the day. It is now time for me to head out into 34 degree F (close to 1 degree C) environment for my morning cardio bike ride. Quads were alittle sore this morning as I awoke, but are OK now that they are warmed up (up and down stairs doing morning chores), and I bought myself a wind jacket yesterday that I will try today and see if that helps with the sweat on my back going cold when the wind blows up on it when I am 45 minutes into the ride and the sweat has accumulated. Haven't stepped on the scale yet. Clothes still feel normal except the arm openings are getting tight with my tshirts again (which is good thing in my opinion). Will start to weight myself next month. It will be colder, and will have to decide if I want to do morning cardio outside or inside, or perhaps no cardio- perhaps go back to doing yoga?
  24. Hey Synny! I am journaling over at VeganBeast now.
  25. Back to Triceps again tonight at the gym. I have been able to do one bodypart each night. I am kind of like not wanting to go tonight. The wind is howling, there is some rain, and it is so cold. The Michigan UP had snow already today. Oooooh, I just want to hibernate. I have already taken all my supplements and my green tea, so the energy will kick in a minute or two. And I always say, it is just Triceps tonight, but my Back from last night has some DOMS already, and my Quads still hurt from this morning's 5 mile casual run on the trail. I do not know why, but after a night's sleep, some green tea and supplements in the morning, I feel like I can run a marathon (or at least the usual 10 miles that I know I can do). Then when it gets to be the night time, I am like all whiney about my aches and pains, and don't feel like going. . . and then when I get to the gym, my competitive nature kicks in and I look at my notebook, and say, I can lift heavier today!!!! I am a VeganBeast, and that is the green tea talking now! LOL! OK, got my tunes downloaded and I am off. Tonight's podcast is Gareth Emery's episode 254 , though I might go back to his 250 extended episode.
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