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  1. Flanders, is that you with your little one? It reminded me of when my four kids (17, 15, 13 and 11 this year) were small. In fact, my oldest is a senior and I had to dig out some baby photos for her cross country banquet for their presentation. I ended up looking at all her baby photos and wondering how it went so fast. And next year she is off to college. Wow. . . . . . and she is one awesome individual. Wants to be a vet, and help animals. Go figure where that came from .
  2. Some more info: Magnesium makes smooth muscle relax, which is what the uterine muscle is. There is a product called Calm (Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality) out there that comes in 1 serving packages so you could try that. Check out a website that sells this and it will say it helps with PMS. I have found the anti-inflammatory properties of flaxseed oil to work for me (not evening primrose oil that can start to mess with your estrogen receptors- especially if you have fibroid/cysts like me). And the flaxseed oil contains your omega's for your health (being vegan and not wanting to eat fish, I am glad this is an option for me). My experience with the pill is the same as lizziewill. I had a 100% increase in PMS symptoms. It was horrible, but I wanted to have sex with my now husband and did not want to get pregnant since we were both in college. After 3 months of that hell, I went off of it and we opt for the use of condoms (three months of spontaneous sex was enough for me). Be careful taking anything that messes with your cycle, because it could make whatever is producing these symptoms worse! I've tried the chasteberry and dong quai too. The dong guai was not beneficial to my body, but the chasteberry was. I would recommend you try the teas of these herbs first and notice if they help or hinder you. As a tea they are a mild form of the herb. You will notice only a slight reaction and need to be aware. Then if the tea helps, then go for the capsules or tinctures (which are the most potent form of the herb). Keep trying alternative natural methods for your symptoms, while working on the cause. You will be surprised to find all sorts of stuff that wreak havoc on your estrogen receptors from armpit deoderants, to makeup, to your fabric softener. Parabens are the newest ingredient that is used a perservative in many personal items that have been linked to estrogen-receptor miscommunications.
  3. I always wondered that myself. I've got miso that is suppose to be unpasterized in my refrigerator for a year now, with nothing growing in it. And yogurt that stays forever in the refrigerator too. Although I have had some yogurts with fuzzy green stuff on it. That had live cultures in it, just don't know if they were the right ones I tried the Kimchee. It is just sauerkraut made with other vegetables instead of just cabbage! Cool. I tried to make my own sauerkraut last year, the no-salt kind, and not only did it not look good, but it tasted bad. Probably got some wrong kind of bacteria/or even yeast into the crock that I was fermenting it in. Maybe this year I'll try it with salt and see if that keeps the bad stuff from invading my kraut!
  4. I get teased by my family because I talk about my bowel movements all the time. After my deep herbal cleansing and being educated to have three bowel movements a day, I was also educated about how important they are! So I pay attention .
  5. I read your posts concerning your lower back pain. I've had three experiences with lower back pain: hurt from doing backbends in my yoga class, PMS symptom when I took something to increase my testesterone and my estrogen went through the roof, and constipation (which is just a mild lower back pain and vague-can't pinpoint exactly where it hurts). The first two are past history (I dropped the testesterone inducing stuff when my chin sprouted a hair! eek. I got really big though ) and now I just work with the last one. If my stool is not like a brown ripe banana, then my body thinks I am constipated. I drink a glass of water in the morning and at night, plus the gallon jug I drink during the day (which honestly some days I don't even touch cause I am so busy) to insure that things flow smoothly through me. Vegan diet has alot of fiber that needs alot of water to stay nice and slimy in your intestines, otherwise it gets blocked up and comes out all blocked up. Just a little poop scoop for you to take into consideration.
  6. I've had gas before, but this 13 times a day is now by the hour. My family says they do smell, but not too bad . They just put up with me! I've have been having bloating too but I am use to that with every protein powder that I have tried. I read up on the maca and found out that some people can not tolerate it well, so maybe I am just one of those. Also someone warned me about the preformed vitamin A that is has in it, and the iron. I've had too much iron before, but my stools aren't black and no diarrhea, so that doesn't seem to be it. Anybody up on the palmitate for vitamin A?
  7. I am going to look into the other Kombucha's drinks. I know how good fermented food is to your body, a natural vitamin B-12 source usually. I guess I can't have the fermented kind that has alcohol as a byproduct too. Oh well, there are plenty of other wonderful fermented foods out there for me to keep trying. Next on my list is Kimchee. Anybody ever try this?
  8. Body type is muscular and easy to gaining weight. At 170 (hoping to peak at 180 in the next three months), my contest weight will be 145 probably (I tend to lose 20 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of muscle). My weight class will be heavy at 145, but I like to be under that and sneak in at the middle weight being the biggest in that class weight (it has been a while since I competed). I won't do potatoes as that spikes your insulin levels like crazy (just like white refined flour and white refined sugar) and will make my energy be depleted in 20 minutes. I won't do process foods either. I make my own burgers, and all soy has to be organic for me (at least non-GMO). I do have a staple of protein powders that I take. I basically eat every two hours: meal and then protein shake (with a bagel or vegetable/this time it is peapods). I have great variety in my eating meals: from cereal or oatmeal with rice milk, legumes in some form, brown rice with something, and maybe pasta. The are not big meals, but have approximately 20 grams of protein at each meal (I get over 100 grams a day) since that is about all my body can process at one time. Competition is sometime in April (the Flint/MidMichigan Natural bodybuilding, fitness and Figure). Last year it was the last Saturday of April. It has been awhile since I've diet it down (12 weeks in my last competition, but I had been bodybuilding for 3 years already so I was in shape even in the off season). I am going to give myself 16 weeks-4 months to keep the muscle mass up and the fat off: New Years' Resolution time anyways ,
  9. I have a slightly embarassing question. I have been taking the Vega for about 6 tubs now (four months +). I love how it makes me feel. I have energy, feel full for at least two hours, and am putting on the muscle! But my flatulence has gotten so bad that I've had to back off (at least they don't smell ). I am experimenting with new ways to take it: with food instead of all by itself, cutting back on the serving size while increasing the amount of servings. Any other suggestions?
  10. Did you know that you can get iron (in an easily assimilated form) in seaweeds? Yuck! is the reaction most people say at seaweeds. But I have sneaked them into all of my baked goods that I make for my kids! It is Dulse flakes and with only 1 Tablespoon you get 14% RDA. I also use Molasses (15% for 1 Tablespoon) but it adds a distinctive taste to the food (with cookies I can get it into them). You shouldn't use the dulse flakes if you have an iodine problem (since it contains alot of iodine), but I don't use iodized salt (sea salt instead) so this is what I use for our iodine in our diet.
  11. I tried the Kombucha drinks. The salesperson told me to be careful how you open the top off! Seems it fizzies over alot and people get upset as it goes all over the floor (or the car as I was in a hurry to try it on the way home). I was not disappointed, I opened it before I got in the car and it went down the bottle, but I licked the foam before it hit the pavement. Now I love the taste and the fizz, but I had a weird reaction to it. I felt my blood sugar take a nose dive after 10 minutes drinking it. Or my blood pressure. Very weak and couldn't coordinate my muscles in my body very well. Is the fizz really alcohol in one of those things? I am very sensitive to alcohol (one beer and I am under the table I was a pretty cheap date back in my younger single days). I still drink Yogi's Kombucha tea with no problem. Anybody else have any idea what is going on with me? or experience anything like this?
  12. I have found that a glass of juice (prime the pump. can't run on empty - althought it feels better to have an empty stomach, but my body has been fasting for more than eight hours) in the morning before my jog keeps my metabolism up. I still do a low intensity jog on the treadmill (now that it is below 40 degrees outside. Ugh!) for 20 minutes only since I am in my bulking up phase. I also experiemented by stopping cardio in order to save more energy for recuperating since I am upping the weights for lifting. But I felt more tired and sore, and not springing backas fast. I went back to jogging every other day (I do yoga on the other days) and feel better. I guess my body needs to get the blood moving in the morning to clear out the toxins (from lifting heavy) and get my brain pumped for the afternoon workout. I am also going to up my greens (spirulina, chlorella, or any other green algae superfood) and see if that helps in my recovery time as oregonisaac advised (if that is what greens you meant. I already do kale, mustard greens, baby green salads, and green vegetables that are not leafy. Green superfoods have mostly protein instead of carbs, plus all the antioxidants and other nutritients needed by the body).
  13. Five years ago I was a natural female bodybuilder. I did a whole summer of contest and won my weight class, and twice overall. I did that on a very healthy diet. Now I am out to prove as a vegan that I can do that again. I am looking for very specific info on training and diet and how I can get everything to work syngeristically. Right now I am bulking up for the winter and am up to 170 lbs. I am just about 10 pounds shy of lifting what I did when I was in my bulking up lifting stage last time. Thus I am still building and have three months to get up to what I was doing the last time (if not passing it up ). I am going to be looking for info on getting cut up. I have alot of carbs with my protein right now. I use to just do chicken breasts, brown rice, and vegetables in my diet last time. I am thinking of spirulina as a main source of protein instead of chicken. Maybe I will have to up my cardio more to offset the carbs I will be taking in with my hemp, pea, and brown rice protein powders.
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