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  1. A day usually looks like this: Wake Up after about 6-8 hours of sleep, Breakfast: two pieces of whole wheat toast with tomato Soy yogurt glass of water glass of orange juice banana Go to classes (i'm in college) Come back from classes and eat lunch: whole wheat noodles with soy ground beef with marinara sauce that has broccoli and green peppers I'll have a big cup of green tea Go work out (cardio for 45 minutes, weightlifting for about a half hour, another 30 minutes of cardio) Get home from workout, eat about a cup or so of soy nuts with a full glass of chocolate soy milk. Then dinner: Bowl of spinach leafs Then adjust my meal according to what i ate that day (if i haven't eaten enough vegetables, i'll have a meal of just vegetables, or the same with if i hadn't had enough grains). That's about it, but the thing that confuses me is that i went home for winter break a couple weeks ago, and that was the first time i had this pain. I typically go vegetarian when i go home instead of vegan, because i still live with my parents there, so i just eat what they buy, but it's not like i go crazy and overindulge on bad foods. Then i came back, started to eat about what i wrote above, and got sick about a week or so later. And no, there's nothing that i did to my neck, i've even tried using more and less pillows thinking that the soreness came from my sleeping posture. Hope this helps, and i apologize that this is so long. Thanks for your help!!!!!!
  2. i know this is a bodybuilding website, but i was hoping to get as much input on this topic as possibly, so please bear with me on this one So i became vegan on july of 2008 and up until recently, i haven't had any problems with sickness, not feeling good, or lag for that matter. But in december i noticed that i woke up and just didn't feel well. My neck muscles were VERY sore and tender, my throat hurts badly and i had a hard time swallowing, and i've just felt tired and sore. I have, what i believe to be, a very well balanced diet for a vegan. i eat my fruits, vegetables, grains, and drink lots of water as well as exercise daily. Is there something that i'm doing wrong? Am i eating too much of something? Or not eating enough of certain things? It's happened twice now and it doesn't make much sense because i rarely got sick when i was an omni (mayyyybe once a year). Has anyone else experienced this? should i be getting more b12? even though i do take a multi vitamin. If there are any suggestion or tips you can throw my way it would be GREATLY appreciate, because this hurts! thanks
  3. Hey i've read many books and found a lot of information on being vegan but haven't actually seen anyone else live this lifestyle. I've learned how you should eat "this, this and this" but am wondering what a day in the life of a vegan looks like. So my question is what does a day or a couple of days for each meal look like for you? What would you eat if you went about your daily schedule tomorrow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I'm just trying to get a good idea if what i'm eating is on point with what others eat. Thanks for your input and your time!
  4. sounds great! thanks for your help! i will give that a shot. However, i do have some questions. Do you still gain muscle with no problem? Or is it difficult because you are only lifting twice a week? Also, is there anything that you make sure to add into your diet in order to gain muscle, or even prevents soreness for that matter? Thanks!
  5. I recently became vegan about 4 months ago, and am loving my decision. However, i've been having some trouble with general soreness and pulled muscles lately. I eat what i consider a pretty balanced diet every day, especially for a college student. I eat about 3-4 servings of fruit, 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-4 servings of nuts/legumes, 3-6 servings of soy products (soy milk, a serving or so of roasted soy nuts after my workout, tofu and soy yogurt), and 2-3 servings of imitation meats a day. I drink lots of water, about 64oz or so, as well as a glass of green tea in the morning. I take a flax seed pill twice daily, and a multivitamin in the mornings. I work out monday-wed-fri twice a day (maybe less depending on how busy my week is), and once a day on tues-thursday. On m-w-f, i do cardio (30-60 min) in the morning, and then come back and lift weights and more cardio (30-45 min). On t-t, i lift and do about 30-60 min of cardio. I really feel as if i am doing well on my diet and exercise, and the only problem that i am having is that i don't "bounce" back as well as i did when i eat meat before and after work outs. the best way i can describe it is, is you know that soreness when you haven't worked out for a couple of months, then lift hard, and you really feel it the next day? That's what i feel like a good portion of the time. Also, the other day i played a little game of football with my friends, and the next day it felt like someone had beat me up, and feel as if i have been more susceptible to muscle strains, like hamstring pulls, pulled thighs, etc. So my questions are, am i doing something wrong? Is there a food i should be eating that would help this? Should i be eating less of anything? I've thought about consuming more protein, but don't feel like i have much room for any food, unless i were to continually stuff my face and have that REALLY full feeling. If anyone has ANY suggestions please let me know, because i'm in some ruthless pain, and trying to play at a high level on my flag football team! Thanks for your time!
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