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  1. Hey all, Havn't been on here for ages, been busy and also lazy with diet and nutrition (unfortunately I am a lot heavier than my old avatar pic) moved from Plymouth, England to Newport, Wales recently, Will quickly introduce myself - 26 on monday, getting married in Oct so I desperatley want to get fit again, really looking forward to getting to know everyone again and also to receiving my vegan bodybuilding book to help me get back on track, Much love x x x
  2. Caterpillars?! Did an evil caterpillar have a hand in the donut fiasco? Or have you had a separate caterpillar incident? I cant really think of any ways caterpillars could have caused any incidents, apart from when you find one in your brocolli.Thats just gross. No caterpillars were not involved in the donut incident, they are just evil, I used to have odd dreams about them attacking me as a child - they are not to be trusted!
  3. Thanks veggieprincess, I do try to eat every 3 hours, the problem is that I am a bit of an awkward one and feel really self-conscious eating in front of other people, so it can be awkward in work. I am starting to get around it though. Thanks for all the advice people xx
  4. Do you refer to yourself in the 3rd person? Lol, well kinda I guess- I just say stuff like "Emma, you rock" PMSL and sometimes just yell "yes, yes, yes" Gawd- wonder what my neighbours think. But yeah it's gets me through.
  5. What's a clif? Is that a joke - I'm afraid I am a bit slow - I'm that person who laughs her head off at something and then has to nudge a friend and say "I don't get it", I then laugh hours later at something inappropriate because I have finally gotten it.
  6. I love morning workouts, but sucky for me I start a new job on monday with 6am starts - so I don't think I am gonna be able to fit it in. Though I may get a better nights sleep, you see I am a bit of a loser and get so excited about my morning workout that I can't sleep properly - also my boyfriend is awake and about at the time I will now have to exercise and I get all self conscious - ah well at least I won't be annoying the neighbours with loud music in the early hours anymore!
  7. At first when I read that I was concerned that you'd gone all Scottish and then I remembered that I was on a mainly American site, so to me that's trousers right? I think that sounds like pretty cool get up as long as underwear is included, you should see what some of the girls wear down my way for halloween - I think the purpose is to wear as little as possible for them, which for me, having mainly male friends - means hanging out with googleeyed zombies all night - poor lads. Personally at halloween I am quite boring and either go with a witch or a vampire - Vegan Vampires rock!
  8. Well it's not too bad, there are 2 veggie restaurants here and a few health food shops - so it's all good. Well i'm not that fussed with it, it's a navy town - so a bit laddish, but I am moving back to Wales next year. Never can I forgive the donuts, they are secretly evil - like caterpillars!
  9. I will never understand peoples 'nosiness' on sexuality, everyone always has an opinion on homosexual relationships, like 'I've nothing against gay people, just don't kiss in public etc' I mean why shouldn't they? And also why not teach children about homosexuality in school, I went to a catholic school, 2 of my close friends came out as gay when we finished there, they had such a hard time in school, if homosexuality was taught as a normal thing they may have had happier childhoods. Sorry if I don't make much sense I am in rantmode.
  10. Heya, welcome from another newbie, everyone seems pretty welcoming here so that's great.
  11. I wasn't aware gyms had 'no screaming or grunting' policies, though making noise during workout sessions is why I work out at home, I thought everyone did it - hell I scream and talk to myself during workouts and also give myself a girly applause at the end of each set - lol
  12. Hey I was wondering what you guys eat to fuel workouts, or if you feel you need to fuel them at all. My dad used to be a bodybuilder (meateater) and used to lecture us about fuelling workout sessions. Personally I don't think 30min cardio is worth fuelling - though I am probably wrong - what do you guys think. I do find however that I am very drowsy when I do 30-45 mins of strength training. Opinions please x
  13. Thanks for the lovely welcome people. Mik, I have been vegetarian since the age of 11, but only turned Vegan about 3 years ago, basically I am just trying to re-teach myself about nutrition and trying to remember that some fats are good, I think I will make a post on the nutrition board so that it doesn't turn to a discussion here. Thanks for the tips though, I think I am near enough eating the right things I am just a bit of a worrier is all. Dan, thanks for the complement, that is really kind. Vegan doughnuts isn't a problem for me anymore though, I hadn't eaten vegan doughnuts since I first went vegan and a few months ago and decided to make my own - I managed to splash the oil on my hand - I now have a blemish on my hand in the shape of a little mans head - enough to put me off - LOL. HCPinGviini, thanks for letting me know there are other people like me out there, some people now act as if I have no business wanting to keep in shape because of past problems - so thanks for that x What a lovely bunch you all are!
  14. Heya everyone, I'm 24, living in Plymouth, UK with my partner and as the topic says, I'm new to getting toned the healthy way - previously I have stuck to crash dieting and over doing it with the exercise which unfortunately led to an eating disorder, I recovered from that about 2 years ago but understandably my partner didn't trust me with exercise and had a tendancy to push food at me at every opportunity. I have now earned his trust again and am not overweight by any means but I am a little lumpy and would like to get toned again, but want to do it the healthy way, a concept that is a bit alien to me, so hopefully you guys can help me out a bit on that score. Rather than concentrating on weight loss I am focusing on toning up, just getting back into the exercise and I am working out 30mins per day 4 - 6 times per week, alternating strength training with cardio. I am a bit lossed with the nutrition side of things at the mo and am hoping to get some ideas from this site. Sorry for the long intro but I just wanted to let you know where I am coming from, thanks and hello x Sorry about the long intro
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