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  1. Well it has been a very long time and a lot of back-tracking happened until last year when I realised I needed to do something about eating more etc as I became about 2stone smaller than the first pictures. The past 9 mths I have been going to gym to do cardio and weights 3-4 times a week as well as eating more. At first a friend helped me put together a routine but now I improvise. There is still a lot of work to do and I sometimes think I have just put on far rather than muscle --- but this is a start, I think there is maybe some muscle peeking through JUST . The pic represents 9mths of working out rather then - sadly - the years it has been since I joined the board. I have often looked at other people's progress pictures for inspiration
  2. So it took me ages to actually start eating again properly and the stress of finishing my PhD and and a traumatic relationship end left me a wreck. Once again I am as small as, if not smaller than the original pictures. I have often checked the progress pictures to feel motivated for other people's progress, hoping that I could also do it. Anyway keen to make a new start and I am now eating much larger and frequently. My birthday last month made me realise that in my late 20s I have to stop undereating and do something positive I've been going to the gym 3 x a week and lifting plus cardio for the past 2 weeks and already I feel stronger and "bigger" (in body mass if not muscle yet - too soon to tell really but def feel firmer...) I will post my first progress photos on the 12th September
  3. After a long hiatus I am back with an update. Fortunately last summer was great and with swimming and weights I managed to bulk up around 10lbs and I felt great. Unfortunately autumn was less great and what with moving overseas for work, work stress, and slipping back into old (non) eating habits it all came off. I lost all the 10 lbs of mass that I put on since I took those photos in the past year, and I am actually probably 5-7lbs lighter now than then. Anyway, I am twice as determined this time and will keep working towards the end goal. No slipping into old eating habits. My plan for the next month is to concentrate on gaining and stuffing my food down so that next month I can start some swimming again - I don't want to start the cardio too soon. So off I go, and will aim to post some improvements in 4 weeks time!
  4. I swim 3/4 days a week - though I wouldn't describe myself as a swimmer yet because I am still taking a weekly session to improve technique. I suppose it would depend what your bodybuilding goals were. I swim for general fitness and tone ( + enjoyment and stress relief) - and lift light weights twice a week to help gain some bulk.
  5. I'm definately noticing a gain in muscle now. Had my first external confirmation last night when my boyfriend rubbed my stomach - "wow, you feel nice and firm"
  6. I am using 'Pulsin' Simply Protein Soya Protein Isolate; complete vegan powder....' Hmmm, blender it is!
  7. I've recently started to drink a vegan soy powder to help things along - but I think I'm doing it all wrong. I am following the instructions about adding it to soy milk and stirring but it forms a bubbly scum - the powder congeals and is lumpy. I drink/eat it anyway and it tastes okay but I think I'm doing something wrong. I imagined it being smoother somehow....maybe a blender?
  8. I have been moved up a swimming group, trying to eat LOADS more, and have been lifting light dumbells in prep for moving onto heavier sets in the New Year. With hope my Jan pics will show loads of progress!
  9. I am in Stockholm soon and will find this post really useful! tack så mycket!
  10. My weekly swimming class helps me along with some improving - this week is is butterfly stroke! (mops brow in panic!)
  11. Heh - accountancy - some of my friends do that - I hear all about its ups and downs The plan? *looks at recession* Urm...a job? (can't do any more study!)
  12. Heh, sometimes - most of the time I just want to pull my hair out!
  13. I live in the North right now, Manchester. My thesis is a cultural history of the collection of exotic animals in museums and menageries in eighteenth-century Britain. I look at motivations for collecting and sensory engagements with these animals. I look at the cultural history of animals - I am trying to think and write about what people in the eighteenth-century 'saw' when they looked at an exotic animal, touched it, and smelt it etc. Part of the thesis looks at the politics of the period and looks at exotic animals as political symbols of nationhood, national identity,gender, and climate. Some of the content borders onto early debate on animal rights and ethics. I started this project when I wasn't a vegan (in fact I started as an omnivore) - now I am I plan to finish it with a epilogue with a few thoughts on animals as objects in contemporary museums and zoos. Sorry for that long winded explanation! Tuc, I hope I can make as much progress as you! I have noticed some difference in energy since I have started swimming and exercising/lifting wiht dumbells. Just need to eat more and not give up.
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