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  1. You don't know what you're talking about. The Gracies hand picked weak opponents they knew Royce would beat so they could market their product. Art Jimmerson was not the best boxer at that time.
  2. Off topic.Bullshit! Royce Gracie mostly fought weak opponents in UFC 1-4 except for Dan Severn. Nuff said!
  3. That's a sweet deal. I saw a set at Modells for $200 over the summer.
  4. Hey, fellow Pennsylvanian. I'd suggest doing a full body workout 3 days a week. Session 1 Squat Bench Press Barbell Row Session 2 Deadlift Military Press Lat Pulldown Session 3 Squat Bench Press Barbell Row Do abs 2 days a week
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I'll never be able to Full (deep) Squat close to 600lbs.
  6. FYI-Not every member of this forum is a bodybuilder. There are cyclist, powerlifters, olympiclifters, martial artist, runners, and other athletes on this forum. I don't know why some people got defensive. Martial artists of different disciplines critique other martial arts and OLifters and PLifters argue all the time. Many BJJ practioners swear BJJ is a superior martial art. "Weightlifters" in general argue over training methods.
  7. Exactly. Although from my understanding Ronnie Coleman used to be a powerlifter and switched to bodybuilding because there's more money in BB than PL. RC can squat and DL 800-800lbs+, Leg Press 2300lbs, and DB bench press two 200lb DB for reps.
  8. I never said bodybuilders are not strong. There are many strong bodybuilders. However, they have the potential to be much stronger if they focused on developing strength doing compound exercises not isolation work. Most 300lb bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen are either genetic freaks or using steriods. Yes' date=' please [/quote']Your a smart guy, do the research. To all the bodybuilders you mock and you feel superior to because your muscles are "functional" (which often is used as a term meaning "small and not really strong but relatively fit") their muscles have a function - looking good, feeling good, maybe taking part or even winning a BB contest.I said "functional strength" not "functional." What? I don't feel I'm superior because my muscles are "functional." It'll take many years of hard work before I consider myself strong. I'm not strong by my standards. I don't feel I was talking down to them. Everyone knows bodybuilders work hard. No one will deny that.
  9. Friday 12/5 DB Bench Press 3sx5rx61lbs DB Pwr. Jerk 3sx5rx56lbs Knuckle Push-ups 1x15, 1x10, 1x10
  10. I didn't say it's better to be strong in overhead than in bench. I think being strong in both lifts is a good test of strength, however OHP works more muscle groups. Would you like me to name them all? What daily activities or sports besides powerlifting do strong pectoral muscles carry over too? Most activities and sports are done standing up not lying on your back. Close grip and shoulder width grip bench press are good if you're going to do a lot of pushing like a American football lineman and develope tricep strength. How does a pec dec develope functional strength? Nah man I'd rather be strong and lift for MYSELF than have big muscles for the sake of ??? having big muscles to look pretty and attract chicks. I think it's a waste of time to spend hours a week training to pack on useless muscle mass with minimal strength gains. Big muscle beach guys wear weightlifting gloves and use wrist straps because they don't want to spend time developing forearm and grip strength. "Oh no I don't want callouses on my hands!"
  11. OJ is such a dumbass. OJ has pensions and FL law doesn't allow the Goldmans to touch his assets. Good riddence idiot and have fun behind bars you fuck up.
  12. I've seen those big muscle beach guys do pull-ups. Their ROM on pullups is "nothing to write home about." Many big guys do lat pulls for wider lats. I'm doing lat pulls instead of pull-ups in my routine right now for the same reason everyone else does. They're easier. When I said OHP I meant any variation military press, jerk, push press, not hands close together. I use DB so its not a problem. Big strong pecs don't develope functional strength.
  13. Welcome! Good luck at acheving your goals in 2009.
  14. I'm the same way. But I just started deadlifting about 2 months ago, hopefully I will try to max it out soon. Currently my best lift is 120 kg x 7. If I would try a 1RM what weight should I try? Jackal's Gym Max Calculator http://www.jackalsgym.com/html.aspx?html=max_epley.html 264lb/120kgx7=324.984 pound = 147.410 262 77 kilogram One Repetition Max Calculator http://www.exrx.net/Calculators/OneRepMax.html 264lb/120kgx7=317 pound = 143.788 781 29 kilogram When I get bored and I like to do addition and conversions on my free time.
  15. This is simply not true. Why do people have to dis other people to make them look good? Or whatever they want to look good? Your post would have been fine without this last remark. Especially the functional strength part, because that said it all. What's inaccurate about Couture's remark? I agree with him. A lot of big guys who've been training for years can't do many pull-ups or paralell bar dips. Also, the overhead pressing strength of many powerlifters and bodybuilders is weak in comparison to what they can bench press. Of course their are exceptions. This has been already discussed on another thread.
  16. Congratulations! Good luck on your race to 500lbs. I should hit 300lbsx5 reps in 2 weeks. I don't do 1RM. Its psychological, I'm afraid of failure.
  17. Are you asking for suggestions for horizontal pulling exercises for your lats? How about seated cable rows? Would using wrist straps for horizontal pulling be easier on your wrist? I've never used them before so I don't know. Are you willing to cheat and use wrist straps? How do your wrist feel doing lat pulls (vertical)? Your pulling more than your bodyweight now (140). How about Straight Arm Pulldowns for variety. General back exercises http://www.exrx.net/Lists/ExList/BackWt.html
  18. The people are rude, suspicious, and mistrusting of each other. The US healthcare system, educational system, mass transit system, high incareration rate of non-violent offenders and the cost of the Prison and Military Industrial Complex (PIC). A european welfare state. I only speak English, I don't know the process to get THERE permanently, fear of being in a foreign country without friends, and fear of people making fun of my American accent. Learn a second langauge, start saving money or pay off debt first???, and don't get convicted of a felony.
  19. When you wrote this post I said I would call my nutritionist after the holiday weekend. I feel fine since I started eating brown rice again, so there's no need to call her. My blood sugar levels aren't as low as they need to be, but they aren't out the roof either.
  20. Wednesday 12/3 Food Log Calories: 2070 Fat: 62g Carbs: 182 Protien: 147g Thursday 12/4 DL 1sx5rx290lbs RDL 3sx5rx220lbs (I narrowed my stance) BN Lat Pulls 3sx10rx250lbs Tabata Squats: 4 minutes Calories: 2100 Fat: 59g Carbs: 248g Protein: 131g
  21. Nigerian scammers hit Facebook http://tech.msn.com/security/articlecnet.aspx?cp-documentid=13683297&GT1=40000
  22. That sounds like a good deal and I need a change of location. To bad I live on the east coast.
  23. That ain't as bad as DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince winning a rap grammy for "Parents Just Don't Understand" over Public Enemy "It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" or a guy with a flute winning the Best Hard Rock/Metal grammy over Metallica "And Justice for All" Didn't that happen in the same year?
  24. I don't know what dietary software you are referring to. In some fitness circles, especially bodybuilding, there seems to be an anti-fruit sentiment. When I lost 45lbs of fat in 8-9 months I eat a lot of bananas because they're cheap and give me energy for strenuous weightlifting sessions and martial arts classes.
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