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  1. Information:

    Age: 24

    Length: 173

    weight: 73kg


    Im trying to keep a straight edge vegan diet.

    I try to train 3 days a week, and besides that I do some swimming and stuff.



    Ive been sick for two weeks so I havent been able to train for 16 days. it really sucks.

    But yesterday I went to the gym, But I took it really easy.

    Just did my disco-program:





    I was really tired after being sick so thats it.


    Today I did some triceps, and shoulders. and after that I did some swimming for an hour.

    this week is going to be very easy. I will follow my real program next week.

  2. yo, I live in rågsved sthlm.

    maybe I should start my own log here. right now Im only writing things down in a book. witch isnt too bad either.

    how long have you been training?


    I read your log and I can see that y'all people on this site knows alot about food, protein and stuff. Im reading alot, but stil Im kinda lost.

    how do I know if I get enough protein? really confusing.


    was looking at your pics and I must say that I'm really impressed. you gained alot. just to let you know that you really inspired me to go on with my training. yessurr!

  3. really inspiring to read other peoples training logs.

    I just started building muscles and I really like it. But I get really pissed of when I cant go to the gym, for example when Im sick (like this weekend, im having a cold and sore throat). well, Im still a fatso and my bellys got "bilringar". But not for long!


    and nice to know that theres people in sweden building muscles on a vegan diet, where in sweden do you live!?

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