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  1. i smell what barack is cookin'!
  2. this may or may not come off as strange, but my goal body is something a bit.. thicker than the average body builder's. i'm venturing down the likes of esther baxter, vida guerra, beyonce, jennifer lopez, etc. it was fairly difficult finding appropriate pictures of these beautiful women, but here is one of esther baxter: http://api.ning.com/files/Nwsg1k4ESeCl7AmeToOcq0DOFJiEH-4hLWi3I0LooiA_/Esther_Baxter_Nude.jpg esther is 147 pounds at 5'7" (according to wikipedia). her measurements are 34DDD-24-40 (i know, triple D, wtf). anyhow, here are my current stats: - 5'4" - 145 pounds - 35-26-38 - about 23% body fat note: my max body weight was actually 180 pounds with mostly body fat. i think i had something like a 33 inch waist. i've become a lot smaller since then. as of right now, i'm fairly certain that i can't do anything about my B-cups. but other than that, does anyone have any tips on how to attain a body like this? insofar, i've been told to perform deep squats for a "ghetto booty" (thanks bodybag). my current workout plan is as follows. i alternate high reps/low weights and low reps/high weights every two weeks. i started off doing 15 minutes of cardio/45 minutes of weight training 5x a week and hiit 1x a week. i've recently switched to 45 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight training 3x a week and hiit 3x a week. here are my max weights: squat - 135lbs leg press - 290lbs curl - 25lbs bench press - 65lbs i think my main concern is that while these women look voluptuous, they simultaneously look slim. what do they eat? what are their workout regimes like? am i doing this right? tips, anyone?
  3. hello you gorgeous people. thanks everyone for the hospitality. robert - i bought my vegan booty shorts at the sf vegetarian day fair in early october (i was a volunteer). i actually bought them from melissa. she also sold me a dvd that you star in. i therefore know what you buy at the market.
  4. hello, my friends. (political reference unintended) bodybag - please elaborate on the "deep squat"; i am very much interested in attaining this proposed "ghetto booty."
  5. hi, i'm jamie. - i've only been a vegan for a little less than six months. - my favorite herb is basil. - i'm finishing up my bachelor's degree at uc berkeley. - max weight i've ever squatted was 135. - i can beat super mario world in 13 minutes. - i wear vegan booty shorts.
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