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  1. Yay! Good news! Hope he sticks to it. And as I tell my friends "Hey, I'm vegan, not a saint!" Welcome, Mike!
  2. It's simple: deadlifts, barbell rows, lots of food, may be tadasana from yoga. And some other asanas.
  3. He/she is actually right. Our natural food comes mainly from the trees, not from the fields. Geoengineering is harmful in many aspects. This does not mean to plant corn for animal food instead of soy for human food - it's all the same to the soil. Many people don't know that in this very moment the Amazon jungle is being cleared so Monsanto can plant their soy on the deforested ground. And yet again, the way the post was made is a bit rough and not well-thought (i.e. stupid ). Most of the Earth was once covered by forests.
  4. The good thing about going vegan is that you can eat more without worrying that you'll go overweight. I'm not well acquainted with bulimia but it doesn't sound unnatural to throw up after long periods of not eating. Your stomach hasn't had anything to do for a long time and then all the food comes in. Also, quick losses and gains in weight are usually water. That said, it is hard to judge from numbers:)
  5. Awesome!!! I'd so barter a copy for some tribulus! Congratulations, man!
  6. Yes, the key to it all is fun! Train for fun, sweat for fun! Enjoy your workout (so you can do it regularly;)! Now, on the nutrition issue - do not eat processed fat. Never. Simple as that. Ok, you may have a chocolate or something small but always check the fat contents. Sweet is allright if you can find it without added fat (hard, huh?). Of course, do not pour too much sugar into your stomach at once. You may want to focus on rice and whole grains (like, not grinded, no flour, no bread or at least not much). Of course, sweet fruit would be best if you like it. Aaaand - make yourself a diet that you enjoy! Fun is the key to everything!
  7. Lol...they had 20 bananas, they ate them It often happens that I eat 5 bananas but 20...heroic Now the bananas are kind of unripe and a bit green. The oranges though, are cheap and tasty. I eat 3-5 in one meal.
  8. I am on the 80/10/10 ... not diet, way of living. It works fine. 2 huge disadvantages: you buy the food, especially in winter, and you pee more often. Especially when oranges are discounted. But I'm feeling wonderful on it
  9. Strange. the 80/10/10 diet is about performance. I can train 2 times a day on it and it's the only way to recover from a 2 hours judo training in a couple of hours (to train a second time). May be the fruit you ate was not sweet enough? Or you underate? It's easy to undereat on this diet because it takes a great amount of fruit to match the energy equivalence of dry food.
  10. Not human...another species. Or actually - a real human!
  11. Haha, no, I am not going to sell any foods. One reason is that I refuse to deal with the Bulgarian food administration. Doing paperwork for sake of paperwork implies that you are guilty until proven innocent (paperwork done), which I find wrong. Another reason is that I am already almost a 100% raw food fruitarian and IMO all the food is already out there on the market. But.....it is a good idea and I will consider selling some under the counter It is going to be an ethical shop for alternatives to leather and for inspirational books and items. Other that that, you are welcome to drop by for any reason. My brother still has some spare tribulus plants which I think you can have.
  12. One possible reason are the oligosaccharides that we can not digest.
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