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  1. Hello, Kelly.


    Replacing is good for your conscience but not for your body. You would not eat animal suffering but you will eat animal food which is heavy to digest, toxic and generally low on nutrients.

    I wouldn't advise you to 'substitute' since the carnivorous eating habits are wrong in conception. For example, the proteins in the meat substitutes lose their globular structure and become fibrous which makes them harder to digest. This means not enough energy from them and heaviness. On the other hand, the natural, vegan sources are easier for us to digest. The energy you use to digest food is not something to neglect.


    Perhaps the fruit and the vegetables didn't give you enough calories. I'd say increase the amounts, mainly the sweet fruits since they are the most complete food for us humans with loads of glycogen and vitamins. Also, everything that you eat has protein in it. Every cell is made of protein. You could increase the amount of nuts you eat if you want something more solid. Adding them to salads makes it tasty. If you want supplements, there's Vega and Sun Warrior on this website. Guess it can be ordered online?

  2. I'm limited to hand weights only for day-to-day access. I'm hoping through combing through the forums here I can pick up more ideas for workouts that don't require gym equipment - or, alternatively, basic gym equipment that might be affordable to invest in.


    Dumbbells are the basic instruments of bodybuilding. Apart from that, you could do jogging. It will work great for the legs. Also, all kinds of outdoors activities.

  3. The tastier the better? Yes, I'd agree but..that doesn't answer my questions!! hmmm.?


    It answers the question, just does not explain


    The idea to drink protein is to restore the nitrogen balance (i.e. the level of amino acids) in the muscles after your anaerobic workout. The point is to get about 20-30 grams of protein after the workout. 30 grams is quoted as the maximum amount of protein we can digest at once. That is why almost all protein powders have a 30 grams dose. Depending on our digestive system, steroid uptake, mana points and other factors like that, this quantity may vary but remains in this area.

    After workout you would want a fast protein to recover the muscles asap, while for daily consumption, you'd want a slow protein to give you a steady supply of aminoacids. (Whatever is not utilized from the 'fast' protein, goes out of the body with the urine). A 'fast' protein, for example, is pea protein.

    There are two main types of protein: Isolates and concentrates. Isolates are obtained through fine processing (usually chemical) which removes the non-protein content from them to a very high degree. Concentrates are mostly dehydrated substances with more or less removed non-protein content (carbohydrates or fats). This only means that isolate is the purer form and has less carbs and fat in it. This does not make it the better source but since the process of obtaining it is more expensive and complex than that of obtaining concentrate, the production companies now have a good reason to take your money! (Since 50% of say $12 is more than 50% of $8). Apart from this, some valuable components are removed in the process of filtration of isolate. If we were not vegans, whey protein isolate would be better than whey protein concentrate because it would have less lactose (indigestible) and animal fats. This doesn't seem to be the case with vegetable proteins unless you have intolerance to something (but then you wouldn't pick this source at all). Some valuable nutrients are lost in the process of filtration of isolates too. Usually, proteins with too high a percentage of protein content are somewhat denatured but this depends on the manufacturer and processing. It may or may not happen. 80% whey protein is stable and soy stays stable at even 90% (to be verified, general numbers).


    As to what type:


    Soy protein is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids. It also has a high glutamine content. Glutamine is an amino acid which is widely used in the muscles and very essential for muscle recovery. However soy protein is harder to digest and absorb than the other plant sources.


    Hemp protein is very easy to digest and does not involve genetic modifying, therefore being the more moral choice. It is very close in structure to the proteins found in the blood plasma, which supposedly gives the body building blocks for its immune cells.


    Pea protein is the fastest to absorb protein out there (better than whey) which makes it the perfect post-workout protein. However, pea protein is poor in methionine (peanuts have a high methionine content) but has a high lysine content.


    Rice protein is easy to digest and is processed with enzymes at low temperature which preserves it against denaturing. However it is poor in some amino acids, among which lysine. Therefore...


    ...the combination of pea + rice protein is very good. I myself love Pro Sana's 3-component (rice, pea and soy) protein ... because of its extremely low price and wonderful vanilla flavour!!! This is a German company and I doubt you can find it in the US. This forum works with some good US protein powders. You could look into the forum for more details on them.


    With that said, you just want 10-30 grams of protein after your workout and it doesn't really matter where it comes from as long as it's there. Food is actually the best source. And apart from the nitrogen balance, you'd want some glycogen restoration, which is why some fast carbs after the workout give good recovery. I'd recommend fruitarianism with all my heart but that's another topic.


    Therefore, what matters is ... the taste! Because it makes your life better. The protein's function is only to be there.

    And to conclude...


    The boss of a very large company was looking for a secretary. 3 girls showed up for the interview. The adviser of the boss was conducting the interview. "What do you get when you add 2+2?" he asked the girls.

    - 4. - answered the first girl.

    "This is one is accurate and honest". - said the adviser.

    - The same you get when you multiply 2 x 2. - answered the second girl.

    "This one has a rhetoric talent." - said the adviser.

    - What result do you want me to get you? - answered the third girl.

    "This one is an experienced and has imagination" - said the adviser. "Now, boss, which one do you want to be your secretary?"

    - The blond one with the big boobs! - answered the boss.


    Same with the protein powders. They all get you protein, just pick the one you like drinking.


    Also, I'd suggest you eat some good amount of fruits (bananas, oranges, melons, water melons, anything sweet in a good quantity) in the morning. This will give you glycogen for the liver, muscles and brain. Keep the protein shake. Maybe take it some minutes after the fruits for better digestion. Also, take some sweet fruit after your workout. One orange, one grapefruit, something like that. Again, to restore the muscle fuel - glycogen. Then drink your protein shake. While bananas will be good before the workout, something with more water and vitamins would be better after the workout - hence the citrus ones. The carbohydrates in fruits (mainly fructose) are simple sugars but they follow another metabolic path than the other sugars (they form glycogen in the liver directly) and they almost never turn into fat. Just make sure you eat them at least 15 minutes before the other food so they can be digested and absorbed without obstruction from other foods. You could also move the almond butter earlier in the day to avoid having to metabolize fats during the night (sleep) when your metabolism is slow. You could replace it with a huge salad/fruits/both. Again, do not worry about the fruits, their sugar is 'good'. This is your last meal for the day but if you still have some hours till bedtime, I guess just add the salad/fruits. I suppose the fructose (glycogen) from the fruit will alleviate the hunger issue. If it doesn't, then keep the fructose and add some salads to your diet to fill your stomach.

    Good luck with the competition too

  4. Duncan, if I understand it correctly, it's like a dumbbell-curl when standing with your back against the wall, but now seated, and slightly 'inclining wall'. Or is it something else?


    Yes, this is the idea. However you are seated and the "wall" touches only your upper arms which allows you to have a stable posture while at the same time your arms are immobilized. This bench would be perfect for it:

    http://www.armwrestlingtables.com/preacher_curl.htm (random google image).

  5. We are vegans by nature, cats and dogs are carnivores by nature. Cars eat gasoline, diesel and gas. It's as simple as that


    I have to disagree. Without eating lots of dirt and living in a sunny environment, many vegans would die without supplementation. B12 and vitamin D just aren't found in vegan foods, and they are required by our body...


    You don't have to disagree. Humans are made to live outdoors in a sunny environment. Otherwise they don't feel good whatever they eat or take;)

  6. 1. Find the preacher curl bench in the gym.

    2. Take 2 dumbbells.

    3. Sit on the bench with your back against the surface for the arms. That is, sit in the opposite direction. This way your back/triceps/elbows will touch the pads of the preacher bench. This will keep your arms fixated while still allowing for the elbows to go back a bit and will alleviate the effort needed to keep your posture if you do this exercise with your back against a wall.

    4. Curl!

  7. yazzi, I think this rejection was a great gift. Otherwise you'd have gotten somewhere you wouldn't want to be. Such a reply on a "national" level is very unprofessional. It speaks bad for the person who wrote it and it is totally intolerable on a professional/official level.

    Of course, doing things on your own is a lot sweeter I think things worked out in your favour. Good luck!

  8. What Arion said. Deadlift, squats, rows, etc. It is not very possible to gain weight without lifting weights. Bodyweight exercises alone don't do it. I can tell you this because I am 185 cm tall, I weigh 73-74 kilos and I do like 30 chin ups and 50 dips. I like my body and I am not trying to gain weight but if I were trying, I'd do deadlifts, squats, dumbbell/barbell rows etc. Also, you said you are 17. Take this into account as well. Do not compare yourself to older people. I think that if you focus on performance rather than weight/looks, the weight and the looks will come as a result.

    If it is impossible for you to visit a gym, try challenging yourself. Aim at as many chin ups/dips/etc you can do. You could try raising the count by 5. Do some jogging. Also, if you have a training partner, there are exercises with the partner's bodyweight:) For example squats with him on your shoulders. If you could find a belt to hang some weights on your waist when you do dips/chin ups, that would help as well.

    In the end, with the "natural exercises" you won't have gained the weight you thought you wanted but your body will look very symmetrical and well developed and will have some good functional strength

    Also, like the old sumo wrestler said "Don't eat on an empty stomach." Eat fruit before and after the workouts and take some nuts as well.

  9. I think that animal sinew and such stopped being used as raw material from which to isolate creatine long ago. According to what I know, most of the creatine out there is synthetic. The question is what do they synthesise it from. It still might come from animals.

  10. Eat fruit before and after workouts. Oranges and bananas for example. Strawberries, pears, melons, water melons - anything sweet. You could restore your water and glycogen levels with sweet juicy fruits. Fruit is full of vitamins - who needs the Animal Pak? You might get some vegan protein or just eat more in general:) Make sure to be loaded with protein after the workout. There is protein in each living cell so combining some plant sources usually gives a good amino profile. The good thing about fruit is that you can eat as much as you want

    As to the workout, yes, it is possible to gain muscle/weight without the gym. Get a vest with weights and do dips and chin ups. Or have someone hang on your back/waist and do the same

    Only bodyweight will give you a nice body but not mass.

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