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  1. Jen, your nutrition sounds fine. Keep the fruit. What will help you is monstrous training. Tae bo, lot's of jogging, etc. Try to have a power workout and a cardio workout. You could even train 2 times a day. Determination is key!!!

    If you go into monstrous working out, remember to eat fruit before and after the workouts. Try to eat as soon as possible after the workout so you can recover the glycogen and the muscles as a whole(eating fruit).

  2. A couple of days have passed and here's my progress with going raw:

    I eat non raw things more rarely - it was like once a day, it happens once in two days now

    and it's accidental - i.e. going to a friend's house, etc.

    I seem to have defeated my addiction to bread. Well, I'm surely going to eat some bread some

    day, just for the sake of a good meal of hot bread with savory. However, I seem to be able to resist

    the temptation to jump on a bread and swallow it whole! After maybe a week of eating mostly

    raw, non-raw food seems dry. Started craving for more vegetables. I used to neglect them before.

    Started thinking about how to get access to the tons of fruit needed for the diet.

    Why oh why did we move away from the tropics...

  3. Yeah, that's our 'cruel reality' but we Balkan people usually find our way around things:) Speaking of which, I was considering converting my next car to run on LPG/CNG (ecological, cheap) but the prices skyrocketed even for these fuels so I might compromise my conscience and just get a pre-'97 diesel and run it on used vegetable oil from the restaurants.

  4. Fallen Horse, thanx for the recommendation, I'll check "Becoming raw" as well.

    Amawalke, the way you count the percentage of foods in your diet is this:

    If you take a 80/10/10 diet, this means 80% of the calories you eat should come from carbs, 10% from protein and 10% from fat. Roughly (these are very simplified figures, the values are rounded, used for the purpose of the example) one gram of protein is 4 calories, 1 gram of carbs is 4-5 calories, and one gram of fat is 9 calories. So if I want to eat 80 grams protein today, I'm going to eat 80 grams x 4 calories = 320 calories from protein. That's 10% of my total calorie intake (because we set the goal to 80/10/10 earlier). Another 10% are the fats. So 320 calories from fats, which means 320/9 = roughly 35 grams of fat. The rest comes from fruit, so 80% = 8 x 10% => 320 x 8 = 2520 calories from carbs. 2520 / 5 = roughly 500 grams of carbs. This approach centers around the protein intake in your diet and is not taken from Dr. Graham's book, who I think advices against too much protein in your diet but I hope the example works.


    What was most amazing in Dr. Graham's book though is 'fruitarianism' if I may call it this way. He explains how fruit is what nature intended us to eat - fruit, supplemented with vegetables and some nuts. We all like sweet - that is because we evolved as fruit-eating animals and our taste guides us to the most suitable food for us. The taste of the predator guides it to meat, the taste of the goat guides it to leaves, etc. As Dr. Graham said, it takes more than 50 000 years, sometimes 500 000 years for a species to change genetically (maybe not counting bacteria). And we are not born with stoves on our backs - we evolved as fruit eating animals.


    I feel great on a fruitarian diet. I have energy and that energy is immediate and long-lasting. Meaning that I'm ready for athletic exercises 15 minutes after I eat fruit. Even less than 15 minutes actually, depending on the quantity of fruit I ate.


    Vege, I bet you can obtain tons of cheap fruit in Serbia - assuming we are neighbours and the sutuation in Serbia is like the situation in Bulgaria (or I could be wrong). You can find cheap fruit in Bulgaria, you just have to look around a bit. And it is still summer/autumn and all these small agricultural producers (mainly old grannies) are selling wonderful grapes for 1 eur/kg, even cheaper somewhere;) Yeah, a bit hard to find cheap mangos but we have apples, grapes, things like that. The pears are coming out soon I think!

  5. Ladies and boys, I think I'm turning into a raw eater! This might take a year because I'm like a turtle in doing anything. I usually don't talk about things before I've brought them to an end but but but... this is so wonderful that I have to share!

    There were some threads on this forum like this one: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22040&p=239919&hilit=graham#p239919 and that's how I came across Douglas Graham's book 'The 80/10/10 diet'. An absolutely awesome, natural, inspiring, enlightening book! And I am saying this as a nutritional and fitness expert, as a long time practitioner of deep philosophy, martial arts and things like that, yoga including. Truly enlightening!

    How could I have overlooked this so very simple truth - there is protein in most cells! Protein is the building block of the cell. Therefore there's protein in all vegetables and fruit! And if you don't count the water in them, it's a good quantity! I've been indoctrinated by the fitness industry to discard anything with less than 10% protein content as completely insufficient. What a great mistake! And this protein can be almost enough to sustain us.

    So I tried increasing the fruit in my diet and it was a blessing that I came upon this book during the summer when our family farm is full of fruit. I feel wonderful. I have kept my muscle mass, I even look a little bit more shredded (due to more regular training too) and I feel so light and strong! After I eat food which is not raw, I feel heavy, even from rice. When I eat raw food, I'm ready to train almost on the spot! Unless I ate a whole water melon:D

    I'm posting this message just to share my experience. I still haven't finished reading the book, so there's a lot more to discover and experiment. I still eat at least one non raw food a day but the difference is remarkable. There's no way I can gain weight right now because I only do jogging/martial arts/body weight exercises but I might experiment later:)



    Another one from me:


    A guy is walking in the desert and runs out of water. He sees an oasis and heads there. When he reaches the oasis though, he finds a dragon sleeping near the well. The guy draws out his sword and attacks. They fight for a while and suddenly the dragon backs off and asks:

    - Hey, dude, what the hell do you want?

    - I want to drink water!

    - Then drink, why are you fighting???

  7. Yeah. Some of them are kind of permitted - check up the Amflora case, 2 March 2010. I couldn't find how each country voted though. Some monsanto product (maize) was allowed together with Amflora. After 13 July 2010 it is up to each EUcountry to decide about GMOs. Check this link:


    I was wrong in my previous post though. We Bulgarians indeed adopted some anti-GMO legislation and our minister of agriculture did indeed lobby for some GMOs turning the tables of a 11/11 vote but that was in 2009. Still, the ban in Bulgaria is not complete, it is kind of obscure, banning the growing of GMOs within 30 kms of a specified protected area. Supposedly this would effectively ban the growing of GMOs in Bulgaria but it is too obscure. Anyway, it is still something

  8. I HATE MONSANTO!!! I'm from Serbia and we don't allow GM foods by law.

    Hah, I'm from Bulgaria. Nice to meet you:) We had some riots against GMO here too. In the end, our minister promised no GMO and the next day gave his vote to allow GMO in the EU council. The vote was 10:11 or something like that in favour of the GMO with our corrupt 'head' turning the tables (and 10 or so more like him). So no GMO in Bulgaria for now but with the GMO being allowed in the EU, that will anyway bring them here. Unless we protest more!

  9. Wtf, you may not replant them? How twisted is that? Horrible. Not that someone's gonna catch the Indian farmers who replant them but the very idea is abominable. What twisted laws allowed that? Monsanto should be wiped off the face of the Earth.

  10. This is just sad. Whatever his problems were, they had nothing to do with veganism. I've been vegetarian since 2001 and vegan since 2008. I don't take supplements, except protein shakes from time to time (but meat eaters take them too, right?) and I'm perfectly healthy and intend to stay this way. Yeah, I have dandruff from time to time but I've had it since I was a kid and ate loads of meat (selenium and zink supplementation does help here). Nature didn't intend us to take supplements. Yeah, it didn't intend us to look like Nasser as well. And you won't look like Nasser just eating meat - you need hormones. Being a vegan is just a part of the big picture. Just joining a martial arts club doesn't make you a ninja - it takes some years of hard training. Becoming vegan is not the magic switch either, it just helps. There's no magic switch (there is always a way out though!:). I bet the problems were related to other things, not the vegan diet. Meat is just easier to buy. All these years this guy spent as vegan ... vegimator, hope your brother turns back so we could welcome him back:)

  11. Nice questions!


    1. Yes and no. Protein is composed of amino acids. There are roughly 22 essential (for humans) amino acids among over 300 amino acids which the human body uses. The general idea is that the human body needs to obtain the "essential" acids from food sources, while it can synthesize the other 300 on it's own from "building blocks". Eggs contain all the 22 amino acids. That's one source for all 22, which means that if you were stranded on a lonely island with a barbell and only one "protein" food source to choose from and you insisted on building muscles fast, maybe you could eat eggs. Soy protein has all of the 22 essential aminos too. I bet there are other plants which have them as well

    You do not need all of the 22 aminos from one source though. Having different foods in your diet should eliminate any concerns about "complete" proteins - that's how all us vegans build muscle! I personally do believe in biological transmutation too but I don't have sound proof right now.


    2. Why do you need cow's milk? Casein retains water, leading to cellulite (a scourge for women). It also contains as much fat (saturated) as protein (or should if it's not processed with chemicals, which you don't want in your body). Just eat enough, you don't need milk. The gorillas in the jungle don't drink milk and yet they get pretty big.


    3. Soy protein is a very useful source of glutamine - glutamine is a highly anabolic amino acid. I have experienced it myself. About the estrogen levels - I am not sure, it's very controversial and I personally decided to quit taking too much soy - out of caution and because soy somehow isn't tasty and I believe that the body tells you best what's good for you. Some people drink soy proteins and have no problems. The thing with soy is that it's a very tough plant, very easy to grow. So the soy industry has launched a propaganda and the meat industry, feeling threatened is launching counter propaganda. Who knows where the truth is. Check pubmed.org, there's useful stuff on it. I think some Japanese study in 1966 showed that soy was bad for men but it was very indecisive - and it was 1966 after all (or some year like that, not sure right now).


    4. I used to use a 3 component protein - soy, pea and rice. It was wonderful. More components = more things (aminoes, vitamins, trace elements, etc) you might want in your diet. I highly recommend such proteins. I never got the chance to try hemp or gemma.

  12. Duncan_Idaho, I disagree with your description of Krav Maga as "just a judo inspired patchwork".

    Since I don't have really deep impressions from Krav Maga, I decided to watch a youtube video of it. I randomly watched Roy Elghanyan (no idea who he is or which branch of Krav Maga that is) but all of the grips/chokes/throws were Aikido/Ju Jutsu techniques. The guy looks pretty good too...in ju jutsu/aikido . That's modified Japanese techniques. No Zan Shin but it would be hard to keep Zan Shin and aim to escape anyway. Or maybe this was the commando thing?


    Ducati, from the way you described your idea about a self defense style, I'd recommend Muai Thai - it's a nice, tough style, which uses kicks, knees, elbows, etc. Still, the best street fighters I've seen are the judo fighters.

  13. Um, man don't train without having eaten. Eat, give yourself 30 mins - yes, gotta adjust life somehow, then train. It's good to be loaded with protein during your weight training but it's even more important to have a high protein meal after the training to restore the nitrogen balance. So - depending on what you have eaten last night, if you don't wake up too hungry - take one protein shake after your workout. If you wake up hungry or don't have much time to eat in the morning - take one small protein shake -like 15 grams (but a meal is a must in all cases), then workout, then take another shake - maybe 20 grams.

  14. Indeed, Ducati, you are right. Practice and sparring are VERY important for martial arts. I cannot imagine a martial art without sparring. My main style is aikido and aikido is all practice, all sparring - well at least my school, where we train and don't talk Most aikido schools are all talk and little practice but that's another matter. There are almost no bad styles but usually the best ones are the original ones. Krav maga is just a judo inspired patchwork - better train judo or ju jutsu. The thing though is that you have to find a proper school (the very school). Ju jutsu is awesome but the judo schools, due to their sports nature, have more practice. This is a two-side coin because their very sports nature takes away from their practicality - too many rules. Anyway, judo fighters are still one of the best street fighters. So choose the most suitable for you style and then find a good school. Well you will most likely be limited by what's offered in your location. Of course, there are these styles which are hardcore fighting by their very nature - like kyokushin kai karate, although I am somehow not sure in the sanity of their methods (and heads for that matter).

    Btw, having a good sparring partner is invaluable! My best friend and I used to spar each evening while we were students - wrestling, kicks, punches, combat in the open, combat in a small room - we tried everything. That was a tremendous help for me.

    Like many people say, martial arts are one big family and the different styles are just a different approach.

    The krav maga creators are good fighters because they are judo champions. Otherwise if a judo student and a krav maga student with relatively the same experience fight, I'd bet on the judo student:)

  15. What kind of carbs do you eat? Enough fruit? Enough rice?

    A protein supplement sometimes helps too If possible try a mixture (protein shake) - like soy, rice and peas or soy/rice or something as opposed to pure soy. Soy protein shakes do indeed have a high glutamine content but the mixtures seem to offer a wider variety of aminos. Dunno about hemp, never tried it.

  16. What VeganEssentials said (That seems to become a habitual opening sentence for me )

    And: There is no suffering in Nature!!! Yes - none! When an animal dies, it dies naturally. When the leopard eats the antelope, the antelope struggles for its life in a mesmerizing spectrum of feelings - no suffering (not that dying is pleasant, it just happens)! Whoever has trained martial arts or close hand to hand combat will know what I mean. I've gone out of spars bruised, beaten, even bitten if you will - still, I became aware of the damage AFTER the fighting.

    Suffering is purely a human condition. It is the result of our domesticated slavish way of life. Strictly speaking, suffering is not even human, just imposed on humans but this is another topic.


    By going out of the circle of Nature, the human beings enter the circle of suffering - basically that's what most enlightening religions/philosophies/spiritual schools teach. The buddhists call this circle Samsara. If you follow Nature you will never know suffering - it's UNNATURAL!

    Veganism is a step (a serious one) towards harmony with Nature and towards the exit of this circle of suffering.

    Meat eating is a form of cannibalism. The carnivorous animals out there exist for a purpose but humans are NOT meant to be carnivorous. We all know the benefits of the vegetarian diet. I guess the logical evolution of a vegan is eating raw food but not everyone has the know how/strength to do this - I personally still do not. Ours is the task to find a way out of these dark ages of cannibalism! That's the challenge for us vegans - to find the light and to disperse it among the darkness. Well whoever feels like dispersing it - finding it is good enough Here I have to thank Robert and everyone for this beautiful and inspiring site. Thank you!!

    Last year I went to the seminar of Swami Dev Murti - a yoga master. The guy is over a hundred years old and has a tremendous presence. He came over to Bulgaria from Germany and it was a big event, there were like 1k people in the hall, most of them came to see such an old and fit person live and to learn yoga secrets. Most of the time though this man spoke how vegetarianism is the right thing to do. He kept saying "Why eat our brothers, the animals?".

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