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  1. Um, what VeganEssentials said.

    And: Most of the underground organizations - far right, etc are controlled by the secret services and used for their purposes should opportunity present itself. That applies to AR movements too. Before you commit yourself to any cause, make absolutely sure that you are not just a pawn in a bigger game.

    This is a good link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Gladio

    This one too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_ajax

    Rescuing animals is a noble cause in all cases though. It just sucks when competitive laboratories use AR activists to fight the competition. Anyway, I doubt the saved animals care about the reasons why they were saved

  2. What lobsterrific said about telling them beforehand. Depends on the case. Just make your point trying not to insult them. If they don't understand as much, there's always the 'I'm not hungry' excuse.

    Whatever you do, don't focus too much on the food subject. Don't explain what and why on the table - noone's gonna change with the meal before them. Just find the shortest/quickest way out of not eating, then when they tell you you'll die starving say "Nah, I'm ok, I just ate" and change the subject. Then you may spend some time fighting hunger but people munching on meat around you should help your determination

    One thing helps in the case - as the old sumo master told his student when the student asked him how he managed to maintain his bodyweight - Never eat on an empty stomach!

    Be firm! With time things will change. I myself haven't been in a situation to be offered meat for ages. Well I ate a cake a couple of days ago but it was the hosts 'special cake' and they were all people aged over 50, indoctrinated to eat meat all their lives, and they had made a special effort to make the rest of the food vegan for me. It was a step forward overall!

  3. MMA fighter - that gets the mainstream media to promote you and you can really influence people without having to change their perception matrix to make them understand something.

    The Zorro/Batman thing is nobler and maybe more satisfying and maybe more rewarding but it would achieve less for the very cause and more for you. It may develop you better as a person too.

    If I may, I'd add a subdivision of the Zorro thing - create a secret sect which will influence politicians and even the people who influence the politicians:P Another subdivision - promote the vegan lifestyle. But you'd need MMA fighters to do so

    Anyway, Morihei Weshiba turned vegetarian towards the end of his life. He is said to have spoken the language of the animals too. And he was Japan's best fighter in his time.

  4. Beforewisdom, overpopulation and leaving animals alone don't have much in common. Overpopulation is strictly a human problem if it's a problem at all. Look at googleearth - see how terraformed the US and the western world are - acres of empty land, patched by human hand, not by nature - and look at the population density. Cities are overpopulated. Urbanization is what is bothering you. Cities shouldn't exist, at least not in this form.


    Back on topic,


    Apriltrainer, don't worry, I doubt anyone here has never "sinned". I ate cake (with cream) yesterday. A friendly family knew that there were going to be vegetarians at the table and had made salads and everything and they insisted i tried their special cake - go explain it's not vegan. The end result was that they were made aware that not eating meat is possible and it happened in a pleasant for them way.

  5. Your trainer seems to know what he's doing giving you squats and deadlifts - basically, that's what you need. Dips, etc too - basic exercises to increase your strength and add mass. It is a bit strange that he makes you do flies and other exercised between the sets - this could waste energy and resources but on the other hand it could be a way to overcome the plateau. Eat protein, eat carbs, eat vegetables. Never eat on an empty stomach!


    On strength and gaining mass - much has been written, it's out on the internet. The baseline is that mass and strength usually go together. There are three things about muscle contractions: innervation, muscle response and duration of the response. If you reach failure in 1-4 reps (generally) you train innervation - that's recruiting more fibers as a percentage of the muscle to act at once (The maximum % of your muscle that you can contract is about 30-40). With 6-10 reps generally you increase the muscle's capacity to store and utilize nutrients - that's mass. With over 12 reps you train duration, no mass, just endurance (aerobic energy, oxygen used by the mytochondria).

    Things are not black and white. For example if you do 100 pushups, your last pushups could have a trianing effect on the innervation/strength. Usually it's a good thing to build strength, then go for the other things.


    Have a nice pumping!

  6. Soooo:


    1: We have a girl jaywalking.

    2:Cop tries to apprehend girl.

    3:A Misunderstanding happens.


    First off - jaywalking can be dangerous. So can be chewing though - you could swallow something and suffocate. -> The girl's offense was not THAT big.


    Second: What is the cop's duty? To challenge people or to maintain the safety of the city? The girl's jaywalking was not such a big threat. So the cop decided to pick on the girl. He could have just advised her not to do it - considering her age, done it properly, we know how teenagers are. ->Trying to apprehend her for jaywalking was totally wrong.


    Third: What do you want? A criminalized population? Stalin discovered that forced labour was a great way to build infrastructure so he sent half of his population to "correction facilities" and exploited them. Is it impossible to live without criminalizing half of the population?


    I'm not American but that's what I'd think if this happened in my country.

    A crime avoided is better than a crime counted. The police should help, not criminalize people.

  7. More chickpeas and rice, less bread and potatoes. Lots of vegetables and fruit. No sugar.

    Training training training - get to train at least 4 times a week. Don't kill yourself. It doesn't matter how hard you train, it matters how often you train. When you train, try to ignite your body - you know, that burning feeling. Breathe! Lots of cardio.

    Hope that helps:)

    And make sure you enjoy your training!

  8. I don't like alcohol anymore. I drink "socially" maybe once in a couple of months and maybe once in a year I get really drunk "socially" but that may or may not happen. I avoid most bars and cafes because I can't stand tobacco smoke. I never cared much about drugs and drugs never cared about me either The legality of drugs is an interesting topic. Guess I'm almost a T total

  9. Friends, I have a request for you. I have the idea to organize a seminar (or a couple of them) on vegetarianism (in the form of veganism) and sports. The event(s) are supposed to take place in Bulgaria. Main goals: to promote vegetarianism and sports, discuss and answer questions. I've come up with some ideas for possible topics. I'd like to have some more ideas from you. Imagine you attended such a seminar - what would you want to discuss? What do you think is worth talking about? Anything you think should be mentioned!

  10. Wonderful! You are going to love it:)

    As to advice - try to plan what you are going to do and go through it (roughly) the day before (talking to the walls helps!). That should give you some smoothness and confidence which the trainees are going to appreciate. Also, this way you will get accustomed to your own voice in such situations.

    Another thing - if you forget what you were going to do next - improvise! Everything's fine as long as you seem confident, just jump to whatever you see fit.

    Try to smile and be positive and relaxed and convey that feeling to the group

    Remember that they came because of your expertise and be confident about it.

    Be natural, be easy on them and show no hesitation. Talk loudly (but still, naturally) and give your best!

    Hope this helps. It's wonderful to do what you are going to do! Congratulations:)

  11. Pro Sana 3 component protein - rice, pea and soy, vanilla flavour. Doesn't mix good, turns into saitan or whatever and half of it remains on the walls of the shaker but it tastes wonderful and I love it:) Got it from Germany.

    After years of training, I found out that the most important quality of a protein drink is its taste. -> Good thread! Life should be nice!:)

  12. Interesting topic, thanx for the article, Vegan Joe:)

    Here's my experience:


    1. On carnivorous pets - nature itself made them such and carnivores are part of the world. Humans are not carnivorous, cats and dogs are. Ideally, a carnivore should be able to provide food for itself, keeping the balance in nature intact. However, in our corrupted society this is not possible, so until it exists in this current state, I will compromise buying non vegan food for my dog.


    2. The lesser evil: Until a month ago we bought whatever food our dog ate and liked best. However, then we came across an article about pet food companies and as "conscious consumers" (an oxymoron) we decided to check out which is which.

    We found out that Pro Plan, which our dog loved and felt great with, was actually produced by a subsidiary of Nestle, who use slave labour, sell contaminated food and abuse animals and humans - no Pro Plan anymore. A couple of years ago we had fallen for some Eukanuba ads and it came down as the next choice. When we researched a bit (thank the Allmighty Internet), it turned out it was owned by Procter and Gamble - again slave labour, animal testing, animal abuse. Royal Canin is owned by Mars (and apart from the PETA's dislike which is for a good reason, I think it's evil to sell candies to living creatures). Hill's Science Plan is owned by Palmolive, who at least claim to have abandoned their animal testing program. However, our dog doesn't feel quite good with that food and I still distrust corporations (corporation = big masses = many working for the few). I haven't researched enough into the matter but the concept of cosmetics companies who own pet food brands kind of makes me think that they have found a profitable way to dispose of the corpses of the test animals.

    The "moral" (as much as possible) choice was to find a brand, produced by a company (preferably a small one), whose only business is pet food. This should mean that the company's goal is to produce good pet food and not to help corporations make profit out of things we don't want to exist at all (animal testing, slave labour, etc). People in the US and Germany (maybe the UK too) are lucky to have a plenty of small companies to chose from. The best we could find to be sold in Bulgaria so far was Virbac. I don't know enough about this food but our dog loves it, it looks to have quality, it was founded by a vet and they only produce things for pets. You guys have more choice

  13. From Wikipedia:


    In a diary entry dated April 26, 1942, Joseph Goebbels described Hitler as a committed vegetarian, writing,


    "An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Führer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat-eating is harmful to humanity. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favor of his standpoint are very compelling."[12]

  14. 1. Do ab crunches (for the upper abs)

    2. Do leg raises (for the lower abs). You could bend your knees.

    3. Train the obliques and the transverse muscles - that's half of your tummy.

    4. Train your waist.

    This way you get a thick, strong tummy, which metabolises fat better.

    You really cannot lose fat only locally, so:

    5. Do cardio workouts (jogging, treadmill, etc)

    6. Whatever you do, do it regularly:)

    7. Eat complex carbs + fruit instead of simple carbs (sweet) Don't get rid of all carbs, your body needs them for many functions, including muscle tissue preservation.

  15. ...As this patent readily explains, ingredients used in the vaccine are derived from the kidneys of African Green Monkeys who are first infected with the virus, then allowed to fester the disease, and then are killed so that their diseased organs can be used make vaccine ingredients. This is done in a cruel, inhumane "flesh factory" environment where the monkeys are subjected to a process that includes "incubating said inoculated cell line to permit proliferation of said virus." Then: "harvesting the virus resulting from step ©; and... (ii) preparing a vaccine from the harvested virus."


    The whole article can be found here:


  16. Nice post, Aryan!

    Now, let's think in our human way!


    dictionary.com (a randomly chosen source) gives the following definitions:


    1. use or utilization, esp. for profit: the exploitation of newly discovered oil fields.

    Ok, so exploitation means 'USE' - mainly (but not only) for profit. Let's check what 'USE' means.

    USE: –verb (used with object)

    1. to employ for some purpose; put into service; make use of: to use a knife.


    Here's the key:




    If you employ something for a purpose, you are bringing it down to the level of an object.

    You let the store treat you like an object (consumer). The real consumer is your pet, so it is an object too.

    Do we want to be objects?

    Do we want to bring another living creature down to such level? I don't know about American law but in Bulgarian law animals are presumed to be objects. That's what we vegans have to change in this world, right? Service/slavery has to disappear.

    The natural counterpart of service is symbiosis. Note that service can never be symbiosis.


    So what to do?


    When you buy food for your pet, make sure you bought it because you wanted to help your friend/feed your baby.

    When you get a pet: Make sure it's going to be a good experience for both of you.

    Friendship and symbiosis are allright, service isn't.

  17. PETA have "nice" videos on peta.org. I gotta show them to some people to make them vegans:D

    As to what to boycott - boycott anything you feel right for the cause. Just make it obvious

    that you are doing it and be convincing so others start following your example

    And what CollegeB said about animals being in that position.

    Btw it doesn't matter how PETA work as long as they are affirming the idea.

    This is one of the ways a psychotronic weapon works.

  18. Being vegan means that one way or another, you have already taken a stand in this world. The essence of freedom is in the principle "Live and let live." What we vegans are accomplishing in this world is harmony. Harmony and freedom go side by side. As a guy from the UK once said, "I am the eye with which the universe beholds itself." This is every living being's purpose in this world - to be a part of an amazingly beautiful experience.

    The question here is: is this world a prime example of harmony, beauty and living force? We have divine forests, we have astonishing fauna, we have the vastness of the seas and the freshness of the mountains. We know what sharing joy and love is, we know sympathy. Yet we have suffering, we have overall lack of intelligence, we are blind as species and we hurt ourselves - as species and as individuals (in all ways). What we call violence is part of nature - there are predators in the wild and that's quite ok with the environment. However, there's no horror, fear, prolonged suffering or slavery in nature - these mostly occur where humans have been involved.

    So any sane person will notice that SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD.

    Some say it's killing animals, others say it's the conspiracies, violence, communism, capitalism, religion, blacks, yellows, whites, the banks, human stupidity, cruelty, the goddamn terrorists, the counter-terrorists, the dwarves, the elves...erm - many things.

    In reality, all these are just consequences.

    Imagine animals who live in captivity. Then imagine the daily activities of most humans. "Have to, Have to, Have to", "I want, I want", "Must not, can not, should not...but I want", a never ending treadmill, conformation to...to what? to the lack of will? To unwillingness to live? Think! Observe and think! There is a problem.

    The problem is that humanity is being held in spiritual captivity. This is the only real conspiracy. There is a way out too.

    Yes, most of the conspiracy theories are also true. For those of us who live in countries, hit by 'the corporatocracy', it's blatantly obvious. It is an everyday reality - starting from petty cheating and going up the chain to high officials and international corporations pulling strings.

    However, as I said, this is only the result of humanity being held spiritually captive. The people who benefit from this suffering are only doing this - benefiting. They are NOT creating it. These people are only leeches. They are very harmful but not the core of the problem.

    As someone who has also 'conspired' in one way or another, I know that no human being can predict the outcome of his or her actions as precisely as it is attributed to the corporatocracy by the conspiracy theorists. As Frank Herber said - it is "plans within plans within plans." And you follow the best possible outcome - that's how conspiracy works.

    We were spiritually lead to create a world of misery and cancer. We could as well create a world of harmony.

    Looking at abey's comments, they might seem to you a bit insane. However, maybe you didn't notice his location - Buenos Aires - Argentina. There are other places in the world than the UK and the USA. Places where violence is not something 'unnatural' and where people have 'hotter' blood. The corporatocracy there doesn't just drink your blood, it cuts your throat to do it. On the other hand, Argentina and Equador recently refused to pay their foreign debts. That is quite interesting and Equador imo (maybe Argentina too) are in 'the eye of the storm' of world politics atm.

    Our time is a time of great change. Humanity is being awakened. Veganism for example is even becoming fashionable. And veganism, though an earthly thing, is a very serious step on the path of spiritual freedom.

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