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  1. Hrm, your diet doesn't look bad.

    I. Diet. Is the rice enough? Make sure you are loaded with complex carbs.

    The protein shake immediately after training is very important. Maybe the rice protein works. Experiment with powders. It is good that you are combine rice protein with the soy in your diet. Soy has all the essential aminos. I'd recommend a protein shake before you go to bed too. That's to make sure you don't go into a catabolic state during the night. Careful not to ruin your sleep though:)

    Maybe take some soy protein after training and keep the rice protein for the night.


    II. Training


    Make sure you train like an animal too. If you lift heavier, sooner or later you'll grow bigger.

  2. H.R. 1955 defines “homegrown terrorism” and “violent radicalization” nebulously; the former is merely “the use, planned use or threatened use of force or violence by a group or individual born, raised, or based and operating primarily within the United States or any possession of the United States to intimidate or coerce the United States government, the civilian population of the United States, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives,”


    Well, the police is a group, operated within the United States, operating to intimidate the civilian population in furtherance of the political objectives of the group of people, controlling it. DAMN TERRORISTS!

  3. Vegetarian Survey


    Location (State/Province, Country) ___________Bulgaria Date 29 jan 2009

    Event (Seminar, Trade Show, etc.) veganbodybuilding.com



    This survey is being conducted by Dr. Peter R. Cheeke, Professor of Animal Science, Oregon State University. The purpose is to identify major reasons why people choose to become vegetarian.


    The survey will be completed anonymously. Please enter your demographic data here:


    Gender: Male


    Age (circle): 20-30 years


    Education (circle): University


    Farm Background (circle): Small Farm


    Animal Experience (circle): Pets, 4-H Livestock, Farm Livestock


    Dietary habits: Vegan


    Please indicate your degree of consumption of these animal products:


    Never Occasionally Often


    Beef _______ _______ _______

    Lamb _______ _______ ______

    Pork _______ _______ _______

    Chicken _______ _______ _______

    Turkey _______ _______ _______ ---------- None of these!

    Milk _______ _______ _______

    Eggs _______ _______ _______


    Other (identify type and degree of consumption) honey, sometimes


    Please identify the importance of each of the following factors in your decision to not consume animal products:


    Not Extremely

    Important Important Important


    1. I am opposed to the killing of animals. Extremely important


    2. I am concerned with health issues (heart

    disease, obesity, cancer, etc.) related to

    consumption of animal products. Important


    3. I am concerned about residues of chemical

    feed additives and hormones used in

    animal production. Important


    4. I am opposed to intensive, confinement

    production systems (factory farming) used

    in livestock and poultry production. Extremely important


    5. I am concerned with food safety issues

    (E. coli, mad cow disease, etc.) Not so important


    6. I believe that animal production competes

    with human needs for grains. Important


    7. I am concerned about the environmental

    issues associated with animal production. Important


    8. It is “cool” and trendy to be vegetarian. Heh, since when?


    9. I became a vegetarian because of peer

    pressure. Quite the contrary



    10. Other(s). Please identify.


    Finding harmony in life.


    Considering the above list, what was the single most important factor that led to your becoming vegetarian?


    Most of them, starting with intolerance to hurting defenseless creatures.

  4. Training:


    Try doing a pyramid. 3 x 10 with 150 most likely means you will stay in a plateau because if you can do 3 sets with the same weight for the same rep count, you are just not reaching your limits and your muscles don't feel challenged.

    It is very important that you reach failure in your training. It is not a must to start screaming and yelling during your last reps but it is a good sign - screaming is the natural result of training until/after failure. If you don't reach failure, you won't have exhausted your muscle and it will not have to overrepair itself, i.e. - grow or get thicker.

    Try doing a pyramid like this:


    1 set of 8 reps (stop 2-3 reps before failure)

    1 set of 5-7 reps (failure, go over 150 pounds here)

    1 set with the same weight from the 5-7 reps set (as many as you can)


    Also, do some cardio in the end of your workout, like 20 mins (10-30 mins depending on how much you ate, how much you worked out, etc - feel it) or do some cardio in the days when you don't go to the gym. The cardio works to maintain your metabolism higher and to keep the flow of nutrients into the muscle. The lactic acid gets carried away faster as well. This means you recover faster and better.




    Do a high carb diet - brown rice, potatoes, corn, wheat, wholegrains, pasta - you know what to eat. Try to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body (by supplying enough aminoes from plant proteins!!!). I myself love Indian recipies with chickpeas, you find what works best for you Make sure you eat before you work out and you eat afterwards - have a high protein meal after your workout because in the next hours the muscle is going to need that nitrogen to grow. If you feel like doing insulin spiking, have some honey after the workout but don't quit the protein meal at any cost! Protein first, spiking is not as important!

    The rest of the time focus on getting enough carbs.

    You should be getting enough energy (calories as they call them) and fats (needed for hormone and cell membrane production) too.

    Also, avoid doing a tough judo training and then not eating for 8 hours (like I did yesterday) or else you will not grow! (shows himself as bad example)

  5. I grew up in communism where everyone was watching everyone else. It was one big circus. "Commarade X has not washed his underwear this week." Who cares? If they lag your internet and you can't play online games, go to their office and break their noses:P If they don't lag your internet, what do you care? Just don't send important business offers on the internet cause they are gonna sell the info to the competition. (That's how it works in post communism - the state is spying on us and the corrupt employees sell the info to the mafia). But pretty much, if you are doing something secret, you shouldn't ever consider the internet safe. Use codes, encrypt!

    And laugh at the people who have nothing better to do in their lives but sit in a dull office spying on others

  6. Well, I'm obviously a guy! (Or maybe I'm a liar!) Duncan Idaho is a character from the "Dune" novels by Frank Herbert and represents the symbol of freedom (at least in the last books). I've been using this nick for years and I like it And I love martial arts (especially the Japanese ones) and zen buddhism - with their practical approach to philosophy. That's why I have Toshiro Mifune on my avatar. I don't look bad but I never bothered to make good pics. And I won't look as inspiring to non vegans as veggieprincess:P So Mifune san remains on my avatar:)

  7. Cats and dogs are not meant to be vegans. Death is a part of our world, carnivores too. Killing is not wrong in nature. It is wrong to bring something to life just to eat it. Using living creatures is wrong. A lion kills to eat, he won't breed animals in captivity. We humans were not born meat eaters. Meat eating is for us just an ill conceived habit. I buy meat for my dog with the same vigour with which I refuse to eat chocolate bars with '2% milk powder'.

  8. Heh, 500 pushups are very impressive but certainly not impossible:)

    The Guiness record is over 1k.

    I used to do 150 regular ones (on palms) at some point, then I switched to

    pushups on fists and at one point did like 100 in one set.

    I was late for my Karate training and my trainer said - "100 pushups

    punishment". He only counted push ups on fists of course. I had to do

    100 regardless in how many sets.

    I had done 70 max in one set and I said to myself -

    Let's see if I can do all the 100 in one set. I tried and I did,

    it was fun Since then, for some time, I did a set of 100 each 2 or 3 days.

    This happened like 4-5 years ago.

    I haven't done serious pushups for 4 years but I still

    do 60-70 on my fists from time to time, just to keep shape

    and to keep my knuckles hard


    I wanna start doing more pushups again This contest would be

    a good start. So, what are the rules - pushups on palms?

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