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  1. Instinct



    A must see! Technically not 'vegan' but it has

    the strongest environmental and spiritual message

    Hollywood can ever create. This movie will give you

    freedom and energy!



    Death Hunt



    I haven't watched it for ages but I remember

    how Charles Bronson rescued a dog and

    killed a bunch of bad guys who wanted to

    kill him for rescuing the dog from them


    On Deadly Ground



    A very nice movie. Again, not vegan but with

    a strong environmental message. One of my

    favourite movies

    From the era when Steven Seagal used

    real aikido and ju jutsu in his movies!


    The Emerald Forest



    Again, environmental and nice.


    Princess Mononoke



    Simply awesome!

    And yeah, I'm not really a pacifist

  2. Hello, Heather


    First, change your doctor. He didn't care to at least tell you that he doesn't know why you got the shingles. Didn't they swear 'to help, or at least to do no harm?'

    Apart from that, all of the 8 amino acids which are essential for humans are available in plant sources. What meat eaters mean is that you can't find all of them in one plant - which is also wrong - soy has all of the 8 essentials (not advertising soy here, just an example). Anyway, if you combine different plant sources, you will get all of the aminos. And most people combine food sources naturally, you don't have to worry about that. If you eat ONLY rice - well, then you are going to lack some aminos. But I think it's worse to eat ONLY meat - scurvy will get you quicker.

    I have no idea why shingles appear but I'm 101% sure your doctor wasn't right.

    Being a vegan is healthier than meat eating because you avoid the saturated fats and the cholesterol in meat. Meat is also full of toxins and harder to digest.

    With that said, being a vegan doesn't necessarily mean living healthy - it just means living healthier. The chemicals in the food are still there, there are chemicals in the water we drink, there's the radiation, the air we breathe is polluted.

    Also, we might get all nutrients from our food but are we sure they are utilized by the body or just thrown out?

    And yes, vegan food is harder to come by and sometimes not having cooked means starving But that can easily be taken care of - just cook more.

    So don't worry about being vegan - it is a step towards good health. Welcome back:)

    This is my 'motivational article', hope it's useful:


  3. If it's one more innocent life (whether that of an animal or a human) 'cause of one less gun out there, I believe that's a good thing. Guns aren't the best form of self-defense -- they can be turned against the person they are intended to protect. Better to get an alarm system.


    Good point when you believe that people are driven by self interest.



    My belief is we need to start somewhere & if it's one less gun out there and one more innocent life


    Indeed, it doesn't matter how we get there, we have to begin!

  4. Maybe guns are not that bad. Maybe they can give confidence? The mobs and the hunters will always have guns, regardless of the laws - and with a ban noone else is going to have guns! And I'm not American so it's really not my business:)

    Samurai swords are awesome - and really different. As many masters from the Meiji era said, the sword is there to remove the impurities from your spirit - all other use is butchery. When you become good with the sword, you will end up not hurting other beings - you simply won't need to. I personally have a lot more to learn - I still feel that people shooting animals from a helicopter deserve a katana passing through their neck

  5. What does it mean to be a vegan? Why are we vegans? Are our eating habits that important?

    And what does veganism have to do with spirituality?


    The answers to all these questions are connected.


    A vegan is a person who doesn't consume animal products. Most vegans also avoid using animal products at all – for example not wearing leather.


    The reasons to go vegan are different for everyone but the most common ones are intolerance to cruelty and avoiding 'heavy' and unhealthy foods (like meat). Usually, when someone starts thinking about going vegan, he or she comes to both conclusions almost at the same time.


    Have you ever found it difficult to explain why you are a vegan? When someone asks me that question, I usually say “There are so many reasons that I don't even know how to begin telling you. The question is, why wouldn't I be a vegan?”.


    Why is being a vegan healthier? That's a huge topic. The shortest answer is : because this is how nature meant us humans to be. Human societies have survived thousands of years without eating animal products and so did our close relatives the apes. Meat and animal products were considered a luxury in many ages of the human history. Not every society had healthy eating habits. Historically, in our western society, eating meat was considered to be a sign of prosperity. In the 1930ies chocolate was considered a luxury – then is someone avoiding chocolate going to die of malnutrition? Let's look beyond our social fears!


    “The wisest men follow their own direction.” - Euripides.


    When someone decides to become a vegan, he or she faces the violent opposition of the social order. People who know nothing about nutrition suddenly become experts in the field and start making statements that 'You are going to ruin your health.' Someone undecided might easily break here and abandon the idea of becoming a vegan. All of us have been there. Logic, knowledge and science are our only saviors! The common misconception is that plant food is 'not good enough'. That doesn't sound very scientific.


    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” - Albert Einstein.


    The only reasonable argument against veganism is that most plants don't contain all of the 8 essential amino acids in together at one place. However, what one plant lacks, the others have. Normally we wouldn't eat only one food source anyway – no one eats only meat either. By the way some plants (like soy) do contain all of the essential aminos.


    What else is 'better' about animal food? The saturated fats? That it's harder to digest? That it has a high cholesterol content? Animal fats are saturated fats - i.e. the 'bad' fats, which raise the cholesterol level and lead to heart diseases. Meat is digested very slowly and overloads the body with toxins from the metabolism of the animal. The number of scientific studies showing that meat consumption a major cause of many contemporary diseases is increasing.


    How are animals hurt? A lot of suffering is hidden behind the flashy food packages – the suffering of countless living creatures treated as products – basically worse than the nazis treated the jews in the concentration camps. A living being is born to enjoy this world, not to be stuffed into a cage with other creatures where it can barely breathe, let alone move, and certainly not to be torn apart just so parts of its corpse can be heated and put on a table. All things die. And all living creatures are a part of nature's living cycle. Predators are a part of nature. However, predators hunt their victims and kill according to nature's cycle of life. Lions don't breed antelopes. When an antelope dies, it knows that its days are over. When an animal dies in captivity, its dies without the link to nature. And what is worse, in most cases it spent its whole life away from its Alma Mater.


    By becoming vegans, we choose not only to live healthy and to not support animal suffering – we choose to reestablish our link to nature's harmony. Vegans follow the social contract of nature. We are one with our ultimate source of life – Mother Nature. All creatures in nature are born free and they must remain so. To enslave a creature means to enslave your own soul – to cut yourself off from the flow of nature's processes. Enslaving means dependence – both for the slave and for the slaver. Treating animals like objects means turning our backs on the infinite possibilities of interaction with nature. Why eat the animal? Why capture it? Can't we just stroke the fur of our four-legged friend? We are here to enjoy this world, not to be torn by fears or enslaved by greed. Industry is greedy – and at the bottom of that greed lies fear. Greed tells you to want more and more, disregarding anyone and anything else but its commandments. Fear keeps you there by telling you that the unknown, the different, might mean death. The way out is in the middle. By choosing to be vegans, we have already made the first step to real freedom – we have started following our own direction.

  6. Why cut the carbs? Make them work for you! Fats burn in the flames of carbohydrates. The carbs will provide enough energy for the cardio workout. The key is to get your body to metabolize your fats, which happens with aerobic activity (the fats have to be transported into the mitochondria to be decomposed and the mitochondria work only in an aerobic environment). And you need pyruvate (from the carbs) in order to activate the aerobic glycolysis, i.e. to do a proper aerobic training. So, don't quit the carbs, do aerobics, get your metabolism working and with time the fats will be decomposed.

  7. I've heard that steroids cause it. Not really sure which one but the saying was that the organs grow too big. On the other hand, these guys eat too much to maintain such weight and this expands their abdomen even more. The BB's before Dorian Yates didn't have such bellies - see even Lee Haney - before the 90ies they had tiny waists and they still took roids. Dunno what became popular in the early 90ies - Retabolil? HGH? Any ideas? I'm also really curious why this happens.

  8. Don't worry, francesca:) People used to build fantastic bodies only on food, without any supplements. The bodybuilders in the late fifties took only dianabol and look how good they looked The ones before them didn't take even dianabol. BCAAs, creatine - stuff like that came out in the last 10-15 years. Rachel McLish built a fantastic female physique without such stuff. Ask the guys telling you this how BBs ever accomplished anything before Bill Phillips intorduced commercial creatine in the 1990s?

    You don't need ANYTHING except normal food to build a good body.

  9. There are (roughly) 3 types of carbohydrates - monosaccharides (fruits), disaccharides (sugar) and polysaccharides (wholegrain food). Monosaccharides contain one molecule fructose, which is absorbed and metabolized very quickly. Disaccharides (sugar) contain one molecule fructose and one molecule glucose. Here the glucose is the problem because if you don't metabolize it very fast, it gets converted into and stored as fat. Polysaccharides are composed of many monosaccharides with some glucose. The thing is that they are digested and broken down slowly, so you don't have excess glucose to store as fat. With the olysaccharides the body has a continuous source of energy.

    White bread is the opposite of wholegrain bread. White bread is made of flour, which is very finely ground and processed with chemicals after the grinding. The fine grinding damages its fibers and polysacharides and it is digested a lot faster, so the effect is like the one of the disaccharides. I.e. you think you are eating complex carbs but in fact you are eating simple carbs (disaccharides).


    If you avoid white flour, you shouldn't have any problems with the bread

    And if you don't like rice, don't eat rice. I think the signals of the body are the best guide

  10. Yes, it can replace the rice and potatoes as a source of complex carbs. However, bear in mind that: most of the 'wholegrain' bread actually only contains wholegrain flour and is not 100% wholegrain. It is like 50% wholegrain flour and 50% white flour. White flour is ground very finely, which causes its carbs to be digested a lot faster - this roughly means that they act as simple sugars. Therefore, avoid white bread. Also, white bread loses most of its useful nutrients during the processing - the vitamins, some plant fats, the fiber and who knows what else.

    However, even if bread was perfect with respect to the carbs, relying on only one food source is not the best idea. Each food contains different vitamins and micronutrients, so we can get a balanced diet only by combining many sources.

    Best eat bread, the next meal (or the next day) eat rice, then potatoes - combine them.

    Apart from that, you can never be sure about what they've added to your bread but what you add to your rice depends only on you

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