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  1. Yes, francesca, it can be eaten with the food. Just it's tastier if you eat your rice separately and drink the protein shake with it - the stomach gets it in both cases. There's the theory of food combining which says - first eat your rice, give it some time to get digested and then eat the protein. Not everyone accepts food combining though.

    People write on the protein labels 'Eat with normal food' or 'Use as a supplement to food' meaning that a protein shake can never replace a whole meal, so it's only a bonus to the normal food. How you use that bonus is up to you.

    Proteins (both animal and vegetable ones) are build up of aminoacids. The difference between the animal proteins and the vegetable proteins is which aminoacids they contain.


    Veggie proteins and animal proteins differ in this that the veggie proteins don't contain all of the essential aminoacids together. Like a slice of meat contains all of the aminoacids but a rice meal lacks 1-2 aminos. The thing is though, that rice lacks 1-2, corn lacks 1-2 others (which the rice has) and legumes may lack another one (which the rice and legumes have). So if you eat rice + legumes, you'll get what you get from one slice of meat. But meat is hard to digest and full of toxins and generally bad to eat. Rice + legumes though, aren't:)

    Btw soy has all of the essential aminoacids.

  2. 1. You don't need creatine.

    2. It's good to experiment, however, see how you feel:)

    3. Don't take creatine monohydrate - due to it's molecular structure it's not absorbed very well and it only overloads the kidneys. The creatine ethyl ester, on the other hand (creatine mono + an ester), puts less stress on the kidneys and is absorbed a lot better. I don't know how vegan both products are though.

    4. Keep your carbs high and you should still grow. Give yourself time, experiment with your training


    PS: Ah, creatine causes some water retention, so don't be afraid - it's only temporary.

  3. It doesn't matter what kind of protein you take - everything counts in the total amount. Food protein, powder, animal, vegan - it doesn't matter to the body. For the body, it's just protein.


    Now the question about the quantity:


    1.5 gr protein /kg body weight is a very good proportion imo:) Some medical researches say that everything else overloads the kidneys and damages them. Most bodybuilding nutrition programs recommend 2.2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. If you ask the bigger guys, they might tell you that everything less than 3 grams is insufficient. Where is the truth?

    I personally would go for - 1.5 - 2 gr protein/1 kg bodyweight (meaning all protein from all sources). The thing there is that the meds are usually concerned about diseases and about people who don't exercise and don't have increased demands of protein. On the other hand, your body has a limited capacity to absorb protein. No matter how much protein you feed it, it is only going to absorb a small portion of it (the 1.5-2 gr/kg) and the rest will be disposed through the urine.

    Here comes the concern about the kidneys - the general opinion is that too much protein damages the kidneys. The kidneys act like a filter, letting some substances pass and stopping others. Too much protein overloads them and they get damaged. Some people say that too much protein doesn't create the damage but it only has a negative effect on already damaged kidneys. However, there is a lot of evidence that the excess intake of protein damages the kidneys. What is more, whatever portion of the protein doesn't pass through the kidney is broken down and circulates in the blood - the byproducts of the breakdown are ammonia and other toxic substances, which then start circulating in the blood. So too much protein can overload you with toxins as well.

    Everyone should experiment with their body to find the best amounts but generally 1.5 grams is good for women (since they have lower testosterone levels - testosterone is responsible for the utilization of the proteins) and for people who don't exercise. However, training women also have an increased need of protein, so find out what's best for you - it might be 1.5 grams or it might be 2 grams, maybe more or less - it is up to your body. Generally, avoid taking over 2 grams though, especially if you are not hitting the Ms Olympia soon:)

    Also, don't be too afraid of the damage the high protein intake can cause - the damage usually happens after long periods of taking heavy doses. It doesn't happen in a week or two


    The normal way to take protein powder is to solve it in milk/water/juice - depending on the powder. For us vegans it's solving it into water/juice/soy milk - it doesn't really matter which one you prefer. Find out what's the tastiest for you!


    I suppose that "added to food" in your case means that people should also eat normal food, not only powder - the law requires that the producer write this


    Sorry if the post was too long but the questions were good:)

  4. Oh fantastic!!!

    This is the beginning of the end of animal testing! For example, if my corrupt country (Bulgaria) had such a law (I must check, maybe it does!), I could start public talk about how animals are being treated in the labs (scientific research is dead in Bulgaria and there are no labs but let's imagine we had animal testing). Then, when there's some talk and the violations are made public, I would signal the authorities (and have others signal them too), so the authorities would want huge bribes from the animal testers to turn a blind eye (if there's public noise, the bribes will have to be huge). Eventually this will make it cost ineffective to keep animal testing and it will just stop or be moved to other, more corrupt countries, where we will have to find other ways to fight it! Would this strategy work for your country or is this just fairy tales?

  5. Petition to get him out? Make it a political case that the state approves of plotting and dirty games on its subjects or something, so the state has to prove that it doesn't by dismissing the unjust trial and releasing him? If you are from the UK, you could start something:) Focus not on what he did but rather on the very plotting against him to put them in a defensive position. Some articles in the newspapers might help! And remember, you have the inspiration to bring this to an end and they don't - so, like one of our quotes says, persistance overcomes resistance:)

  6. Thanx, tuc:)

    I might post some before/after pics when I have the "after" ones:)

    As to the martial arts, I've done Japanese martial arts. I've trained mostly Aikido, Ju-Jutsu and some Karate:)

  7. Well I'm/was experimenting with soy myself. It is a bit overrated and a bit made to look overdangerous. The thing about soy is that it is very easy to grow - it is resilient and has a very low cost. The soy industry uses every argument in its favour to make it look like manna while the anti-soy industry (like meat producers), feeling threatened by the soy invasion, uses every little thing to make soy look like poison. The truth is somewhere in the middle. I think it is just a legume like every other legume but that's just my opinion and it's not scientifically proven. The negative effects are also based largely on speculations - for example, the saying that soy might harm potency in males rests on a Japanese survey from the 1960ies (If I remember correctly), which was later denied as lacking comprehensive evidence. Regarding the toxins in soy, they are most likely lost/neutralized during the processing. On the other hand, most of the soy toxins are common for many legumes and aren't really THAT scary. So soy protein is fine but you might want to look at this new pea protein I myself want to try it.

  8. Hello, people:)

    I've recently found this site and it is amazing! Robert, what you did is incredible.

    About me: I'm from Bulgaria, not from Idaho I've been training for years, starting with bodybuilding, then mostly martial arts and recently grabbing the weights again. Since I was a kid, I always thought hurting animals is wrong. In the last year I evolved from vegetarian (since 2002) to vegan and I was very happy to find this site. Being a vegan and being actively involved in fitness and bodybuilding, I was sure I could find the point where the two of them converge - to my very pleasant surprise, you people had already started doing it!

    You are all fantastic!

  9. On the global level - yes, you are right, Fallen Horse. The peaceful way is the only way to convince someone. There's a good story about this:

    The Sun and the Wind decided to bet who could make a man take off his coat faster. The Wind started first - he unleashed all his fury trying to blow away the coat of the man, but the stronger the wind became, the closer the man held his coat. Finally the Wind gave up. Then it was the Sun's turn. The sun gave warmth and the man said 'Whew, it's so hot here!' and just took his coat off.

    Gandhi is a great example to follow too.


    On a personal level, though, I think the people who put the snares are beyond help. It is not so much about convincing them, as it is about the activist's personal belief in justice. What is more, this would also strengthen the belief of many other people who want to see that someone is taking action to fix the injustice and save at least one innocent animal. There are times to be soft and times to be hard. Ying and Yang in one!

  10. Friends, the change will not come soon. All the billions of animals in the industry will die. Their children will die too. And the children of their children.

    We are fighting for the future. The sooner it happens the better.

    On the other hand, the last captive animals will enjoy their last breath in freedom. That would be glorious! Yes, maybe some of them will die in the wilderness but ALL of them will die in agony if they are still held captive. A billion of animals dying free at once is better than some trillions of them being tortured each day for centuries, isn't it?

    We are all going to die. The question is how we lived.

  11. Here are a few steps about what happens on elections.

    A working strategy in Eastern Europe. Divide and conquer!


    1. Don't vote for Obama.

    2. The independent (and maybe better) candidate gets more votes.

    3. McCain gets the same amount of votes but Obama gets less.

    4. McCain wins "on the edge" like Bush did.

    5. You have a war going on, animals must be used for products!

    6. You object to the government industry? You are a terrorist!


    So, Obama in the case is 'the lesser evil'. He is not perfect but the perfect candidate would never win anyway. Noone wants to change.

  12. Hello, threeloaves.


    From your message, I assume that you want to gain some weight. I suggest that you increase your carbs a little, as you already have started doing. For example, you could have a solid oat meal (or musli) in the morning and then some rice/potatoes for lunch. Keep your protein sources (like tofu, beans, etc. - I think you are good there) but make sure your body is loaded with carbs at all times, especially during the day. There's no such thing as overeating for us veggies who avoid animal fats, especially for those of us who work out

    Don't be afraid of plant fats either. I saw you got some plant butter in your meals and that's good. You could also add some olive oil (for omega 9 fatty acids). I saw flax in your diet and flaxseed and flaxseed oil are a very good source of omega 3s.

    Another thing is your workout. It is awesome that you do squats. They will prepare your metabolism for growth. From what I can see, you are also a fan of classical exercises like dips and chin ups They are awesome strength builders but focus on dumbbells and barbells if you want to add muscle. Don't cut out the chin ups and dips though.

    Focus on the intensity of your workout. Don't do more than two high end sets and make sure they are really high end. Like, instead of doing 4 x 12 dips, do one warm up, one set of 12 reps, then one set as many reps as you can, then another set as many as you can and that's it! Move on to the next exercise! Try to reach failure in your high end sets (assuming you have no health problems, for example with the heart). This way your muscles will be challenged and will have to adapt and grow! Ideally you shouldn't be able to do two high end sets with the same amount of weight and with the same rep count (ex.: 2 sets x 140 pounds x 4 reps). Supposedly, your muscles will be tired from the first high end set and you will either have to do 3 reps in the second set or drop the weight or use a partner to complete the 4th rep in the second set.

    Also, it is good that you don't spend too much time in the gym. A workout for bodybuilders shouldn't be longer than 1h. If you spend more time in the gym, you are most likely overtraining or doing too long rests.

    Also important: Try to have more carbs with a good protein source before the workout (like 1 hr or 1hr and 30 mins) and a good protein meal (tofu for example) after the workout. You need the carbs to fill your muscles with fuel for the anaerobic training you are going to do, so they can work at their full potential. You need the protein after the workout to restore the nitrogen balance so that your muscles have something to grow with.

    So, there are 3 things you should focus on:

    1. More rice/potatoes/whole-grains;

    2. 2 tough high end sets;

    3. Protein after the workout

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