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  1. I bet it's impossible to maintain a body like that for a long time with 2 cups of juice per day (since it's against the laws of physics)


    And yet he claims he's been doing it for years...


    Hey Zack, thanks man...I'm flattered that you feel the need to spend time trying to shoot me down at every opportunity, as I've always said to you, I see it as a huge compliment.


    Man...you act like you know me so well...and I really wonder how much you actually know about the raw lifestyle, yet you feel you have the right to run your mouth off about me and the raw lifestyle, just remember, when you point your finger at someone, there's always three fingers pointing back at you.


    I would hope that if you actually knew me that you would have more respect for what I've been through and what I've overcome/achieved. You took one phase of my developement and tried to make it the some total of who I am...sorry buddy...ain't gonna happen, ha,ha!


    As a Fruitarian when I first started out I was juicing fruits from day one, even when nobody wanted to know anything about Fruitarianism or before they started calling juicing "Juice feasting".....fresh cut oranges used to be my biggest staple and trust me, back then I was on a lot more than 2 cups of juice, but you wouldn't know that would you. I got a lot of crap because back then nobody believed anybody could be a long term Fruitarian and still be fit, now I have the fitness levels physique that anybody would be proud of, over the years I've worked through a lot of highs and lows and I've been back and forth and through a lot of changes and that was all a part of the transitioning process but I've come through it having learnt so much from those experiences and changes and because of these experiences I've been able to help many, many others in the process that have been in the same situation with their detox/transitioning process and with that I'm extremely blessed to be a part of helping build people up so they can move on with their journey.


    I'm not expecting you or anybody else to suddenly understand what I'm talking about because what I'm doing goes against so a lot of what is the norm, I also think as long as I'm doing well your going to be there hating and I'm cool with that because that will just push me to be an even better example/move on to greater things and whatever you say or think about me over the internet ain't squat because in the real world I'm still going to be content in the knowledge that I'm being true to myself, I'm still going to have a physique that most guys would want, I'm still going to be having a blast with my training/achieving goals and most importantly I'm still going to be lifting people up instead of putting them down....and Zack, with everything you've wrote about me in the past I've not put you down once, after all, I've never met you in person and I'm not an internet warrior.


    So on that note, you be good, take care and keep hating because my next set of pics are smokin!!!



  2. Robert I agree with what you have wrote.


    Bigbwii, I think that as long as you are happy & healthy, that is what counts.


    Thats all I have to say on the topic.


    Peace out



    Thanks buddy....yes I'm very happy, things are going great, I've moved on from fruitarianism to liquidarianism/breatharianism which means I have to learn new things, I've been working very hard and I'm having a blast with my training, I'm also achieving goals that I never thought possible!



  3. Yes...after 10 years of Fruitarianism, I was sick of detoxing and feeling isolated from society/family, so I decided to quit


    How could you be detoxing after 10 years??


    Why not....it takes years to detox, my detox end just last year!...after that a whole new world opened up both mentally and physically.


    I would say it takes a good 10-15 years to truly detox mentally and physically from your previous lifestyle, I've been saying this for years.



  4. I was also worried that some "new" or "random" people could be reading this and be impacted, but it's only for very fringe people....a mainstream person, vegan, etc. would never try this. It just doesn't make sense for the average person, or even to many fringe people, so the potential for "anyone" to try this would be very, very low.


    Like Tasha, I know people who have done long fasts but it never made any sense to me and I would never advocate or support "not eating" and think that is is irresponsible. Big is just sharing his own stories....not giving advice...at least that is how I look at it. Just as many of us share our own stories in our blogs that are silly and aren't recommended that others try them, but they are things we did...like stay up for 48 hours without sleeping, training while injured, etc. It's not advice, just sharing about our lives.


    I would never encourage anyone not to eat, or to only drink juice as a form of nutrition. My father is a scientist and author of 15 textbooks and is a world specialist on many things. He doesn't believe in "detoxing" from a scientific perspective. I'm going to talk to him more about it because when we had the conversation a year ago when I went raw for 5 days, it made a lot of sense because he backed everything with science and evidence, studies, etc. and warned about buzz words being thrown around with some other objective behind them (spirituality based, money driven, lost and looking for answers, etc.).


    So please don't take it as advice but just one forum member sharing what he's up to and what he's eating/drinking these days.


    No I wasn't giving advice in no way shape or form, the poster asked a question and I answered it....I would not have even mentioned it otherwise.



  5. I've nothing to be ashamed of, at that time I was open about it here and on other raw food forums.


    Yes...after 10 years of Fruitarianism, 2-3 years ago I ate cooked foods for several months because I had quit Fruitarianism because of big doubts I was having about my transition to the Fruitarian lifestyle, I was sick of detoxing and feeling isolated from society/family, so I decided to quit and "get a life" as I put it back then and reclaim my old physique by means of bodybuilding and cooked foods but as time went on my health and mental/physical fitness deteriorated so I went back to 100% Fruitarianism for good.


    When I went back to 100% Fruitarianism I had to detox and cleanse again, all the muscle I thought I had gained on cooked food went as fast as it came, so I was right back to square one , I learnt a lot from that experience and it left me with no doubts in my mind which was the right way to go and I've sinced moved on to better things mentally/physically.



  6. these days I get by on 0 - 2 regular cups of juice a day


    Cups as in "measuring cups"? Well I guess even if you meant big plastic 32oz shaker cups, that's still such a small amount of food!! That's like what... 200-400 calories a day?


    How is such a thing possible?


    From looking at the photos it's obviously working for you. Have you been eating (drinking) so little for a long time now? I don't get how you're not wasting away to nothing as your body has to be burning way more calories than that per day just to keep your heart pumping and your brain working.


    Maybe it's SO true - "You are what you eat" - that if you're a fruitarian for 15 years, eventually you start to grow human-chlorophyl in your skin and just being in the sun produces calories. (I saw your vids on youtube - very interesting what you say about the sun and air nourishing you.)


    Instead of "Where do you get your protein?" or "Where do you get your calcium?", now you're going to get "Where do you get your calories!?!?"




    400ml cups...



  7. I'm impressed, just 1 or 2 glasses of freshly pressed fruit juice per day, and nothing else except water ? and like that since many years ? That's almost breatharianism. I do beleive that the best diet possible is to eat as less as possible, because the less you eat the less you intoxicate the body, and even organic foods nowadays contain toxic chemicals residues. It's just that I didn't know it was possible to go that low in calories on such a long term period of time and being so much physically active !

    I don't drink water!....it's nothing to be impressed about, I've been on this journey a long time!




  8. When you get away from the mental and physical addictions/reactions to cooked food you can tap into your original being/essence, when you reach this point you tap into your own self-sustaining energy, anybody that knows me knows that I don't try to analyze the science behind these things, I just go with the flow and live and learn, I'm blessed to be in this position, you just can't teach or coach this, you live it and learn it!


    If that's too much for anybody here to swallow then keep your rude comments to yourself, after all this is SUPPOSED to be the raw section right!



  9. Flanders!!!!!


    SHUD UP 'N' TRAIN!!!!!!



    Thank you for reminding me, Bigboy!


    You know I'm keeping tabs on ya!!!!....you can play when the jobs done!!!!




    Are you talking about "tendon" issues from working on rings, pull ups, etc....if so, eat humble pie and change exercises or put your current goal on the back burner for a while and rest up!...then come back doing less work and at a much slower pace!


    I'm thinking of a way to get my forum going again...so look out!


    Be good man!



  10. It's been a while since I posted any progress pics, so here they are.


    This years results of bodyweight training and Fruitarian "fruit juice" diet, this year was my off year so I took the time to achieve some goals and teach myself more advanced exercises so I'm not where I should be in most areas but I'm happy with the achievements and results thus far.












  11. He looks tiny in that video and says that he's only been raw for 3 years, in those pics the muscle he has was probably built on his old diet and now he looks like he's lost some muscle.


    I think it depends what your looking for....If your looking for Ronnie Coleman's size/mass on the raw diet, chances are it's not going to happen and your always going to be complaining!


    I've not been in touch with Charlie for a while but at one point he was not training very often/seriously due to re-locating, plus those raw pics are pretty old now!..I don't know what shape he's in know, the last vid I saw of him he was pretty small for a bodybuilder!


    As far as an example for "raw" bodybuilding, he's getting old and I don't think Charlie cuts it and I don't think any raw foodist will please the die hard bodybuilding enthiusiasts ever, I don't think anybody that's 100% raw, 100% natural and not over eating can come anywhere near to that amount of size/mass that you see these days, nature just doesn't work like that!





    My academic background and knowledge basis are of the highest calibre. I've been around the block many times and in many placles. You should have seen the bodyguard/driver they sent for me when I went out shopping for the poor in India!!!!


    I think I'll be okay. If not, you can protect me.


    Sent you a PM.


    Ha,ha Great stuff....


    Rawk on bro!!!



  13. What about Big ?

    I think he looks the most fantastic


    Thanks T....my dobies raw too!


    Alas....I don't care what anybody says, I'm beautiful inside and out in my own unique way and I'm having too much fun doing it to be concerned with the opinions/comments of nit picking individuals!


    I personally believe EVERYBODY is beautiful in their own way and to say that certain individuals look like human feasces is pretty disrespectful in my opinion and that kind of attitude really doesn't belong in the raw food section where we are supposed to be more understanding and experienced in these matters.


    I'm not here to win any modeling competitions or be the poster boy for buff, good looking guys all over the world and I'm not trying to be, I'm me, doing me things!...period.


    To the original poster.... As far as Doug goes, just leave the man alone and anybody else on your hit list and take care of yourself, show some compassion, you don't know where people are coming from, or what people are going through, I bet if you had just healed yourself of cancer or had severe detox symptoms you'd be a bit weary looking too, I'm sure you have "cosmetic" issues you need to take care of within yourself right now before you judge others on the same journey.



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