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  1. Ha,ha...very crudely put question.... There's good and bad in everything people do, there's raw people that look great and there's raw people that don't and it's the same with the cooked food diet, some folks look good and some don't. I don't think basing health on looks is very wise because good looking people get sick too..... F1
  2. For those raw foodists into bodyweight exercise... Upper Body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr-5v-LkSoE Core: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgNrKcVDNDQ Lower Body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wssl4xJsoHc Hope they help! F1
  3. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2ahyJ61XSA Take care, I'm out! Peace Richard
  4. Yeah...so so...they would definately be better if weight training was my focus but that's something I do to play around every once in a blue moon....the bodyweight stuff is far more rewarding and challenging for me personally. Well good luck to you. F1
  5. Dr Doug Graham showed me the video from health and fitness week last year. I saw the "Chair ups and dental work" You seemed like you were the only one who could do a bunch of them without falling. Did you happen to see it? I also remember the rebounder part was really cool. Or when you were doing a head stand on the chairs. You're strong, amazing and a great inspiration on my part Richard. Flanders I can't believe your son is already 7 months now No I've not seen it yet...Lennie has been promising me a copy for forever now!....it was cool to go up against Doug and the rest of the gang....it's going to be interesting to see how it goes this year with all the high gas prices and air travel.... Richard
  6. Ha,ha...yeah the wind across the resevoir can be a pain...no I had the camera in my hand, I'm used to videoing myself like that, I was actually saying how beneficial what I call "Sun Feasting" is and how I get a lot of my invisible food from the sun energy and the air.....juice fasting as they called it back in my day or feasting as they call it now is pretty much how I live, people would label me a liquidarian but I'm not much into all of that label stuff. Be good F1
  7. They are all doing great! Marla will soon start going to the kindergarden and Milo is working on getting on his feet already (he is 7 month old ) I followed your "career" closely and you are still a great inspiration to me. Congrats on doing muscle ups and one arm chin ups! I am still far away from doing them but this is one more time you motivate me. I am sorry to hear that and hope the section will soon be a even better place to stay for you where we (raw foodists/fruitarians) do not need to defend us. Be sure I will do that! Great stuff...I'm sure they will be fighting you for your home made gym in no time...ha,ha, my daughter already does hill sprints with me and she kicks my butt and she's only 4 yrs old..... Yeah...I'm over the moon about achieving my long time goals but now the battle is on to increase the reps, these exercises take a lot out of you soyou have to be careful not to over stress the body. Yes I'll always be around at Fruitarian Fitness.Com if anything so be sure to stay in touch. peace man.... Richard
  8. Cool.....yes there's some good people here....follow you instincts and be open to change! congrats on going raw, it's pretty hardcore so don't expect it to be pretty, it actually takes a long time to really start living the raw lifestyle, until then your just transitioning. If your in it for the long haul you'll eventually get there....if your just experimenting then don't take your results too seriously because it gets better the longer you do it. Either way it's great to meet you....now I'm off to do my ab wheel roll outs! Richard
  9. Didn't really understand the purpose of any of it....looks like some kid goofing around to me! He also put "splenda" on watermelon.....that didn't make sense. Juss ma two cents. F1
  10. HEY!!!! wassup Flan.... How's the youngster and the rest of the fam? Yeah...a lot has changed, infact the crap that went down with me and "others" here in this section really inspired me to be more pro-active about what I believe in and I had two successful online boot camps, which led to me being a co-host on a internet radio show which I really enjoyed and got a lot of valuable information from, I'm busy taking things to the next level and I'm having a bunch of fun doing it. I can now do muscle ups (between 8-10 reps) and I've just started doing one arm chin ups (1 rep each arm) both have been long time goals so I have one left to master...the dreaded STANDING AB WHEEL ROLL OUT...but I'm not far from that either, so it's looking good on the fitness front! No.... I'm not staying here, I know my presence here would bring back the "debators" and I don't want that for this section, as far as I was concerned this section was supposed to be about caring and sharing and not spending your time defending yourself, I just popped in to say wassup, which I will do from time to time! you can get at me on myspace or PM/e-mail me from here I guess or get me at fruitarianfitness.com Anyway man catchya later! Richard
  11. Yeah it was easy because you was still eating cooked foods! F1 So what are your stats? You look pretty soild and really good for a guy eatting only fruit. How's your strength now compaired to when you eat cooked foods? not just body weight strength becasue that is helped any time you lose weight. How do you feel now and before? Stats: Don't know and don't care, muscle mass is of no concern of mine anymore. Strength: Just as strong as I ever was if not stronger, benched a PB of 305lbs as a Fruitarian a year or so ago...got a Deadlift PB of over 315lbs, can't remember exact numbers. How I feel now: Liberated and way better.... in everyway. Hope that helped F1
  12. Yeah it was easy because you was still eating cooked foods! F1
  13. When I first started as a Fruitarian I caved in to them like a cheap suit because I didn't know any better and had no support!!!! Don't give in to cravings dude!!!!!...EVER!!! Figure out how serious you are about doing this....do you wanna go "HARDCORE" or do you wanna "SLIDE" into it.....then stick to your decision. F1
  14. Yeah I hear ya....He actually looks better in the flesh....I can't speak for his appearance and I'm not exactly Lee Haney or Denzel Washington but I know he's a good dude! Btw....7 months raw is not even scratching the surface, there's a lot of work to be done, especially if you wanna start throwing goals and time scales in the mix!...if you don't have the patients to let your body do it's thing first then you won't get the chance to reach any goals. Hoped that help man! F1
  15. Yeah it is extremely tough, especially in the beginning when your craving and cleaning out....cooked food is like a drug and your going to go through withdrawls like any other drug.....but if you work at it and get good advice now and again it will get much better....but yes...it's hardcore man!...once you get past the transition, it's a blast! F1
  16. There's a huge difference between cooked "muscle" and raw "muscle" with cooked foods your going to look way bigger because of the dynamics that come with it such as water retention, fats, partially digested waste and toxins to name a few....but when you go raw you don't have those options to play with....yes you can over eat on avocado's etc but you won't look or feel very good! Who cares what he looks like...he's not you and hasn't lived your life....your the creator of your own physique. Doug's goal is not to look like a body builder and neither is mine and I probably eat half of what he does but so what....I coudln't care less if I looked like Mr Bean as long as I was still healthy and strong but that's just me, I ain't gonna lie to you, if your worried about not looking like a 300lb bodybuilder then don't go raw....because you won't get what you want, when you want it! Go raw for the health first! F1
  17. It's habit baby!!!!....it takes time to undo all the mental/emotional attachments that we have been conditioned even before we were born...think about this....when you was in your mothers womb chances are she ate cooked foods under happy, angry and stressfull conditions/emotional....right?....well she was actually teaching you how to deal with emotions/stress by medicating it with foods....so when we go raw your mind tries to go to auto pilot and get the cooked foods but instead has to go on the hunt for it's next cooked food fix....it takes time and patients. Hope that helped. F1
  18. I say listen to your body first before you listen to someone that isn't you....you know what you like, what you want and when you want it better than anybody else on the planet! But that's just me...if his program resonates with you then go for it! Personally I don't get caught up in all that "stuff" I'll be lucky if I get 2000 calories in 2 days!...ha,ha, also chances are your over eating/comfort eating anyway so you can go within yourself and ask if your experiencing true hunger. Richard
  19. Here's some pics from his last Health and fitness week where I was one of the fitness trainers. http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/7642/135804612883832e466fjz6.th.jpg http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/9070/135383791471d02d8f5fbj9.th.jpg http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/3074/13536722400d74b3149ftf7.th.jpg http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/2994/1353672216d2c1103eecst1.th.jpg http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/8215/1352861681d907befde6jv3.th.jpg http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/1200/135065854528e3d2fcb0zj8.th.jpg http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/5839/meanddougck4.th.png
  20. You can.....you just ain't practised enough or set your mind to it! I said the same about the muscle ups....till in the end I just got sick of wishing and said I'm going to do it come what may! F1
  21. Oh yeah... well lifes been good...i've had the opportunity to do what I love and help a lot of people achieve goals the never thought possible and that's what it's all about for me....I'm truly blessed. catch ya! richard
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