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  1. The last I was aware of, starving yourself of protein and calories, and losing strength were not part of fitness. Not of any fit disciple or of any healthy lifestyle. Isn't that what bodybuilders do to cut up!!??? and what's the name of the forum your on...Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Anyway you guys be good...
  2. A couple of nonsense threads in the raw food forum ignited a feeling that has been building for awhile here, whether expressed or not. You and others have been spreading misinformation for far too long. It's time to expose the misinformation for what it is: lies, deceit, and nonsense. juss my 2 cents! I'm sorry I still don't see were the threat is....if you don't like the posts don't go in that section, that's why it's the rawfood section, so raw foodist of like mind can discuss things and share info relevant to them, if such wrong info is being spread then let other decide that for themselves.... Be good
  3. I really don't think this is an attack on raw foodists Big. And you all know that we all love and respect you and what you do. Robert hasn't ever made a rash decision yet(that I know of ) so I'm sure he'll handle this all with tact and intelligence. Not to be a capitalist sounding douche, but this is his site and his vision. We should all of course contribute to this thread so he gets an idea of how people feel but in the end it's up to him. Hey PA, how you doing? Anyway has anybody even spoke to Robert about this to see what's happening, or to get his point of view, it just seems odd to have all this posted on the forum!
  4. Good for you.... as far as the doubting and naysaying...take a ticket and get to the back of the line
  5. That's cool too, you can take it anyway you like as long as your happy with it!!! I don't put myself in the spot light at all, anybody that knows me knows how I feel about repping the raw lifestyle, nobody can rep the raw lifestyle because it's too personal, all I or anybody can do is rep themselves and share their own experience ands that exactly what I do, I just share a lot and I always have done, they would also know that I'm more about repping the fitness than raw foods, anyway I've got nothing to prove at all, I've done all that sharing/proving stuff in the past and feel no need to go back and do it again....it gets boring...simple as that.... Be good!
  6. You seem fairly confident, just back it up and prove it. You have never in the time I've been here showed the stage of transitioning before you gained your "raw muscle" and after you lost your "cooked muscle." Yes sir I'm very confident because I've lived it and am living it, I've experienced the raw/fruitarian lifestyle for myself so I have absolutely nothing to prove to you or anybody, this is funny because you don't care that I'm in great shape, you'd rather dwell on what you think is the easiest way to find fault, well you keep on finding fault my friend because I can find more fault with the lifestyle I was living before which is why I'm very content with where I am and I'm having a blast with my training.....I gotta say though that you have a way about you that causes me to shut down and draw away, I don't like your spirit, especially now after reading the post in the general discussion section about the forum and the raw section, Robert has trusted you enough to make you a moderator and you go and post that, you seem to have an agenda it may just be me you have a beef with but either way, I'm just picking up on it, so like I say take all your thoughts about me, believe them to be true and run with it, that way you won't have to question me or ask me to prove anything like some immature kid, people that know me, know that I've shared every step of my journey through out the years and those times have past and I only look onwards and upwards so do and think what you like. Be good!
  7. Wow!!! This is pretty sad to see and I can imagine that Robert would be sad to read this too.....Robert has stated many times that this forum is going in a different direction, one that's more open and diverse, etc, maybe people should leave it up to him to change as he wishes, as veganpotter mentioned the fitness part of the name covers a multitude of subjects. As far as the raw section goes, do you realise that this sounds so much like what non-vegans say about veganism!!!??? I can't see how the raw food section can be such a threat, as Richard said, you either read it or you don't and if it upsets you that much then don't read the posts.....the raw lifestyle is no where near conventional so to expect conventional conversation/posts is asking for frustration....but I've seen this behaviour before many times regarding raw foods, I'm just dissappointed to see it here....oh well! I really don't see where all this is coming from because nothing much has really changed, people come and go then they come back again and every forum has it's season and if this forum really has problems then I think closing the raw section will not make a blind bit of difference. juss my 2 cents!
  8. The park! Shuttle hill sprints after my workout, I usually do 3x10, I love these!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IemzX_htGo
  9. Hey man that's cool, please yourself, I've got nothing to prove to you at all or anybody else for that matter, I've shared my journey and shown pics in the past but that gets pretty boring after a while and I'm sure as heck not going to do it on demand like that...."muscle mass" what "muscle mass" infact that's a big compliment to Fruitarianism because I don't think I really have any kind of "muscle mass" at all as that is not my goal and is not what I'm training for, so thankyou! So I tell you what just imagine that I'm eating a bucket load of cooked food and working out with weights or what ever and lay it to rest....that way you can stop asking me stupid questions because you you want to give the credit to cooked food when everybody that knows the raw lifestyle knows that you cannot sustain the size you were on cooked food because you lose it while cleansing/transitioning on a 100% raw diet, especially on fruits.....until you've done cleansing then the rest is down to your training Well at least you've made me laugh today!!! Thanks man.
  10. Yes sir all on fruits.....but we've already discussed this and why on earth do you want to see a skinny pic, your kinda spooking me out man, nobody likes to be under the microscope like that man, least of all me....maybe if I can find a pic and can be bothered to post it, I will....on second thoughts you can just look at my current pics and imaging me 20lbs lighter and be happy with that!
  11. It can be done, just know that your body has to finish it's cleansing process before you can expect to get your energy back.... http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/9572/dsc0082pa2.th.jpg http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/3302/rich19400el2.th.jpg http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/2462/picture016ty6.th.jpg F1
  12. Your 100% right!!! I've been saying that for years, a lot of people simply are not in good condition because of bad eating habits and poor lifestyle, I know people that just have bad/sickly genetics and their organs are weak like their parents due to bad eating and lifestyle habits. It's not the food because animals in the wild do perfectly well on raw natural food, so why can't we, the reason why some of us can't is because we have been raised on cooked, refined, addictive and processed foods and need to cleanse and heal first!!! Keep on doing your thing and be happy doing it!
  13. Trev...DAT IZ DA SHIZNITT MAAAN!!!!!!!
  14. Hey Bigman! I am doing alright, thanks. I know you are not pointing fingers and maybe I did not understand you correctly. As usual there is total agreement between us! P.S. you can be sure we take your 10 cents Cool...glad your doing well, keep up the good work man!
  15. Cool...don't worry about protien, worry about your workouts, I eat very, very little and I do fantastic! I know for a fact that the little "amino acids" I get from fruits more than gets the job done!!! You can check out my videos/photo's, etc.... The same rules for cooked food nutrition don't apply when you go raw infact you may find that it's that 10% that is holding you back from progressing! Take care!
  16. As I said, excess protein, raw or not, causes cancer and heart disease (which kill over 1.2 million americains a year). I'm eating raw to be healthy, if I have excess protein I need to know so I lower my protein intake. Is my high protein intake ok considering I workout or do I need to stay around 35g/day in any case to prevent cancer/heart disease? By the way I've been 90% raw for over a year. Thanks As I said...."Protien is for suckers!!!" (juss kidding) I think your answering your own question here! Here's a question for you....if your so sure this 35g of protien a day is correct and that exess protien causes cancer, etc why are you still taking in 60g/70g a day and how will working out suddenly make it healthy and why you so worried about protien? Sounds to me like your using raw foods as a diet instead of a lifestyle, raw food isn't like cooked food where you can manipulate food to get certain results, size, weight, it's a lifestyle that covers your mental and physical side....plus depending on what that 10% is that your eating you still have much cleaning and many changes to go through. My advice to you is to look through this section very carefully and look for posts on raw nutrition, I know that Flanders posted a decent site on the raw lifestyle....the site was called rawfoodexplained.com I think, then do some more research, also experiment and find what works for you Anyway I'm done coz your reminding me of bikerdave! Good luck P.s. by the way what country are you from?
  17. Well, I did say raw fruits and veggies, olive oil is definatly not on the list here...if you eat fat you'll get fat The choice is yours you get out what you put in, figure out what you do like and go from their...take care and good luck
  18. If your raw don't worry about protien, just worry about your workouts!!! That's just living the raw lifestyle by cooked food standards of nutrition. Protien is for suckers!!! Plus you need to give people more information in your post so they actually know where your coming from, for instance, are you raw, doing want to go raw, or are you just posting in the wrong sections?
  19. Flanders77, how you doing man, I totally agree and I've made that point here before, I think if raw foodists step outside their arena then yeah, they are fair game and open for judgement, I didn't say this board was anti-raw, just that on occasion I recognise the same negative attitudes that non-raw foodists have, I wasn't bashing anybody here or pointing fingers, it's just an observation. Healthfreak, if your past history is as bad as you say it is I would suggest that you go real slow and if you have no issues with raw fruits/veggies, eat/drink as much raw juice and raw produce that you feel comfortable with, have fun with the whole process and don't make it a mission, make it a happy lifestyle, find what raw foods are your favourite and go for it, you don't want to be repeating the cycle by making it a mission impossible and bailing out when all that crap gets stirred up in your system all at once, you also might want to think about doing cleanses of your choice to help get the junk out faster, the trick is to get the toxins and junk out fast!!! then start again!!! it's the junk/toxins that make you feel bad!!! That's just my 10 cents, you can take it or leave it.
  20. you tease! now you gotta share! Ha,ha never....you'd hurt yourself laughing And I don't wanna hurt you....
  21. Yeah, going raw is a total body over haul and can be pretty hardcore if you want to be successful at it, especially if like me and you, you lived unhealthy before.
  22. If you look back and read all my post you'll see that I've always said that the transitioning period is personal to each individual based on our parents past eating and lifestyle habits and your past lifestyle and eating habits and I would have to see you and work with you on a one to one basis to really know what's going on and get you through it, there's no cookie cutter way to transition, when I was transitioning I got all kinds of aches and pains in all kinds of places at all different stages of my transitioning some aches were scary and went unexplained and some were not but they were all results of my body getting rid of the toxins, waste, etc lodged/stored in my joints, bones and muscles, etc, infact I had one hilarious side effect of going back to cooked food that I can't share here that would scare the crap out of anybody but it was just my bodies way of coping with the toxicity overload that was in my system at that time, your aches and pains stopped when you ate cooked food because you stopped the detox process by eating cooked food and not because cooked food saved you from harm, transitioning is a scary process to someone that is not experienced in the raw lifestyle or has no raw support system because crazy things happen, especially when you start listening to other non-raw peoples opinions and alot of people get scared and quit then go back to what they know....cooked food! All the time I was transitioning I never once felt unsafe even when the crazy stuff was going on and I kept on trucking when many would have called it quits, now I've cleaned sufficiantly enough the aches and pains have gone and everything is new and improved, back in the day when I used to slip up on cooked food all my aches and pains would come back then go away when I went raw and cleaned out again but things had to get worse before they got better and that's what a lot of people don't get, because when you first go raw all those toxins and debris are in your system and your body is using up all it's energy to do what it's supposed to be doing, cleansing you, that's why you feel so bad and depending on the condition of your organs and your past history it could take several years to detox enough for you to start to feel good again, there's no magic pill and no person knows the secrets to an easy detox, the bottom line is that you gotta allow your body to cleanse itself, you may even need to give it some help if your organs are not in good condition. Yes sadly that's how a lot of people transitioning to the raw diet feel, the right way to do this is to work towards going 100% raw...PERIOD, stay away from anything that is processed or unnatural. Hope that helped man.
  23. Hooray for Jessifly, well said gerlfren!!!! I gotta admit I've stopped posting here as much because of various negative attitudes that have been slowly creeping in lately and the other raw foodist that were here to begin with have all gone too, you try to help someone with a raw question then you get some non-raw person quoting science nutrition and casting doubt on the validity of your advice based on what mainstream science has taught them, then a debate starts like this one, I'm not one for debates because I can only share what I feel is true to me, so for me it's really not up for debate but your more than welcome to take my advice or discard it, plus it just seems that no matter what you say some people will never be happy or accepting of your raw experiences and will try to counter act everything you say with science and yes I can see why some people might do this but the thing is that as raw foodists we need our own section so we can escape all of the this and communicate with like minded individuals instead of spending it defending our experience, as for most people it's probably the one place that they can actually discuss our raw issues without judgement because our experiences will often go against all of what mainstream science stands for, other wise it just becomes a waste of time sharing your "personal" journey/advice. I'm really not into defending my interlect so I just don't post here anymore but I know for a fact that the raw lifestyle has been very successful for many people, myself included, yes in the begining it was hell on earth and I can relate to why it seems so unhealthy to the untrained eye because I made many mistakes and many a doctor would have mistaken my detox symptoms for illness, but think about it, if they were really illnesses I would not be here today to say otherwise, which is why I always tell people to think about what they are getting into first because the transitioning period is no joke and misunderstandings often arise because many people never get past this stage so they think that the transioning aches, pains and symptoms are what the raw lifestyle is all about, I've also never told anyone here that they should go raw and I never will, all I've done here is shared my life and posted information that may be useful to others that have my same interest in the raw lifestyle and I don't think anybody here has told anyone else to go raw either. Unfortunatly a section of the raw movement is in a sad state and sadly it's that section that gets all the attention because the truth is that many people are not transitioning in the correct manner which is leading to continued health problems and health issues, it's not the lifestyle as a whole, it's the people, people always say "well were's the proof that going raw is good for you, where's the studies" well I've posted many studies here and on my forum in the past but just like anything there's plenty on the internet good and bad and you can find anything eventually to prove your point/argument but I've been blessed to deal with and see with my own eyes people that have been completely healed by going raw and getting active and there's many other examples that you can find all over the world but it all depends on what you want to focus on, do you want to focus on the positive side when people transition to the raw lifestyle correctly and get the support they need or on the negative side when people don't transition correctly and don't get the support they need and mistake symptoms of detox that society says is illness for actually illness and quit, well I've noticed that most people want to listen to the negative person trashing the raw lifestyle because they messed up, it's like the saying goes, "the wheel that sqeeks the loudest gets the oil" and the positive examples that are brave enough to put themselves out there just get written off as flukes or freaks of nature, I'm not bashing anybody here but I've just seen it so many times over the years and I've seen the frustrations from both raw and non-raw vegans when they clash. To me it's all pointless debating this issue because none of us are really going to be satisfied with any info that goes against what we believe anyway, for me it's all about living and letting live, after all how can you tell someone that has come from feeling sick and depressed on cooked foods to being rejuvanated and in the best shape ever on raw foods that rawfoods is bad for them because science says so.....what reaction do you think your gonna get? For me personaly as Seand stated in another post, I've had it both ways and raw is the way to go for me without a doubt and if cooked food is the way to go for you then that's cool too, it's really no skin off my nose because I'm not you and you are not me so to argue/debate about it makes no sense to me at all, anyway I'm not looking for a fight I'm just giving my $10 worth to the situation. I hope everyone can live and let live and get over all of this crap.... Be good.
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