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  1. Hi guys! I've been looking at pictures on this site and I wanted to ask this question, is there much of a difference in the build of Vegan and vegetarian bodybuilders? it seems to me that vegetarians seem to have more mass, this would knda make sense as veggies would have more access to diary! let me know what you guys think! Bigbwii
  2. I'm sorry for my vaige use of the word "natural" I'm from a Fruitarian background and to me natural means relying on your bodies own resources! I think that is where the fun is. I've just got back to being Vegan! I have a question that's been bugging me for years!!! and I want to share my personal opinion/thoughts with you guys to see if I can figure it out. Anyway here goes, as far as training/working out for mass when I compare my Raw and cooked experience there really is no comparison cooked food wins hands down when it comes to building mass and gaining wieght! and on the other hand Fruitarianism wins hands down for endurance! As a Fruitarian I tried for years to gain mass but no matter how hard I trained it just wasn't happening ( I was fruitarian for ten years on and off) but as soon as I eat cooked food my strength and size would increase dramaticaly! I know how cooked/processed foods dehydrates the body and how the body needs to store water to counter act the acid due to the build up of toxic waste and that's why we need to drink so much water! so I know about water retention and I know about stored partialy digested waste in our intestines from eating so many meals that if we are constipated can push up to our chest/lungs to give the impression of a big chest! but my question is what is it that makes us grow big? information from the raw food community doesn't pan out because according to the raw community all cooked food is denatured and protiens/vitamins and minerals are not useable or absorbed! but I've seen raw bodybuilders and the "natural" ones are so small as for me I just love to eat and train hard so does anybody know what really makes us big??? Bigbwii
  3. This is going to sound like a stupid question but here goes! I've read that the more we train/workout the more our bodies step up to the plate and heals and builds! from my limited experience I know this is true to a certain extent but is this still true for the real big guys! or is there a point where steriods/growth hormones,etc, take over? what's your experiences? Bigbwii
  4. Is there a difference between soy and tempeh? Bigbwii
  5. Thanks guys, I'm sorry for my vaige use of the word "natural" I'm from a Fruitarian background and to me natural means relying on your bodies own resources and taking nothing that is processed period! personaly I'm going to have to relax my definition a bit! I think that is where the fun is anyway! the harder I work out the more I want to give my body! thanks again, Bigbwii .
  6. Thanks guys! I'm sorry for my vaige use of the word "natural" I'm from a Fruitarian background and to me natural means relying on your bodies own resources! I think that is where the fun is !!!! yeah, my goal is to stay as "natural as possible and get a body like Mike Mentzer (I'm aiming sky high) and have fun, learn a bunch while doing it:lol: !!! thanks again, Bigbwii
  7. Hi guys, is there any examples of 100% natural (no supplement) vegan body builders out there? in terms of physique my favourite body builder period was Mike Mentzer! I'm really interested to see the best of the best in terms of natural vegan body builders! thanks guys! Bigbwii
  8. Hi guys, what do you guys recommend for just before a work out and right after a workout!? I'm pretty much numb after I work out and it feels so good! but I really want to make sure I take care of my body and give it what it needs after I've just finished blasting it!!! Back in the day when I used to play Rugby I used to buy glucose/ fructose powder to mix and drink for after a work out, do people still do that? I want to stay as natural as possible! thanks guys! Bigbwii
  9. Right now I just look like someone that is eating a lot!! (I love to eat)next week will be my second week of training to my full potential since going vegan, I'm aiming at training once a week, I'm looking forward to seeing what nature gives me! Bigbwii.
  10. Thanks for the compliments, I took that picture as part of my journal when I was a Fruitarian a month ago, I was a Fruitarian for ten years, I did not train very hard or often and gains were very slow, now I'm back to being a vegan I'm much stronger and my gains are a lot faster, I've been blessed with good genes and I can get in shape fast! I'm going for the same type of shape as in the photo but with much more bulk/mass! I would really like to keep the flat stomach but I think that will be lost in the transition. Does anyone know if it's possible to keep a flat stomach while keeping up your bulk? I started proper training this week and right now I'm working on my arms chest and traps! bigbwii
  11. Hi guys, can anybody recommend any vegan companies that specialize in vegan foods? Bigbwii.
  12. Hi guys, thanks again for the great welcome, this seems like a really friendly site! just a little background on myself, I'm a former Fruitarian of ten years, before that I was a pro Rugby player, towards the end of my career I became a fruitarian and lost a lot of size and strength, anyway now I'm vegan my goal is to get to around 230lbs of good muscle! I realise that there's alot more elements that I need to learn for me to reach that goal so here I am! anyway right now I'm working on training hard,eating good,drinking water and resting a whole bunch! so watch this space.....bigbwii This is me at 140lbs I'm now 175lbs http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a84/Bigbwii/82305.jpg
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