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  1. If trying to optimize strength & build muscle mass, is INTENSE 1-2 hr. tennis/ basketball for days off counterproductive to maximize muscle POWER for lifting days?
  2. Thanks. If trying to put on muscle, are bench press and squats going to be ideal?
  3. Looking for someone who has trained at both methods... How did your results change when you changed from weights to only body weight and gravity (pushups, pullups, yoga, etc.), or vice versa?
  4. Does anyone believe there exists an ideal weight for each person - not only health wise but supposedly appearance wise? If so, do you think it is as simple as taking someone's height and plugging it into one of the charts?
  5. I rephrased it to focus in more: If you know you won't be able to lift as much as usual, due to insufficient protein and calories in the last 24, is it better to wait a day, or prevent wasting a day? If you DO workout, will you require "extended" repair time to get back to 100%?
  6. So...let's say that you slacked on adequate protein in the last 24 hours. Instead of consuming your typical 180 g protein / 24 hours, you ate like 50 g. You start lifting weights, and you notice your muscles feel flimsy. Is your workout counterproductive? What happens to your muscles if you push them without having adequate protein?
  7. Can you break a muscle down in only 15-20 minutes? If you're doing 1 body part / day, and you have very little rest b/n sets?
  8. Are they supposed to work against each other?
  9. Can anyone speak from experience from trying a raw food/ vegan diet, and a regular/high protein diet? Which diet made you look leaner? Do you think it is possible to build large muscles on a raw food diet??
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