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  1. I've only been vegan since January 1, so I'm REALLY new, but I'm loving it. I'm also planning on doing a figure comp. this year, probably in July. I'm trying to set up a meal plan, but thought I might get some input from those of you who've done this before. Does anyone use a significant amount of seitan? I don't want to use soy products very often so I'm trying to find alternatives. I am trying to get over my mental road block that tells me "legumes are not protein, they're a carb". Any advice would be appreciated! Regina
  2. My husband uses a brand of razors called Bump Fighter, it helps him A LOT!
  3. I'm planning on doing a NPC figure show in April 2009. I have some fat to lose before the show and I'd like to maintain my muscle mass. After years of considering going vegan I really feel like its time to follow my heart and stop using cheese as an excuse. My issues is...I know how to diet for a show while eating meat, BUT how in the heck to I get enough protein as a vegan? I've checked out the sites/bios of some vegan competitors, but they weren't much help. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Regina
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