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  1. You are benching that much weight in your room? WOW Do you have a spotter?
  2. Wow Tuc, you are really getting strong now. Reading all of this is really tempting me to get a membership at a gym to see where I stack up. Great work Tuc!
  3. workout tonight.... 150lbs Sand bag shouldering... Sets of 1 1x150 1x150 1x150 1x150 1x150 That sand bag is tricky. Next week I will do sets of 2. DB box squats 12x30 7x60 7x60 7x60 7x60 I will add a rep to the squats next week... 7 was easy. I wanted to squat the sand bag but I am still working on getting it from the ground to my shoulder safely. Maybe in a couple of weeks. ABS Leg Lifts 2x15
  4. No I don't have a partner to train with, although I would like to have one. The stuff at work is hard to weigh just to to its sheer bulk, but that is not a bad idea.... I will have to try to figure out how to do that.
  5. Yesterdays food Cals 2515 Protein 198 Workout tonight... Incline Press (Dumbells) 12x40 6x60 6x60 6x60 6x60 First time I have done inclines. I wanted to do them because the 60's are too light for me on the flat bench now.... I guess they are too light for me on the incline too.... I may have to bite the bullet and get a gym membership...eeeehh... or fork over some real cash for heavy DB's. DB flys 12x20 6x30 I decided to do flies after benching to stretch out my chest. I did then as tight and as slow as I could. DB bent rows 12x40 6x60 6x60 6x60 6x60 Again, way to easy. I finally did curls for the first time since taking lifting up again. I had no idea how much to start with.... especially since my arms were about trashed from the rows. It was kinda cool, my arms pumped up HUGE! 80x12....Sloppy too heavy 30 DB's x 12 x2 I think next week I am going to warm up with 20lb DB and do solid set of 6 with the 35's.
  6. I have troubles in this department. I have been known at work to lift some crazy heavy things. I have lifted trench box panels.... I have lifted a car hauler trailers by the tongue.... Trash pumps in the back of trucks.... ect... for some reason when it come to weights with numbers I have notions of what I can and can't lift... I have struggled with this since high school. If I have no idea how much what I am lifting weighes I will do everything in my power to lift it off the ground! Has anyone else dealt with this?
  7. Hello... I live in Houston... Tomball to be exact.... My home is a bit small for a roomie... but I am one that lives here.... I know that there are a few our us down here... I have never met any in person but I know of a few that post here. Good luck in your home search, and feel free to hit me up when you get here.
  8. I put the sand in zip lock freezer bags, then duct taped them shut. then I put them in a 6mil trash bag... then in an army duffel bag. Let me tell you dude.... just lifting that thing up to my shoulders makes me feel like I am strong! No handles makes it hard to man around. I have two more duffel bags coming to me. I am going to do a 100lb and a 200lb... I am doing the 200 pounder for when I feel the need to break myself....lol.
  9. food yesterday... cals 3625 protein 238 Today I hit the bike again BFL style. I did well enough that I was unable to walk after 18 minutes so thats good I think I also did sit ups.... yeah blah... I hate em but I gotta do em. 2x15
  10. food yesterday... Cals 3135 Protein 240 I didn't workout today. I was going to do abs work but I didn't. I can't ever seem to motivate myself to work on my abs. I hate ab exercises! I did get one of my sand bags made today I started out with 200lbs of sand in the bag, and I nearly busted my ballzach open trying to heave that bag to my shoulder . Sand bags feel way way way heavier than free weights! I took the bag down to 150lbs....150 is workable and stills feels heavy! I tried to do a squat with 150 for fun and it was hard! Playing with the sand bag is fun!
  11. Wow, I had no idea that people were still welcoming me Thanks everyone! You all really make a newbie feel at home.
  12. Thanks Tuc, If my progress gets even close to yours I would be more than pleased
  13. I have to make this quick, before my computer shuts off.... yesterday cals 3270 p 232 worked military press DB 30x12 50x6 50x6 50x6 50x6 60x1 4 mins between sets. Lateral Raises DB 10x12 20x6 20x6 20x6 20x6 20x6 2 min between sets Box Squats DB 40x12 60x6 60x6 60x6 60x6 60x6 Progress Pics.... I found one on my camera before 12/7.... http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d37/Ball_zach/zachsshit136-1.jpg This was is today.... http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d37/Ball_zach/zachsshit142.jpg weight 257 % body fat 24.8
  14. Thanks Josh I love veganbodybuilding.com! Workout today.... Bicycle 20min hard! As hard as I could do. I wanted to let to guys know that I will now start posting less frequently. I am having computer problems and it keeps shutting off on at random. I start school on Jan 13, so I will be on a computer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will update on those days.
  15. Thanks man. I am going to work on getting more protein in my diet and worry less about cals. I want to get the strength! So rather than tying to trim up I am going to eat! I will work on getting cut in 2010. 09 will be the year of the muscles!
  16. Food today 7:15am rice and soy protein shake made with soy milk. 350cals 41p 9:15 potato, spinach, artichoke soup. 400cals 20p 11:00 1oz of pumpkin seeds, 1oz of mixed nuts, 6oz v8 juice. 360cals 16p 12:30 huge bowls of vegan pho. 600cals 20p 2:45 he-man salad, luna bar, fruit cup. 585 25p 4:45 workout 6:00 rice and soy shake with the soy milk. 350cals 41p 8:45 rest of my he-man salad, 2 scoops of rice protein and water. 450cals 40p Cals 3095, 203p workout today.... DB flat bench 5x45 5x60 5x60 5x60 5x60 Easy! Tonight's Bench press was a breeze! BD rows 5x45 5x60 5x60 5x60 5x60 Easy also. I am a bit bummed that my USN duffel bags didn't show up today so I could get my sand bags made. DB dead lift 15x60 15x60 2 sets, I should have done a warm up the first set hurt a bit. Important things I have learned so far. A. Eating enough is important! B. Working out hungry is way better then carb loading. C. Having the right technique can really help you get the last couple reps. D. Rest between sets! It is not a race to finish. Let your muscles energize back up before you tear them apart again.
  17. Food today.... 7:00am soy and rice protein shake with soy milk. 350cals 41p 9:00 2 wheat tortillas and 2 scoops or rice protein and water. 380cals 24p 11:00 My he-man salad mix lmao. (sweet peas, green beans, black beans, kidney beans, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion) 325 cals 15p 1:00 luna bar, 6oz v8 juice, and 1 oz of pumpkin seeds. 370cals 20p 3:30 dried sweet peas, a bit more he-man salad, and 1 scoop of rice protein and water. 390cals 27p 6:30 shake rice and soy, with the soy milk. 350 41p 8:30 clif bar and v8 juice 2oz mixed nuts 1oz pumkpin seeds. 780cals 32p cals 2945 p200 I did not train today. My legs are still hurting form the squats and the bicycle. I figured it may be beneficial to give them a day to recoup. Those box squats are killers. Lots of cal taken in today! I dig eating more, I don't feel so sluggish. 200 grams of protein! woo who!
  18. Here are my before pics. The back pic was taken tonight. The front pic was taken a few days ago. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d37/Ball_zach/zachsshit139.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d37/Ball_zach/zachsshit141.jpg These pics show about 3 week of progress. I wish I would have taken some before pics when I started. I can tell that I have progressed a bit. Now I can look here and get some motivation to work harder to look better. Woo who!
  19. Yeah, I have been considering drinking 1 more protein shake during my day just to add a bump in my protein intake. I have been think about hiring a personal trainer to show me how to do my exercises correctly. I started my lifting routine in 12/7 and as of today 12/28. It has been three weeks. So is my progress slow? or behind? I know I have not added much weight to my lifts but 60's are the heaviest dumbbells I own. I should have my sandbags ready next week, and that should help. Food today.... 9:45 soy and rice protein shake with soy milk. 350cals 41P 11:15 Veggie burger, small salad. 320cals 11p 2:00 Luna bar.180cals 10p 4:00 can of navy beans and small cup of brown rice. 650cals 31P 6:00 luna bar, veggie chips, rice crakers. 315cals 14P 7:00 work out.... bicycle....extra hard. 20min BFL style. 8:00 rice and soy protein shake with soy milk 350cals 41p cals 2165 protein 148
  20. DB military press 5x40 5x50 1x60 5x50 5x50 3x50 I tried to use the 60lb Dumbbells, too heavy. I managed to push one out. Box Dumbbell squats. 5x40 5x60 5x60 5x60 5x60 I decided to use a milk crate for box squats. I was worried that when I was getting to the last few reps I was ending the squats short. Now since my butt has to touch the box every time it should add consistency. food today... 11:00 am rice ans soy protein shake with soy milk. 350cals 41P 2:00 salad. black beans. some pasta. 500cals 25p 4:00 banana and 1oz of pumpkin seeds. 290 10p 7:00 clif bar. 250cals 10p 8:00 workout 9:00 protein shake (rice and soy) 350cals 41p 10:00 green beans, squash, black eye peas. 240cals 11p cals 1980, protein 138
  21. ah, I updated my avatar. I will soon post some before and afters. I am making a little bit of progress. I skipped out on running yesterday. I helped a friend moved and it tied me up all day. food... 9:00 soy protein and soy milk shake 300c 31P 11:30 1 oz pumpkin seed and a box of raisins. 290c 10p 3:00 mashed potatoes and peas, carrots, corn, cucumber. 300c 3p 6:00 2 oranges, and cranberry sauce. 400c 4p 8:00 crackers, and soy milk 400c 9p 10:00 rice protein shake with pineapple 300c 25p 1990 cals, 82p
  22. No calorie count today, too much grazing going on.... I munched on tons of crackers this morning at a friends place.... along with soy chocolate milk, and other goodies...lots of salad! Calorie counting will continue tomorrow. DB Bench Press 5x40 5x60 5x60 5x60 5x60 DB rows 5x40 5x60 5x60 5x60 5x60 I got that last bench press rep out today, barely. I gave myself 3min of rest between sets. I am really struggling with my chest something fierce. I may need to change up my chest work out for a few weeks. Maybe I will start doing incline presses, or DB flys.
  23. Yeah Robert, I have been meaning to email you and ask you when and where you were going to be here. Sign me up!
  24. I did the bicycle today for 20 hard minutes... BFL style. Today is going to be a huge calorie day. I have a couple of Christmas parties to go to so I imagine I will be eating a lot of junk. Food today... 8:00am soy protein & soy milk shake. 300cals 31P 9:45 cliff bar 250cals 10P 12:30 Mechanics lunch day at work so more Mexican food. 2 fried avocados, 2 tortillas, refried beans and rice. 1200 cals 24P (yikes!) 2:30 run 3:30 rice protein shake with soy milk and mixed fruit. (pine apple, cantaloupe, grapes, melon) 400 cals. Christmas Parties.... I didn't keep count the rest of the day but I am sure I was high... probably around 5000 for the day.
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