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  1. DB dead lift...









    Need more weight! I ordered 2 us navy sea duffel bags for my sand bags. So, so very soon will I have the extra weight I crave!


    DB shrugs









    food today...


    7:15 soy protein shake and soy milk. 300 cals 31P


    9:30 1 can of sweet peas with fat free Italian dressing. 230 cals 14P


    12:00 veggie sandwich and baked potato chips. 350 cals 7P


    3:00 1 oz mixed nuts and a small box of raisins. 300 cals 7P


    4:00 workout


    5:00 Rice protein shake with soy milk. 200 cals 31P


    7:00 1oz of pumpkin seeds and one box of raisins. 290 cals 10P


    9:00 1 oz mixed nuts, 1 banana 290 cals 7P


    10:30 chocolate chip clif bar. 240cals 10P


    12:30 Tortilla chips and guacamole. 600 cals 7P (Damn this dip! I made it for a Christmas party tomorrow and I wanted to test it out. I just couldn't put it down. I may have estimated high on the cals, but better high than low.)


    2800 calories, 124 grams of protein.


    I have to say it was nice to eat more. 2800-3200 calories a day was what I use to eat daily before I became a vegan. (that was before lifting, just a normal day.) I hate the hunger feeling all day. I may bump the cals back up.... because my goal is to build muscles. I am thinking if I worry less about the cals and just keep my portions in check, and eat 6 to 8 times a day I should be good.

  2. Whoop Whoop! Page 2!




    Thanks man, I am doing my best to keep track so I have a good log of what worked and what didn't. I thought calorie counting was a good way for me to see how much I was really eating. I have a tendency to over eat all the time.



    A note of encouragement, I measured my arms today and I am up 1/4" to 16.5" not bad for just starting my third week.


    Ran for 20min. Hit the sprints extra hard! The last min was way better than a couple of days ago.


    5:15am Soy milk & soy protein shake with a banana. 405 cals 31P


    7:15 Black bean soup 500 cals 25P


    10:00 Green bean salad and pumpkin seeds. 260 cals 11P


    1:00 Meeting with the boss, Mexican restaurant lunch. 800 cals 20P (just guessing the values here, I assumed high. It was a nightmare just getting them to leave the cheese off!)


    4:00 rice protein 1 scoop, and apple sauce. 100 cals 12P(taste was awful! But you can't beat the calorie to protein ratio in rice powder.)


    6:00 I ran! boy did I run. Watching a 250lbs dude run has to be something to see.


    7:00 2 scoop rice shake with soy milk. 200 cals 31P


    2265 calories and 130 Protein for the day

  3. Just finished working out. Good day on the whole. 15 minutes on the bicycle... push the baike hard. The bike seemed harder to finish than the squats did.



    DB military press








    This was up 5 lbs from last week... since I finished it I am moving up to the sixty pound DB next week. Now I am vertical pressing the same as I bench press. What is the deal with that?





    squats DB


    5x60 (lost balance and fell over)






    This was up 1 rep from last week and I still finished, I guess I will go up to 8 next week.



    Food today....


    10:30am soy milk and protein shake 300 cals P30


    12:30 green bean salad and 1 oz pumpkin seeds. 350 cals P11


    2:30 spaghetti with 2oz of wheat noodles, green bean salad. 400 cals P9


    3:30 work out


    4:30 soy protein shake & soy milk 300 cals P30


    7:00 corn and black bean salad, 1 oz pumpkin seeds. 450 cals P20


    8:30 100 calorie popcorn, sugar free apple sauce 150cals 3P


    10:00 green bean salad, 1 oz pumpkin seeds(I love pumpkin seeds!). 250cals P11


    2200 calories today. 114 grams of protein.

  4. Needed items...


    1 can of cut green beans

    1 tomato

    1 cucumber

    Italian dressing



    1. Dice the tomato and throw in a bowl.


    2. Open the can or green beans. Drain them; and throw them in.


    3. Cut the cucumber every 1 inch give or take. The cut the cucumber pieces like you would a pizza, in 8 smaller slices. Then throw them in.


    4. Add Italian dressing to flavor. I like to use the fat free dressing I think it makes the salad taste better but and Italian dressing will work.


    All done. Quick and good.


    I like to take this salad to parties, it has a very fresh and unique flavor.

  5. what you need...


    1 can of corn

    1 can of black beans

    1 tomato

    1/2 onion

    1/4 cup Italian dressing(I use the fat free stuff because I need to:)

    1 tbsp of some hot sauce (tobacco or similar)



    1. Thrown the can of un-drained black bean in a bowl


    2. Then drain the water from the can of corn, and throw then in the bowl.


    3. Dice the tomato and throw it in.


    4. Dice the 1/2 onion, you guessed it.... throw it in.


    5. Add 1 tbsp of hot sauce.


    6. Add Italian dressing.... use 1/4 as a guideline, I flavor to taste.


    Done. Simple, quick, cheap and tasty.

  6. Weight 258.4

    Body fat 28.3%



    The first post with the weight of 249 may have been incorrect. That is what my work scale said, my bosses home scale said 256. I chose to post the lesser of the two. I bought a scale last night. Scary 258.4 and 28.3 body fat! I need to chop the cals right out. So if I take the 256 number from 2 weeks ago I gained 2 lbs. I have been running my ass off too, sad.




    Ran today. 20min.




    9:30am soy milk & soy protein shake. 300 cals


    12:00 salad. 300 cal (high fat Italian dressing)


    1:30 1 oz pumpkin seeds. 160 cals


    3:00 corn & black bean salad. 300 cals


    4:30 1 oz pumpkin seeds. 160 cals


    5:30 large salad. 300 cals


    7:30 pineapple teriyaki burger with whole wheat bun. 220 cals


    8:30 run


    9:30 soy milk and soy protein shake. 300 cals


    10:30 1oz mixed nuts. 170 cals


    2010 calories for the day. I am shooting for 2000 or less untill I finish this routine on Jan 31, 2009.

  7. DB flat bench









    I am really bummed tonight. This is the third chest workout I have had since I started working out again and I can't seem to knock that last rep out. My chest has always been a weak spot, anyone have any tips for me?


    DB rows








    Great work on the rows. This week I was even up 10lbs from last week. Next week I am adding a rep.



    Before the work out I did 15 mins on the bike. Pushed it extra hard last min.






    Food today...



    7:30 rice shake with soy milk


    9:30 big salad, 1 avocado, 10 black olives, 3 baby corns, 5 green olives.


    12:00 corn and bean salad.


    2:00 green bean, tomato, and cucumber salad.


    4:00 1 oz pumpkin seeds and a small bowl of fruit salad.


    4:30 work out.


    5:30 soy milk and protein shake.


    7:30 munched on nuts and pumpkin seeds and some corn salad.

  8. Boom! Another day completed!


    Running tonight! Awesome! I did the entire 20, and as hard as I could. I feel great.




    food today...


    5:15am rice shake


    7:15am corn and black bean salad


    9:30am 1oz mixed nuts


    12:00 big salad 10 black olives and 1 avocado


    2:00 mixed fruit bowl (I cheated myself today and ordered a medium fry from jack in the box)


    3:00 1 oz mixed nuts.


    6:00 soy milk, nuts, corn, cucumbers and 10 green olives


    8:00 Running


    9:00 soy mike and rice powder shake.



    need to trim the cals down a bit.

  9. 12/17/2008



    15 min of cardio on the bicycle. Last min I turned the resistance up all the way and killed it.



    DB dead lift








    I will go up to 7 reps next week. These 60lbs DB are way way way to light. I think I have figured out a way to make some concrete dumbbells for real cheap. I will keep you guys posted with the details.


    BD shrug rows.








    Too light going up 10lbs next week.





    Food today...


    7:30 2 scoop rice shake with chocolate soy milk


    9:30 black bean, corn, tomato, onion salad, and 1 oz mixed nuts.


    12:30 huge salad. 3 avocados and 10 black olives.


    3:45 carrot salad with almonds raisins.


    5:00 work out


    6:15 rice shake, carrots soy milk.


    8:45 more corn bean salad.

  10. Just finished running. I did the entire 20mins this time. I destroyed myself tonight. After reading Robs post.... True Intensity - A story of Hardcore Workouts, it created a narrative for me to build up to. So I did as best as I could possibility do. I nearly puked in the middle of it. And when I was finished I thought I was going to pass out. And now that I have done it, I know I can do better next time. I am pleased with tonight.




    food today...


    7:30am: rice protein shake with apple juice and pineapple.


    9:00am: green bean, onion, and tomato salad.


    10:00am: 1 oz mixed nuts


    11:00am: 1 oz mixed nuts


    1:00pm: huge 3 liter salad. 2 avocados 1 tomato, 3 baby corns, 10 black olives, alfalfa sprouts, radishes, onions, lettuce, spinach.... It was really good!


    3:00pm: bowl of mixed fruit... sweet potatoes, pineapples, oranges, cantaloupe, cherries.


    5:00pm: 1 oz mixed nuts, 1 cup of soy chocolate milk.


    7:00pm: tofu, sesame seeds, 3 tbsp teriyaki sauce, green beans, carrots, 1/2 oz ketchup.


    9:30pm: 1 cup soy milk, mixed fruit.


    I may need to start eating less.... but i do dig the food.

  11. Yeah, I figured sprinting was better for me than just plain old cardio. I could never get into regular cardio work. It is so boring.






    DB Squats....








    The heaviest DB I own are 60lbs. SUCKS! So instead of adding weight I added a rep. I really don't have the cash to buy heavier DB's right now.


    Military Press








    Need to go up 5lbs next week on the press. Felt light as a feather, witch is good because I couldn't get all five last week.


    And last but not least Farmer walks!!!!!




    7:30 2 scoops rice protien shake with pineapple kiwi's and oranges and apple juice.


    9:30 Green bean, hummus, tofu, cucumber, tomato salad 6oz V8 juice and 1 oz of mixed nuts.


    12:00 bowl of mixed fruit. 6oz v8 and 1oz mixed nuts.


    2:00 1 cup of refried fat free beans and a banana.


    4:30 Workout


    5:00 1 oz mixed nuts, banana, 1 cup chocolate soy milk.


    7:00 high fiber wheat English muffin with 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 tbsp of black cherry jelly. 1 avocado and 2 scoops of rice protein shake. and the rest of the hummus, cucumber, tomato, tofu, green bean salad.


    1 gallon of water drank through out day.

  12. I have decided to run on opposite of my lifting days.



    Just got done running for 10 minutes. I did it the way they say to run in the BFL program.


    1 min of level 5 intensity

    1 of level 6

    1 of level 7

    1 of level 8

    1 of level 9

    then back to level 6

    then 7, 8, 9... do that for 20min and make the last minute a level 10(balls to the wall as hard as you can push it)


    I could only muster out 10 minutes... I didn't realize how out of shape I have become. That use to be a snap. I will have to try harder next time and adjust my intensity levels so I can last 20 minutes. I think I pushed it too hard for the first 5 minutes.

  13. Why even worry about how many calories? If your losing weight and want to keep losing, then your eating the right amount for now. If you get to the weight you want and are still losing, start increasing the calories. The scale tells you if your running a calorie deficit or excess.


    OK, That makes sense. I will just keep doing what I am doing. If I feel like I am getting to light, I will add some cals.

  14. Here is my new log. I posted some starting pics.


    Weight 249.

    Arms 16.25"

    Chest 52"

    Waist 42"


    Doing Ryan's Power training program. I will try to post pics once every month or so..






  15. Being that I have only been eating like this for 3 months, I am somewhat new to the vegan world. You can tell by my physique that years of burgers and pizza took their toll. I have lost 40lbs since I became a vegan and I am not sure what I should do.


    For the first month I lost close to 5lbs a week, shedding the second 20lbs over the next two months. I was eating around 2000 calories a day. I Didn't feel hungry at all because I ate all the time. Now I have started lifting and I am lost.... I don't know what or how much I should eat. I make sure I get around 100grams of protein a day. I am a guy that can gain and loose wight very quickly.


    I think I have a decent foundation under all the fat. I have not been doing cardio because I didn't know if I should seeing as how I am still loosing weight naturally and my ultimate goal is to get bigger.


    Right now I am a slender 249lbs. LOL

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