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  1. Probably you would have been 20% better, if this guy hadn't open his trap... such a thing costs your concentration, and so the injury risks raise, too... Don't loose your motivation, I think you're doing great - I never could do those heavy weights
  2. Manuel

    Hey everyone!

    You HAVE TO KNOW some vegans maybe the monthly meeting is something for you http://www.manchester.vegangroup.co.uk/
  3. I'm sure you will!! But you know... for a woman you have to spend a loooooot of time ...and so you won't have time for workouts anymore... think of it
  4. the battle is over..... just a joke, I'm heading into gym right now! I had to make some important decisions (career), so I hadn't the nerve to keep this log updated. Also I think, I won't use the log as I did it all the time before. I think I'll write down changes in my routines, and how the battles goes and such things and leave the numbers on the paper...that makes more sense to me.. Probably I'll write down a summary of last month this evening...
  5. 65min Cardio Crosstrainer, 17.25km, 785kcal (total 800), 7-9-7-9 55min Cardio Treadmill, 7.7km, [email protected], [email protected], ?kcal Body Weight: 158.3lbs
  6. 2.4. Bench Press: (15x22), 2x6x55 Bent Over Row: (15x44), 12x35, 10x35 Vert. LH-Raise: 2x15/5 Upright Row: (10x22), 8x38.5 Assist. Pullup: [email protected], [email protected] Crunch Mach: (20x44), 20x66, 12x66(8x44) Lat Raise: (10x8.9), 7x17.6 Incl. Bench Press: 10x44, 7x44 Bic Curl: 8x33 Conc Curl: 2x8x27.5 Butterfly Mach: (10x55), 12x77, 10x77 Rotary Torso: 2x40x121 Row Machine: (10x55), 8x99 Body Weight: 156.3lbs
  7. 1.4. 65min Cardio Crosstrainer, 797 kcal, 18.2km, 7-9-7-9.. 55min Cardio Treadmill, [email protected], [email protected], 535kcal Body Weight: 156,5lbs
  8. 31.3. Bench Press: (15x44), 6x60 Bent Over Row: (20x44), 11x70 Upright Row: (10x22), 9x38.5 Vert. LH-Raise: 2x15/5 Assist. Pullup: [email protected], [email protected] Assist. Squat: (2x66) -> knee ache Rotary Torso: (2x10x77), 2x20x154 Body Weight: 156lbs
  9. 29.3. 65min Cardio Crosstrainer, 17.31km, 782kcal (total 800), 7-9-7-9.. 60min Cardio Treadmill, 8.2km, 620 kcal (total 700), [email protected], [email protected] Body Weight: 156.96lbs
  10. 28.3. 30m Cardio Crosstrainer, then they kicked me off Body Weight: 158.7lbs
  11. 26.3. Bench Press: 10x44, 8x50, 6x55 Upright Row: 12x33, 8x38.5, 6x44 Incline Bench Press: 10x44, 2x6x48.5 Vert. LH-Raise: 3x15/5 Biceps Curl: 3x12x27.5 Vertical Chest Press: 10x77 (fast), 2x10x99 Rotary Torso: 2x20x121,143 Cable Triceps: 10x41, 2x10x35.8 Chest Press Mach.: 10x55, 2x10x77 Abd. Crunches: 20x55, 17x66, 2x10x55 Biceps Concentration Curl: 12,10x22 (superslow) DB Tric Ext. Single: 7x15.4 DB Tric Ext. both: 17x22 superslow Body Weight: 155.6lbs
  12. 24.3. 1h Cardio Crosstrainer, 9-11-9-7-9..., 16.82km, 768 kcal(total 800) 40min? Cardio Treadmill, 5.8km, [email protected], 480 kcal (total 500) Body Weight: 155.2lbs
  13. I agree with that... You've lost a lot of weight (fat), that's hard work I think, but don't overdo it I'm looking forward to see more muscles
  14. Hi guys, During the last week, I was studying the sites from http://www.exrx.net, and yesterday I found an article about "Low-Volume, Progressive-Intensity Training". I think it's really interesting and want to ask for your opinion to this theory. Some extracts:
  15. i do the basics as good as i can, but if i don't do the other stuff, i feel under-worked that's what i did the last half year... a little change would be nice Bent Over Row: (2x10x33), 10,10,8x77, (2x10x33) Assist. Squats: (2x10x66), 12x99, 10x110, 8x121, (12x66) Vertical LH Raise: 3x15/5 Assist. Pullups: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Lat. Circle: 10x17.6 Lat. Raise: 8x15.4, 3x8x13.2 Rotary Torso: 2x20x123, 2x20x143 Row Mach: 10x88, 8x93.7, 6x98.6 Lat. Pulldown: (10x77), 10,6x110 Body Weight: 154.98lbs loosing weight, and my abdominals come to the fore little by little i like my new outlines there
  16. 1h Crosstrainer, 16.16km, 745kcal (total 800), 9-11-9-7-... 20min jog @10kmh, 2.8km? + 10 warmup + 5 cooldown... Body Weight: 156.7lbs i got knee pain while joggin again i think it will hurt for 1-2 weeks..... hate it this shit is creaking
  17. 18.3. I decided to change my routine and use a A-B-A, B-A-B training. I had the feeling that I can't hit all the muscles as hard as I want to... Butterfly Mach.: 20x55, 10x55 Bench Press: 7x60, 5x60; 10,8x44 Upright Row: 10x27.5, 2x10x33; 2x8x38.5 Vertical LH-Raise: 3x15/5 (hard today) Assist. Incline Bench Press: 9x44, 2x5x44 Butterfly Mach.: 2x10x77, 10x55 Shoulder Press Mach.: 10x55 Vertical Chest Press: 10x55, 2x10x71.6, 8x66 Biceps Curl: 10x27.5, 6x33(+4x27.5), 2x12x27.5 Rotary Torso: 2x20x123, 2x20x143 Triceps Single: 2x7x15.4, 13x11, 10x11 DB Shoulder Press: 2x10x17.6 Concentration Curls: 15x22 Abd. Crunches Mach.: 20x55, 20x66, 20x55 (Frontal Raise: 10x22) Body Weight: 156.7lbs looks like it was a lot of work... and yes, it was
  18. 100min Cardio today. yeah, it was great! 1h Crosstrainer: 7-9-11-9-... 16.58km, 751kcal (total 800) 40min Treadmill: first 10min Warm-Up from 7kmh->11kmh... then between 9-10kmh, 500kcal? I was very tired after this cardio workout, but i love it And no probs with my joints... until now Body Weight: 155.9lbs
  19. Last 3 days were resting, and I badly needed it.. Bench Press: 7,6,5x60, 5x44 (doesn't get better ) Bent Over Row: 3x10x82.6, 10x50 Upright Row: 3x8x33 Squat: 10x99, 8x110, 6x121 Incline Bench Press: 11x44, 2x5x50 Vertical LH Raise: 3x15/5 Assist. Pullup: 10,[email protected], [email protected] Lat. Circle: 10x17.6 Lat. Raise: 8,6x13.2 Biceps Curl: 3x10x27.5 Lower Back: 3x10 Triceps Single: 7x15.4 Body Weight: 157.2lbs Today I had less motivation, it's such a slow progress... but I'm looking forward to cardio tomorrow...
  20. 12.3. Bench Press: 8,6,5x60, 8x44 Bent Over Row: 3x10x82.6 Upright Row: 3x11x27.5 Lower Back: 3x10 Vertical LH Raise: 3x15/5 Assist. Pullup: [email protected], [email protected] (doing a wider range, so it's more harder) Incline Bench Press: 10,8(?),5x44 Squat: 10x88, 8x99, 8x110 Lat. Circle: 8x17.6 Lat. Raise: 8x13 Biceps Curl: 3x10x27.5 Biceps Concentration Curl: 2x10x22 Shoulder Press Machine: 8x77, 7x55 Row Machine: 8x99, 2x10x77 Triceps Single: 7,9,7x13 Body Weight: 156.5lbs I think I'll rest until monday, I've little muscle ache everywhere, so I think it's necessary. Love that, because it means process I've to try to make the workouts a little bit more intensive and more progressive... i.e. i've sticked for 2-3 months with the 22lbs-weight for biceps... that's bullshit..
  21. I should mention that my current training-program looks like this: Mo, We, Fr: Weight Training Tu, Th: Cardio Sa, Su: relax Yesterday I decided to extend(?) my cardio-workouts. So today I did 1h30min.. 1h Cardio Crosstrainer, 7-9-11-9..., 14.85km, (total 800cals?) 30m Cardio Treadmill, 5.32km, [email protected]; after [email protected], after [email protected], (total 400 cals) Summa summarum 1200cals. That was fun! I try to keep this intensity.. Body Weight: 156.5lbs I hope my body fat will burn away, extending my cardio-workouts..
  22. Bench Press: 7,6,5x60, 8x44 Bent Over Row: 3x10x82.6 Upright Row: 3x10x27.5 Lower Back: 3x10 Vertical LH Raise: 3x15/5 Assist. Pullup: [email protected], [email protected] (no chance today...) Incline Bench Press: 12,10,8x33 Squat: 10x88, 2x10x99 Lat. Circle: 10x15.4 Lat. Raise: 6,7x13.2 Biceps Curl: 3x10x27.5 Biceps Concentration Curl: 10x22 Triceps Cable: 15x33, 2x10x38,5 Abdominal Crunch Machine: 20x66, 15x55 Row Machine: 10x99, 5x110, 6x99 Body Weight: 155.2lbs I'm looking forward on my cardio workout tomorrow. I'm feeling full of power - don't know why. Seems like the workouts have an effect I'm also more hungry...
  23. 1h Cardio Crosstrainer, 5; 9-11-13-9.., 16.06km, 785 cals. (tot. 800) Body Weight: 155.2lbs
  24. thanks a lot, LG i like the vid... reminds me on getting more relaxedly sometimes... the song the girl is singing is mo-do - 1,2,polizei, which i had as a single, when i was a kid never thought, that i'd hear it again
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